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Cleo Dubois May 2017
every night i remember what you did.
you know who you are
  Mar 2016 Cleo Dubois
In Earth's first moments she knew she
desired to be
covered with life.

wrapped in it
enraptured with it


crawled upon
up and down
all around

with fleeting bliss to bliss insistence

a conflagration experience
spinning persistence

life creating playground
  Mar 2016 Cleo Dubois
Hamouda Ismaili
In a mad world
An ocean of insanity
Where everybody tries to resist the current
To run away from the Shakespeare's kingdom
I with all my soul
Let myself fall in too deep
To find you
I fought all the seas
Just to drown in your eyes
To see your smile
Because everytime you smile
Your eyes become more beautiful
Their beauty sweeps me
Makes me feel alive
Feel safe
Feel like i'm home.
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