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early Apr 2018
i am so

you were my first love
it was exciting and new

but then i grew up
and you didn't

so i hurt you

i never realised the pain i caused you
until recently
when someone inflicted it on me

and it hurts so bad
i hope he's moved on
early Apr 2018
the only reason
you message me
is to let me know
you're doing great without me
and to remind me
that i'm doing awful without you
early Apr 2018
i do not need
i crave
i crave your attention

you are the reason i have good days
but also the reason i have bad ones

the good days are when you talk to me
the bad ones are when you don't

the good ones are becoming fewer
I need to let him go but i dont know how
early Apr 2018
you were nothing but a stranger
but the way you looked at me
kissed me
touched me
made me trust you
and it made me give you something no one else had
my innocence

and now you can't even reply to my messages
or return my calls
or even look at me

i was just "another one" for you
but you were "the one" for me

please i feel so broken and useless
why don't you care
you broke me babe
into pieces
  Feb 2018 early
the unwritten note
I kept chasing
you, as if
you were
a distant dream.
But dreams
are not always
Sometimes, we have
nightmares too.
When did those dreams turned into nightmares? When did I stop believing in the magic of dreams?
  Feb 2018 early
Callie Richter
Everything inside me
wants to stand in front of him
and scream
I would yell for hours about
how he's an ******* and
how much he hurt me and
how much I hate him
I would scream and scream
until my lungs couldn't take it
But I cant
because if I screamed
I'd be screaming empty words
empty threats
He wouldn't hear a thing I'd say
or he just wouldn't care
I cant because
I cant show him he means anything
There's no way
Id give him that power
that satisfaction
So every time I see him
whether it's running into him
or seeing him out of the corner of
my eye
I just smile
I smile and walk away
all while reminding myself
how much better I am
compared to him
and how much he doesn't mean to me
and how someone like him
will never be worth my breath
early Jan 2018
you put me on display
when you ask me if i'm okay
you ask me to describe what i'm feeling
but how do u describe gray?
maybe i'm scared that you'll betray
and walk away
suddenly my clothes are so revealing
and your face is so appealing
is it my heart you're stealing?
i hope you will my love repay
and for the love of god, please stay
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