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Dec 2018 · 177
early Dec 2018
really wish we hadn’t met
really wish we hadn’t talked

really wish we hadn’t kissed
really wish we hadn’t ******
May 2018 · 160
early May 2018
i hve been so drunk kately domt hold anthign I do or ssy against me pleasse i am ono logner in control ofmy body nonthelessd my mindd
Apr 2018 · 385
to him
early Apr 2018
i am so

you were my first love
it was exciting and new

but then i grew up
and you didn't

so i hurt you

i never realised the pain i caused you
until recently
when someone inflicted it on me

and it hurts so bad
i hope he's moved on
Apr 2018 · 167
i hate you so much
early Apr 2018
the only reason
you message me
is to let me know
you're doing great without me
and to remind me
that i'm doing awful without you
Apr 2018 · 472
i do not want, i need
early Apr 2018
i do not need
i crave
i crave your attention

you are the reason i have good days
but also the reason i have bad ones

the good days are when you talk to me
the bad ones are when you don't

the good ones are becoming fewer
I need to let him go but i dont know how
Apr 2018 · 854
you broke me babe
early Apr 2018
you were nothing but a stranger
but the way you looked at me
kissed me
touched me
made me trust you
and it made me give you something no one else had
my innocence

and now you can't even reply to my messages
or return my calls
or even look at me

i was just "another one" for you
but you were "the one" for me

please i feel so broken and useless
why don't you care
you broke me babe
into pieces
Jan 2018 · 290
they always leave
early Jan 2018
you put me on display
when you ask me if i'm okay
you ask me to describe what i'm feeling
but how do u describe gray?
maybe i'm scared that you'll betray
and walk away
suddenly my clothes are so revealing
and your face is so appealing
is it my heart you're stealing?
i hope you will my love repay
and for the love of god, please stay
early Jan 2018
i tried to forget
i really did
but everything around
reminds me of it

the drizzly rain
the new fifty shades of gray movie
my faded bruises
valentines day
my best friend
cheap orange juice
black noisy scooters
small yellow hearts
stupid bonfires
the "aw" sound
stairs without a railing
too much alcohol
long kisses
wet socks
i fell in love, it was a mistake
May 2017 · 161
early May 2017
you turned her laughs
into cries.

you made her dreams
seem pointless.

you let her hopes
fall so low.

you gave her beautiful eyes
a deep look of despair.

you made her remember
everything she wanted to forget.

please stop hurting her
she has suffered enough.
please give me another chance
May 2017 · 183
early May 2017
it hurts
it hurts waiting for you
because i know you're never coming back
but im still waiting
and im still hurting
May 2017 · 599
early May 2017
we're fading
and we're gonna keep fading
until there's nothing left
until all you have is you
and all i have is me

— The End —