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Deity Queen Sep 18
Warm tears wet my cheeks
Battling not to undo the surrounding silence
Small gasps of air betray my hidden fault

I wonder what is the meaning of life
And why I should try anymore
Deity Queen Aug 29
I’ve grown used to the torment
Your demons lie dormant
Praying on me

My wounds
Are gashed and bleeding
I sew them defeated
Needle & string
Deity Queen Aug 27
This water hurts
The salt on my skin burns
And the sun is taking my breath away
I sway, back against the blue
Waiting for you
Deity Queen Aug 22
I changed the hues of the rain
It's all glittered in pain
But the pain
Doesn't matter anymore

I changed the look in my eyes
Pointed down at the pavement
But what I see
Is concrete, sweet lies

I changed the music I listen to
It's too cold now, I think of you
But the pain
Doesn't matter anymore
Deity Queen Jul 19
The long-winded daydream
The downward spiral
I take in a deep breath
And don’t exhale for awhile
Deity Queen Jun 10
This existence
Inside it
In there
Is me
Deity Queen May 29
I am the grass between cracks of concrete
Happy to be alive
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