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Demetri Kirkland Jan 2011
This morning

I fell awake

To my stomach running


With shoes made of worry


So I reached down my throat

To scrape every shoe

Off of my tender insides

When I felt one

I snatched it out


Seeing that it wasn't a shoe

But advice

To my feet.
Composed and Copyright by Metr!
Demetri Kirkland Nov 2010
The world can see them
We’re all peeping toms
We get off on their P.D.A.
How he cups her in his palms
He kisses her nervous lips
And she wails with each touch
She loves how he touches her
She swoons to his firm clutch
They’re on full display
A real live *** tape
They put on a show for us perverts
He’s all over her curvy shape
Watch him grab her golden thigh
Listen to her soulful shouts
The quiver in her tone says she likes it
The people like it even more, no doubt
They’ve made themselves infamous
Cause we like to hear her moan
The man and his girl are devoted
A musician and his saxophone
Copyright and Composed by Metr!
Demetri Kirkland Nov 2010
I'm waiting on my number

the lucky thirteen,

that's when i'll hit it big

and be gone from this scene.

I've got lots of talent

and it won't be much longer,

till 13 O'Clock strikes

then i'll be much stronger.

So far it hasn't come yet

the opportunity does get near,

and it always get's so close

but it never actually gets here.

Thats okay though

my moment's around the corner,

it'll be any day now

it's getting warmer and warmer.

I could make my move now

but that wouldn't be smart,

I gotta wait for that thirteen

the perfect time for me to start.

Good luck to everyone

making risky moves now,

I'm waiting for the jackpot

Don't know when or how.

So 13 O' Clock

success is where I need to be,

you've never been out before

but time to come around...for me.
Copyright and Composed by Metr!
Demetri Kirkland Nov 2010
Attracted to the light like a moth
you looked just like the real thing,
my redeemer in the radiant flesh
i came out of the darkness like a goth.
After having been under your light for a while
the light doesn't illuminate like it did,
and it doesn't look that attractive anymore
my fashion trend slowly going out of style.
I spend more energy looking for the light now
the thing that attracted me to you
the thing that made you special in the beginning
is looking plain annoying and trite now.
You could have just been an artificial light
a stumbling block of a lesson
a reason to wear shades in the future
simply blinded by something bright.
Copyright and Composed by Metr!
Demetri Kirkland Nov 2010
The beat ripples down my spine
And shakes my knees till they tingle like raw nerves
That’s when I realize that the music is mine
So every accolade I get I deserve
I mastermind the young Frankenstien
But over the speakers it has a life of its own
It punishes every soul it can find
It even trances me into a zone
It commits ******, so I’m charged with the crime
1st degree for killing everything out right now
That’s the only proper rating in my mind
Since 1st place is the only thing I’ll allow
Hopefully when I’m ready I’ll get the sign
To tame my monster of a sound
Until then keep grooving till your energy winds
And your heart drums its last pound
Copyright and Composed by Metr!
Demetri Kirkland Nov 2010
Sinking my mouth and my happiness into this grapefruit reminds me of when I didn’t like them so much, with their jarring, acquired taste.

So misunderstood was I, since I now let his underrated juices drip down my 22 year-old cheeks.

I wonder how many walk past him for his more accessible brother, and other flavors so well-known.

I wonder what kind of role he plays in the thoughts of his colleagues.

A strange citrus with complex flavors they care not to taste.

I bet they find him arrogant, and too serious to break their inner circle.

They probably think his foreign blood would taint their personalities.

They don’t talk to him, I bet.

Schizophrenic gestures and paint-flavored greetings sum the daily conversations.

Maybe they assume that the least of their efforts might strike them fancy; make them seem nice and that I would think of them as wonderful and beautiful people.

Me and these flavors would never understand why you stand across the room and analyze me.

Me and these flavors would never understand why you wouldn’t want to indulge yourself in what you don’t understand, since you’re a scholar and all.

I would never get your issue.

I keep taking bites of this grapefruit; curious to know if your Christianity means more than your gender.

I imagine the scenario of you getting to know these flavors, and experiencing me with bliss and approval on your sleeve.

I imagine having a friend, that I don’t have to worry about scaring with all that I bring to the table, and all I choose to keep off of it.

I imagine you abandoning your opinions and assumptions and apprehensions about me, letting them seep down the importance of your uniform, and getting to know the God that you swear lives in all of us citrus fruit.
Copyright and Composed by Metr!
Demetri Kirkland Nov 2010
I can see the truth in the horizon
And it doesn’t look very happy
I know it cause it reeks of doom
And charges to attack me
My virginity is jeopardized
I’ve been a lie all these years
If I was smarter than yesterday
I could’ve avoided these fears
Spring cleaning has suddenly come
And it woke up my nightmares
Everyone feels the disappointed
Now it’s time for my share
It’s the fist of Goliath
The sharp sting of a backhand
The anticipation hurt like the verdict
I've had *** with a man
Copyright and Composed by Metr!
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