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Apr 25 · 52
Don't be scared
Tint Apr 25
Don't be scared

to learn that all the pain
will be part of what you'd gain

and the smile that you now had
be torn apart in tears

for sometimes, in your life
you will beg people to stay

but for sometimes in their lives
they would choose the better lane

and not everyone accepts you
no matter the promises

that most people will leave you
for all their betterment
Mar 16 · 273
My last leaf
Tint Mar 16
People made me wonder
the blueness of a leaf
as it swung in different reasons
in a tree that is not his

for she thought the wind is better
from the top of the debris
but it was too strong to handle
that the color in it fade

into a pale and bare kindness
the twig's won't speak about
and we all sat around waiting
for the last leaf to give up

by the end of this summer
I pray to the one above
to let it rest, please, gently
as it falls into the ground.
Feb 15 · 84
Tint Feb 15
I tried to learn to paint
when my left hand is still bare
with all of the sanctity
that I tearfully held

It cut through my wrists
and my palm, it's ragged edge
still I held onto the brush
as I tried to image paint

For this time they're not lies
my goddess will not cry
for this time I won't bide
to the words my heart commads

So I'll paint, do teach me
how to grip your thorny brush
sworn someday, this forsaken mind
will have a masterpiece in hand
Blood oath
Jan 15 · 106
Tint Jan 15
Help me
it feels like
has abandoned
my soul.
I know that can never happen.
Jan 4 · 112
Tint Jan 4
I am sad and angry
So drained and noisy

Exhausted with the tears
Your name chiming in my head

And the void is screaming
"Tell me your vain",

But no, I won't answer
I just stared into it's flame

I want it to touch me
And I want it to burn

With the holy of my water
From deep within my scorn

It was red but lighter
It was blue but thick

And I let it drown me
Till you call back my name
Dec 2020 · 77
And, cut
Tint Dec 2020
I laughed without humor
Cried without tears
My nerves all tingling
As I jump up in the air

I sang without pleasure
I begged without pain
Felt my hands cascading
To these very end

I felt the blade running
From the top of my despair
And I let it slowly touch me
As it cut me till I bled
Dec 2020 · 146
Make it magical
Tint Dec 2020
I couldn't afford a Rover
So I brought with me a cart

I couldn't buy a Wrangler
So I knitted me a scarf

I had little values
In my financial instance

But I would love so deeply
It will be magical
A question, do you guys think I'll have a shot in publishing my poems? I'll take criticism.
Dec 2020 · 80
Just a little longer
Tint Dec 2020
For a little longer
I would shoot among the stars
The sturdiest of asteroids
Make an armor for you love

For a little longer
I'd be swimming in a park
That has the muddy waters
To fetch that little swan

For a little longer
It'd be a Christmas fun
And I would greet you, grumpy
With aims to make you laugh

For a little longer
I'll write another rhyme
That holds my dear valentine
And I'd still call you mine

For a little longer
If we held on so tight
I would be hearing your voice
And you'd say I love you back

If only a little longer
You let me in your life
Then on that little longer
I'd still be by your side.
Hello, poetry. I am back.
Dec 2020 · 62
Stances of Grace
Tint Dec 2020
And I greeted, happy birthday
to a photograph I missed
to a non-existing person
I so hoped to be me

But now my shadow lifted
and took stances of grace
with 3 pointed tip point
to slash through my cage

Did I protect my heart, or,
did I lose all it's sense?
Did I love the chilled evening, or,
did I cry in revolting pain?

Take me, oh take me
Within the red snowy wind
Bury me, oh take me
Within the blue sunny spring.
To me, to me, happy birthday
Dec 2020 · 125
Half and Half
Tint Dec 2020
If you were mad then tell me
Lash your anger out
If you were sad then hear me
I'd give you my virtual hug
The frustrations you feel, let me
Be the comfort in your mind
And though I kept all the sorries
Let me worry for you, love

If I greet a good morning
I wished you're here to touch
But it never will lessen
My wish upon these stars
That you'd bid me the good night
And sleep with all you can
My little gift I have here
I'll give you half and half
August 2020
November 2020
Dec 2020 · 157
Fully cloudy
Tint Dec 2020
I don't want to touch the clouds
because they will be torn apart
I don't want to touch the clouds
to feel the calmness in my palms

I don't want to touch the clouds
I want the clouds to touch me
I don't know how to make it fancy, I'm sorry.
Nov 2020 · 77
Let me hear
Tint Nov 2020
And I saw little atlas
in the night sky above
reminds me of someone
that I so dearly love

I closed my eyes to breathe in
keep the tears from coming down
and try to smile the bitter
hoping I'd get a little 'hi'

how you been doing, princess?
I am missing you so bad
did you know I sprained my ankle
as I tripped on our past

my heart is bleeding laughter
I remember how you sound
your voice I treasure greatly
is fading in my mind
I am still here
Nov 2020 · 253
I smil-d, to d-e
Tint Nov 2020
Let all be glorious
dear, mighty goddess
spare me the glance
to change my life forever
when I dagger my way
into our unearthly love

shine on me, belittle me
for all I care
i'd let you drown me
in your lovely words
that wounds my heart
with green blood oozing
i smiled to die

two of us are glorious
as we paved the ground
with harshness
your mouth to mine
my hands are *****
eyes are blurred
you will never love me
but still I laughed

i smile to die
Nov 2020 · 85
an escapade
Tint Nov 2020
when i sleep, eternally
i want you to burn thee
in pinkish flames
ashes will rim in your sweat
sprikling the clouds of little breeze
and my scent, it will fill the air
as I dwindle in happy tears
let the rain take me
to the deepest end
of the ocean i cannot swim
I'd wept sadly for this mistake
but forever grateful to you dearest
my soul will travel to lovely places
i used to watch till daybreak ends
oh, let my fly with head up high
soon hereafter i will tell thee
about the stories of my escapade
you will know about it,
my sweetest friends
whenever we meet again
Nov 2020 · 87
Tint Nov 2020
the calmness that I sought is gone
you remember i told you
your voice, it soothes me up
and I heard you say "hello", i smiled
it was with harshness and anger
but it's fine, I heard you once again
it was so fine
and then the call ended
now it hurts
how the voice I even dreamed of
sounds so hurried
to get away from my nonesense
I'm a mess, to hear you in sarcasm on
how we split and how i have no rights to ask for treats
a bit of your time is not for me
and words i spweded out
they don't make sense
I apologise that
I'm just regrets.
Nov 2020 · 78
Manila Bay
Tint Nov 2020
Give me pain, I can take it
Give me love, I'll delude it
Like the blade that I used
To cut my pity in pieces

Give me air to breathe in
Give me voice to scream it
The way memories drowned
Into little pebbled threads

Take my name to sing it
Take my tears to calm
For nothing I regret
I'd meet you once again
I guess, I will never drown in Manila Bay (•‿•)
Nov 2020 · 86
8th of 11th, 11:21
Tint Nov 2020
I bled crystals
it gave me wealth

I cursed light stars
they gave me death

in your dark journey
you'll see an end

and it will be glad
to see you once again

because you deserve happy
to be the bitter end

cause you liked lovely
to be your closest friend
Our journey ends.  But I still feel the same. Find yourself, I'd still be a friend.
Nov 2020 · 187
bitter plum
Tint Nov 2020
the Plum was bitter
but I bit into it
made it less thicker
so the next believer
will have it easier
love her harder,

faith is restored.
How are you, it's been a while.
Oct 2020 · 174
1st verse, Spring
Tint Oct 2020
The spring in me has bloomed
and I felt it as it tears my storm
into branches of saddened thorns
another melody is now reborned
I often hear people say they have no friends when they do. You see I got no friends, I have one but that person was also my ex so I can't tell them a lot of things now. I literally got no other people to talk to. No choices, none. I've been to that stage where I would always write because no other people other than my family would talk to me. Nothing. And now it feels like that, be thankful of what you have. Be thankful for having people, just a few is okay atleast you're not as alone as me. They say it's alright to be alone it makes you stronger, but having no one my whole life, I know how it's not okay.  Being strong is one, but the feeling of having allies is another.
Oct 2020 · 87
Tint Oct 2020
I looked thru meadows
I saw the end of me
and i heard the wind blows
of holy matrimony
for hope was wicked
but I accepted it with glee
for love is thickest
when I am on my knees
Starlight, believe me
my thorny heart is free
and I give it all for you
please angel, dream of me.
I'm drowning in Manila Bay.
Oct 2020 · 345
Period. 1
Tint Oct 2020
I fall in love with old souls
when I'm just a dead soul
they accept my sorrows
and I brought them loathe
forgive me dearest
for I turned into hurt
while looking at loving
as the holy of all that bursts
Oct 2020 · 82
Better Me
Tint Oct 2020
In my dreams, I saw you
I want to hold your hand
and the tears, you got through
is flaming in my heart
and it's a wish,
can't come true
I want to be a better man
to be the one, all for you
tho your world is on collapse

Let me be a part of you,
I miss you.
I see you when I close my eyes
I would live for,
the day that's yet to come
by then I'll hold you,
warmth into my arms
and I would tell you
I've become a better man.
I'm swimming in Manila Bay
Sep 2020 · 333
Drama Queen
Tint Sep 2020
The drama queen
can I play,
the drama queen?
she who was left alone
with the revenge
that she had drawn
exaggerations in her sobs
and fairly lengthy roars
I wonder if I can act
like how the showbiz
wrote in facts

The dram queen
oh! let me play,
the drama queen
I think I can react
more than she does
I should must
be more emotionless
make an oversensitive rant
I too, can hold a gun
I can tie the ropes in lines
to surpass her is a job
the easiest form at that

So, will you let me
to just play the drama queen?
that person behind a mask
behind her angry glaring eyes
the vengeance that she had
against herself for all the odds
this imperfect scars surrounds
that she always drag around
the drama queen
who's been broken,
by the fact that
nobody cared enough.
Draft 14. It's been so long.
Sep 2020 · 85
Tint Sep 2020
It sat upon a wooden piece
the cushion there is none
ate with silverware
but just bare hands
and tasted wine
of the lower class
a canopy is where it slept
in a blancket made of scrap

it shed a tear
thinking of why
the only rich it has
is a black device
that had the world
which has the love
and a million thoughts
of what could've

It wants to hide
beneath these scar
cursing the clouds
for being hatched
in a world in where
A star is bright
but it is just dust
and nothing much.
Just dust
Aug 2020 · 97
To whom
Tint Aug 2020
Make me cry, my love
as you sing my fake name
in this neverending loop
of sadness we are in
but tho I still care for you
I just cannot do
what I would have done
when I was desperate too.

Let me find myself
for I felt so less
when you told me the things
I have never expected
that my worth was cut
into small pieces
and you made me feel like
I gave you too much care.

Tear me apart, my love
as you sink this dagger
with poisoned lights
and trip me with guilt
that I chose to give up
because I want to be
somebody for now
that I too want to be
feel more wanted now.

Goodbye, my love
I wrote to you, these poems
with all my passionate sense
and all these sadness
are singing for your name
please forgive me
for I am filled with despair
that I cannot even
want to hear your pain
Aug 2020 · 154
Tint Aug 2020
I am mocked, harshly
seeped into the crevices
of this low life being
itchy, stings, and pain
tears kept running
mind is on the edge
soul left hanging
to be the betterment
of the body it was given
that don't deserve a friend
the universe has mocked me
and guiltily I wept
I won't.
Aug 2020 · 92
1950, May
Tint Aug 2020
Today is in 1950
the breeze is summer fume
sun scorced cooly and smooth
cicadas rung my ears with hoof
beside this maple trees I coved
my fountain pen and canvas book
called out the imagine that I hooked
in this small silver anklet by my foot
marking my heart, so lowly sewed

If I pioneered the 1950
today will be days of gold
we all will sit by the seaside
crying tears of joy, intertwined
no more hiding behind light shadows
to subtle the beauty of our form
patched roads be filled with laughter
and our lullabies of hope
all our hearts will heal, today in 1950
Jul 2020 · 64
Thirsty seashells
Tint Jul 2020
My sleep halted
when disruption decided
to try the patience
of this holy saint
for no, she isn't angry
wouldn't get mad
and I can hear them whispering
"She have changed a lot",

How fun could that be
that the better person was me
imagine if I was free
from shackles of greed
that no, I do not wish
to strangle you to death
or to cut off your fingers
while you plead to retreat

When the shells beneath the sea
decided to break loose
in a land with all the trees
they die, ferociously
because no food here can feed
the confusion in the beads
of their angry cry for help
Jul 2020 · 234
The rain has fallen down
Tint Jul 2020
dadum dadum

The rain has fallen down
these pebbles sang
their lost kids ran
the rain has fallen down

My kitty cat
slept on the rug
and listened as
the rain kept falling down

it brought me back
to memories
when rain and I
was one

and we would miss
the last retreat
into the clouds
of misbelief

but we would laugh
and play it out
sing this song
of raining, falling down

and in the end
another friend
sit alight
joins our partying

the rain would stop
it will shine
with colors
that are bright

and we then sang
another song
the rainbow is here
all along
Jul 2020 · 181
Tint Jul 2020
Grandma brought me with her
in an open space by the back
with soft grass and watery mud
I have found a peaceful lot
I would sit there with her
as she weaved this colored stripes
brown, red, blue, and a little of green too

the lawn smelled nice and I breathe
the wind is cool and I sang
fell asleep and I woke up
but then she was gone
the banig she made was still there
it faded slowly too, like in a dream

The grass grew taller,
water got deeper
and I got a little older,
cried a little harder
all I saw was this kite
I used to love to fly
now I wish it carry messages
of the words I failed to speak

I made it now Ina, there was no stage though, maybe because you won't be watching me march, so it is fine. See? I made it through. I know you would be saying, "I am proud of you."
Banig is a type of mat from the Philippines, it is woven using dried leaves which is then cut into stripes and dyed into different colors.
Ina is the filipino word equivalent to mom or grandma
Jul 2020 · 68
Tint Jul 2020
The person was deaf
from swooshing of the wind
and the melody from myths
never ceased to baffle them
all they see are elements
of mockery and fame
from people who cared
but left them in the end

The 14th track of a symphony
they learned to love to hate
started humming, ascending
into an orchestra of fate
they can only wonder
why it promised of bitter ends
when it is only music
meant to compensate
Jul 2020 · 183
Tint Jul 2020
I have heard the better word
that defined
my lack of pride
beyond the line
I've drawn upon
to elevate the livid lies
that I was braver,
when I was not

And they pointed
at the arrow sign
To my neverland
'far fetched' above
my knees gave out
and I succumbed
to the scrutiny
of many eyes
Jul 2020 · 59
Slam Book
Tint Jul 2020
I wrote in the notebook
imagined as a slam book
the color I find brightest
and the tastiest of foods

I also made those questions
of who I wanted to become
and I felt glad to have the chances
to try it like the rest

When everyone was laughing
a their friend's silly quotes
I waited for my turn
that they would ask me too

You see, this is funny
That I never got to do
the simplest things like
writing my favourite song

It was fine tho, I told myself
I'll have someone too
A friend I could talk to
about the things I knew
I have her now 😊 my favourite too ❤️
Jun 2020 · 62
Defeated Superhero
Tint Jun 2020
I have dared call myself
The defeated superhero
In order to feel worthy
Of bottling my sorrows
Imagining me in capes
When I fought for tomorrow
And cry in it at nights
Expecting for a hero
To save me from my mind
And desire to futher borrow

This hatred as a gift
To sharpen as a bow
And drenched herself in blood
From self-inflicted scowl
Just to be disgusted
When the scars slowly glow
And it looked like little lines
Of a pitiful howl
That was falsely accused
To be artistically drawn
Jun 2020 · 531
Fed up
Tint Jun 2020
It sounded too ironic
that the person can't take stand
when the people that they trusted
wouldn't even lend a hand

and their words that made memories
that world where they were glad
it all is slowly vanishing
melting with the sun

some people would not value you
even if you offer life
importance is only given
to those they'd benefit from

and yes, I am disappointed
feeling used then trashed
I just wished I mattered
that they would understand

I too am, I am a person
That I too, get fed up
Tint Jun 2020
46, 47,.. her lips was counting
how the clock is ticking
when the time is frozen
she couldn't move,
but the limbs are shaking

and what to think of
the care they promised
now in a lonely freezer
her bones are cracking
to think of the living

and wish she be braver
in the next life
they be together
and she would die again
no regrets!

she shivered,
and soul descended
with hopes of forever
in another universe
Stories inside poetries
Tint Jun 2020
These truth that I am unboxing
might stab your little wounds
but it is too much, I can't bare it
I want the world to know
that the you, little darling
in my eyes are beautiful

I'll elaborate my cause;

You are beautiful because,
at some point you stopped caring
but I knew you worry more
and you tried to hide your madness
behind the crazy in your soul

You are beautiful because,
a lot of times you hated my ego
but you know I'd need it most
and we cannot say words together
behind our barricades of loathe

You are beautiful because,
you lit up when I say stupid
and did not walk away in rue
though in time our connection's sliver
the bond will freeze and float

You are beautiful because,
in my eyes you were salvation
when really you'd deny this all
yet beyond my unorganised delusions
you stayed a little more
Jun 2020 · 81
Blue T-shirt
Tint Jun 2020
The clothes that I was wearing,
it tore me to ablaze
It sure is suffocating,
breathe, talk and breathe
You see, this always happens,
all the time, to me
Though I know it won't
be a dreamscape
I broke it to million things

Art can't be just talents,
it's a form of agony
The only place I could run away to,
as I trip in funny ways
Now, you did it again...
the red liquid that I've paint
Not really good at drawing,
but I made a masterpiece.
Art can't be just talents, it's a form of agony.
Jun 2020 · 96
Two sentences
Tint Jun 2020
And the stars were shining,

the moon hummed to sleep.

The little flower in a broken string

finally rests in peace.
I am back
Jun 2020 · 64
Happly, happly
Tint Jun 2020
If space was a disease
and silence is the bullet

I am a tattered soul
that's been woven to pieces

I am infected with
the lingering thoughts of death

For happly I left
and for happly I teared
Words I told myself.
Jun 2020 · 134
Tint Jun 2020
The people told me,

The rose is lovely
Forget the thorns

And expect the uncanny
Of love and lust

And your heart would venture
In the land of poems

But the ending is never
What's in your thoughts
It was a painting and I was words.
'The rose is lovely, forget the thorns'- From a story on wattpad, I forgot which one..
Jun 2020 · 223
Tint Jun 2020
I saw my ashes in your shadow
And I looked at it as love
I felt the sorrow in your burrows
And I cried because it's love
You have held on to tomorrow
So we will not be apart
I still see my ashes in your shadow
I believe it is still love.
Jun 2020 · 62
Parallel to Ours
Tint Jun 2020
Imagine me in a universe
Parallel to ours
Where our lovely hymns of disconnections
Is slowly lighting up

It carries the path to together
Tho it might be very rough
Our endings will behold the laughter
Of half-lit angels up above

The ones who wrote in their gold lines
Of our destiny as one
They will watch the magical unfolding
Of our eternal love

In a universe different than ours
I'll fall for you,
All the time

For you, painter of my life
Time passes by and I forget dates, but our story will always be my favourite.
Jun 2020 · 83
Tint Jun 2020
it was in a closed room
where I tore apart the seal

from the brown envelope
that I recieved as a gift

it does not say where it came from
but it was wrote to me

I held on to it so tightly
as it served my sanity
2018 draft
Jun 2020 · 286
At 10:30
Tint Jun 2020
O' lovely lady
bring your light,

the smile of beauty
to calmness

those lips deliver
happy memories,

make me remember
your tender kiss.
I keep thinking of you, my lady.
Jun 2020 · 217
Tint Jun 2020
If I  was born a royalty
then what would I be?
I wonder if I'd be respected
when I was born not out of glee

Will the world ever forgive me
if I spit out my tea?
Because I just know that I'd prefer coffee, no sugar no creme

I might be labelled to be not worth it while I clean out my plate
With my jewelries and royal privilege,
I'd set the world in flames.
Jun 2020 · 65
Child of Nature
Tint Jun 2020
A question, I want to ask a question
As I look up and scream the words out, eyes swelling up in tears
For the answers will be kept,
for forever I'd be deaf
The questions that came late
as the answer early left

Is my question worth it?
Is it worth the wait
I was a child of nature
I was a child of faith
Now I know how it is non-existent,
the hope I knew, that is
For now I know not of singing,
I know not of fame

All I want is to ask a question
as it scares me to death
I also would like to ask permission,
as I want to drown in tears
To let go of the emotion,
and get down on my knees
I stare up and beg for the fullfilment to take me back, lifeless.
Circa 2017
Jun 2020 · 68
Annabel Lee
Tint Jun 2020

It was many and many a year ago,
   In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
   By the name of Annabel Lee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
   Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,
   In this kingdom by the sea,
But we loved with a love that was more than love—
   I and my Annabel Lee—
With a love that the wingèd seraphs of Heaven
   Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,
   In this kingdom by the sea,
A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
   My beautiful Annabel Lee;
So that her highborn kinsmen came
   And bore her away from me,
To shut her up in a sepulchre
   In this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, not half so happy in Heaven,
   Went envying her and me—
Yes!—that was the reason (as all men know,
   In this kingdom by the sea)
That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
   Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love it was stronger by far than the love
   Of those who were older than we—
   Of many far wiser than we—
And neither the angels in Heaven above
   Nor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
   Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;

For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams
   Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise, but I feel the bright eyes
   Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
   Of my darling—my darling—my life and my bride,
   In her sepulchre there by the sea—
   In her tomb by the sounding sea.
The mention of her name in every verse is pleading for the lost love they had. One of my favourite poems ever written, it brings out the child in me.
May 2020 · 128
Tint May 2020
-then I sang
     the world humms
        As they trap me
           in the place
             I have not favored
                but made friends
Somewhere, it caught up with me. I am decieved of being strong.
May 2020 · 77
Willow tree
Tint May 2020
It is crawling
into my conscious
feeling; skin curls
flooded my brain
of useless anxiety
from pure-

The willow tree
screamed: toxicity!
and I sat under it
cooling my head
into 'calm' pieces,
this funny situations
of pure,
mad idiocy
Hot summer, brain all slushy
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