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  Apr 2018 delancey
William Wordsworth
She dwelt among the untrodden ways
    Beside the springs of Dove,
A Maid whom there were none to praise
    And very few to love:

A violet by a mossy stone
    Half hidden from the eye!
—Fair as a star, when only one
    Is shining in the sky.

She lived unknown, and few could know
    When Lucy ceased to be;
But she is in her grave, and, oh,
    The difference to me!
  Mar 2018 delancey
Bo Marie
Anytime I smile in your direction,
I see it spread through your body like a
******* infection.

And that makes me sick, to affect you that way
I want you to live, get lost like a stray.

Anytime I touch you, on accident or purpose,
it's like your convinced waiting for me,
is worth it.

And that makes me sick, to affect you that way
because I don't love you anymore, I don't want you to stay.
please find someone else who can accept your love
  Mar 2018 delancey
when people are in love
they often say
they simply fell
tripped over their own two feet
face forward
and into the arms of their beloved

i did more than simply fall
onto the ground of your love

you, for me
were an ocean
and i dived
almost painfully
into the waters of “you”

i knew i could not swim
but i did so anyway
i was drowning
entangled in you
surrounded by this being of “you”
engulfed in this feeling of “you”

and i did not know what came over me
but i let myself drown
i did not try to swim back up
because if i went back to land,
releasing myself from your grasp
that would mean losing the feeling of “you”

and after
submerging into the depth
the love
the passion
of “you”

how could i ever leave?
delancey Dec 2017
is it possible to fall in and out of love
or do we only love once
and the rest of the time is a skewed version of that first love
or do we never love at all

for we never can truly understand what love is

falling in and out of love is a lie one tells
to cover up the fact that they never loved
or that they don't know how to love
or simply that they can never love again
  Dec 2017 delancey
You cannot tell her she's beautiful,
You cannot tell her you love her,
You cannot tell her she's your world
When she's at her best moments.

You may only tell her those things,
If you're ready for her to have those off days,
If you're ready for her to not always wear makeup,
If you're ready to deal with her mood swings,
If you're ready for her to be clingey some days and distant others,

You cannot tell her any of the pretty little comments,
Unless you can handle her
Alone at two A.M.
As she's struggling with life,
And wondering why

She is not enough to win her own internal battles
-Don't you dare tell her you can handle her all the time if you're only ready to handle her at her best.
delancey Dec 2017
One cannot tell my tears apart from rain
The dark clouds hide my pale and sunken cheeks
And the silence in the air brings me pain
For I think of the long days, months, and weeks
Where I wished I could have been with him
The dreary, bleak light leaves my eyes searching
I walk through the puddles praying a hymn
Muttering foreign phrases, and purging
My soul of all my mistakes and regrets
The damp wind hits my face bringing comfort
Like worms I struggle through mud in distress
The sound of raindrops puts all to slumber
     The air is still and all my worries cease
     When rain falls my soul tries to be at peace
a sonnet
delancey Dec 2017
i watched him cry
i broke my promise
i said a ****** lie
   i caused this mess.
i made him cry
i laid on his chest
i heard him ask why.
   i caused this mess.
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