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These nights
It seems like
I've been losing sleep
Afraid to close my eyes
And see your twisted dreams
Thin lines
What separates you from me
The villians and heroes
That we were meant to be
Sliding down zip lines
Navigating riptides
These nights
It seems like I'm
Dreaming a lie

Fallen stars and crowded halls
You tear me down
Like a wrecking ball
Tailor-made by your lies
I can see
No place to hide
This flow
Oh so sick
Swallow down a shot of my favorite medicine
These nights
It seems like I'm
Losing my mind
These walls were supposed to save me
but this corrupted cathedral made me
it's walls built with stones of my ego
I shouldve known it would never let me go

trapped by my compulsions
I can feel this rage pulsing
arrogance rushing through my veins
i can see its causing you pain

but I must admit
somewhere inside it gives me strength
these demons are vicious, selfish and impulsive
staring from these windowpanes I wonder
how did I become so self destructive

cursed is this empire of one
these walls suffocate me
only to resuscitate me
it's like

sometimes I think I need AA
but this addiction is just too great
staring at my reflection of lies
I dont recognize who's on the other side

these demons I hide inside
I traded my humanity
piece by piece like an american pie
all in exchange for vanity
this is my new sanity

filled to the brim with
my arrogance, my ego
This is my cathedral
I still sport his letter-man
but not for it's vintage fit
I tried so hard
wanted to be just like him
from his walk to his cool talk
I even changed my hair

Crumbling beneath the pressure
It's lonely forced upon that pedestal
It started with hope in the form of a pill
told himself it would alleviate the symptoms

Suffering in silence it was a long way to fall
As he spiralled down his usage went up
All he craved was something more
That snow, that brick, that blow

With one final **** to the dome
His high his eyes closed shut
He tried so hard to drown his demons
He didn't know they could swim

There are days I still want to be like him
Just like him but a stronger man
His walk, his talk
He should know in my eyes
His pedestal still stands
I wrote this after my older brothers accidental overdose. He was my idol, I just wish he were still here to see just how much we love him
As a boy he was told this day would come
To use the box of his lineage
A day to lock away adolescent things and childish dreams
Today he said goodbye to a gleam in his eyes
Closing the lid on a world soon forgotten
As he exchanged innocence for an iron clad fist
He was warned of this day
The day he would no longer see things with child like wonder
Today is the day
A day that all men must face
The day when they will have to use their box
And clasp each lock
Today is the day
Bathed in the rays of her light, the warmth of her love piercing my flesh, like a spear cutting through air, I'm nurtured by the song of her soul, my mind is blown, like a bullet to the brain, she drives me insane, with each touch of her skin on my skin, electricity pulsates through me, her words like a copper wire, connecting us across distance and time, like the rising sun she inspires me, her lips imprinted against mine, she moves me, fuels me and if I'm lucky she'll use me.
Surrounded by a sea of endless grief, hope stolen by an envious thief, silent screams and desperate pleas, in a world of broken dreams, faded pictures and empty frames, of a perfect life set free, now theres nothing left for me, you would have loved view from here, an ending with a tear, I plunge into the dark abyss, a sight you'd never miss, surrendering I start to drown, I would've made you proud. I know there's no other way, I'll see you again someday
The porcelain of my skin, has deceived you once again, Forcing laughter and faking smiles, hiding me, I tell you lies, your reality suffocates me, its true I can hardly breath, stuck within a tarnished cage, I know the role i am to play, masking how I feel inside, there's truth beneath my many lies. While you write the words I say, I vow this will end one day

— The End —