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  Jan 2019 early
Van Byrde
i don't think i like nice people
i feel guilty around them
like my past stains me still
and they see it all
  Dec 2018 early
we're so distracted
by how things end, we
usually forget how
beautiful the beginning
  Dec 2018 early
I took the crown off my head
To make myself more approachable
To you
And in doing so
Forgot that I ever owned one
Never lower your standards for anyone
  Dec 2018 early
i felt incomplete
not knowing you
not knowing
where to find you
now i feel
because now i know
exactly where you are
and it isn't here
early Dec 2018
really wish we hadn’t met
really wish we hadn’t talked

really wish we hadn’t kissed
really wish we hadn’t ******
early May 2018
i hve been so drunk kately domt hold anthign I do or ssy against me pleasse i am ono logner in control ofmy body nonthelessd my mindd
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