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Tint Dec 2020
For a little longer
I would shoot among the stars
The sturdiest of asteroids
Make an armor for you love

For a little longer
I'd be swimming in a park
That has the muddy waters
To fetch that little swan

For a little longer
It'd be a Christmas fun
And I would greet you, grumpy
With aims to make you laugh

For a little longer
I'll write another rhyme
That holds my dear valentine
And I'd still call you mine

For a little longer
If we held on so tight
I would be hearing your voice
And you'd say I love you back

If only a little longer
You let me in your life
Then on that little longer
I'd still be by your side.
Hello, poetry. I am back.
Tint Dec 2020
And I greeted, happy birthday
to a photograph I missed
to a non-existing person
I so hoped to be me

But now my shadow lifted
and took stances of grace
with 3 pointed tip point
to slash through my cage

Did I protect my heart, or,
did I lose all it's sense?
Did I love the chilled evening, or,
did I cry in revolting pain?

Take me, oh take me
Within the red snowy wind
Bury me, oh take me
Within the blue sunny spring.
To me, to me, happy birthday
Tint Dec 2020
If you were mad then tell me
Lash your anger out
If you were sad then hear me
I'd give you my virtual hug
The frustrations you feel, let me
Be the comfort in your mind
And though I kept all the sorries
Let me worry for you, love

If I greet a good morning
I wished you're here to touch
But it never will lessen
My wish upon these stars
That you'd bid me the good night
And sleep with all you can
My little gift I have here
I'll give you half and half
August 2020
November 2020
Tint Dec 2020
I don't want to touch the clouds
because they will be torn apart
I don't want to touch the clouds
to feel the calmness in my palms

I don't want to touch the clouds
I want the clouds to touch me
I don't know how to make it fancy, I'm sorry.
Tint Nov 2020
And I saw little atlas
in the night sky above
reminds me of someone
that I so dearly love

I closed my eyes to breathe in
keep the tears from coming down
and try to smile the bitter
hoping I'd get a little 'hi'

how you been doing, princess?
I am missing you so bad
did you know I sprained my ankle
as I tripped on our past

my heart is bleeding laughter
I remember how you sound
your voice I treasure greatly
is fading in my mind
I am still here
Tint Nov 2020
Let all be glorious
dear, mighty goddess
spare me the glance
to change my life forever
when I dagger my way
into our unearthly love

shine on me, belittle me
for all I care
i'd let you drown me
in your lovely words
that wounds my heart
with green blood oozing
i smiled to die

two of us are glorious
as we paved the ground
with harshness
your mouth to mine
my hands are *****
eyes are blurred
you will never love me
but still I laughed

i smile to die
Tint Nov 2020
when i sleep, eternally
i want you to burn thee
in pinkish flames
ashes will rim in your sweat
sprikling the clouds of little breeze
and my scent, it will fill the air
as I dwindle in happy tears
let the rain take me
to the deepest end
of the ocean i cannot swim
I'd wept sadly for this mistake
but forever grateful to you dearest
my soul will travel to lovely places
i used to watch till daybreak ends
oh, let my fly with head up high
soon hereafter i will tell thee
about the stories of my escapade
you will know about it,
my sweetest friends
whenever we meet again
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