DF Oct 26

i wish i could promise to love you forever,
but i can't.

i'm not the one for you.

i'm certain that one day,
you'll wake up next to the love of your life,
and you'll stop hating me.

in that moment you'll see, that I wasn't only letting you go,
i was setting you free.

free to experience love.
free from a soul that didn't deserve a love like yours.

{d.f. | 10/17/17}

{my soul was far too cold to keep yours warm.}
DF Sep 11

you used to call me every morning,
but you've stopped.
now, every morning, i roll over
with your arms wrapped around me
welcoming me home.


DF Sep 2

you must think i'm stupid, huh?
i saw you for what you were,
yet still i went for the kill.
but the joke was on me.
you were the gasoline and i was
the match.
the flames you emitted engulfed me.
i never had the chance of coming out alive,
and you knew that.
you devoured me whole.
i ignited you, but you burnt me.
if only you hadn't smoldered me with your deadly charm.

{d.f. - 09/02/17}

DF Aug 30

as i walked out the door
this morning, i felt it.

i felt the crisp in the air.
the promise of cooler days.

remembrance of things long ago forgotten.

Autumn is near.
hand me my jacket.
my season is about to begin.

{d.f. - 08/28/17}

counting down the days till it's officially autumn.
DF Aug 23

Was it not love because I didn’t give my life up for you?

Were my sacrifices not enough?

Was I supposed to stand back and let you take control?

Or was it that you simply couldn’t love me the way I loved you.

The truth is, I loved you in ways you could never understand.

I would go to the ends of the earth to be with you, but you wouldn’t for me.

And so tell me, was it not love?

{df – 11/11/16-}

DF Aug 6

You're like a smoke detector.
A smoke detector without batteries.

You're supposed to warn me, protect me, save me...
You're supposed to be there before the flames engulf me.

But a smoke detector without batteries is only there for show.
Because by the end of the blaze...

I'm already a pile of rubble.

{df - 03/16/17-}

DF Jul 31

By the time we got back to the house we were soaked…
Drenched from head to toe and laughing as we shivered from the cold.
Our heaving breaths were a beautiful rhythm.
in and out.
      in and out.
             in and out.
Your smile matched my own.
And then you leaned in and whispered:

"I can't believe we managed to find each other in all the chaos. You and I? We're best friends till the end."

That's when I knew I would never let you go.
Because where it concerns us nothing will ever compare.
When souls like ours are connected, not even death could tear us apart.

{df - 07/25/17 -}

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