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Tint Oct 8
I'm in a swinging chair thinking
of the path I have taken
the guilt that never visited
and the wish to feel greed
I am here singing, the silence I had within
then the wind started humming
of another rhythmic gem
it tells me "hello, I am missing you"
slowly. painted the smile I'm lacking

Finally, everything is ending
finally, I don't think of dying
there are three kinds of treetops
I've been eager to climb
now it's all down to one
because the wind started humming
of another melody
it tells me "hello, you made it through"
"I am proud of you."

I held my sorrows low,
now I'm tearing up the snow
the cold voice I have totted
have now relieved my pain
of the duty of darkness
that I will never forget
when she visits me again
it's a friend in homecoming

Till we meet again
my darkest dreams.
Please, softly read
Tint Sep 8
just sometimes
I get a little crazy
I'd haha with laughter
then scream tears
when they mock me

but no, it is a spring leaf
when the summer is at bloom
a snowflake in winter
when it is still June

not normal
but pretty
like my love for the moon
not normal
but cherished
like mon chèri
the dawn

they don't know
my people, them
inside my head
my insane is not vain
their normal is in flames

HaHa HaHa
let the melody
I'm back
Tint Jul 28
I am aware
that the art is lost within me
these veins once gushing flares
desired to write the hurt and
paint the fun in red

In which the stars sang differently
and the calm at night prevails

Yet knowing they are just cruel
suns of chemical flames

For which the moon shone brighter
and the love for it unfades

where in darkness I look up and whisper
Oh wind! Can you hear me sing?

Lately, the poetry
my poetry is plain
and all I write is mere words of
deep emotions and events
knowing how faulty and unorganized
that I have lost a sumedth gain

Following this. I apologize
the art in me, it fade.
Do you have to hurt to write?

Sumedth is not a word, I supposed.
Tint Jul 26
but then
my sudden fantasies are myths
in horror and in blink of a mare
knowing one day I'll wake up
and it's real
that you will leave me
to love somebody else

as early as now
I'm mending this heartbreak
with a silent wish at heart
that you might stay
that forever do exist
in this lifetime
and that you will love me real
till our time fades
Tint Jul 16
I have gone through many changes
In the past and in the nights
Many spark in eye of a stranger
I saw my time in duller dime

The time when I was still an angel
Where I can laugh, a little mice
And people liked me for many reasons
And they asked of me of what I wants

And then now I am just a little  vicious
I hurt and lie to all the rights
The sun shone a different shade and
The night gave life to my demise

I still loved the scent of my demons
And learned that life is a surprise
Everyday I am just the same girl
But is different to your made mind

Do not forget the smile I treasured
And love me still when I'm long gone
Till then I'll make my silly rhymes and
It is of you I'll think about
Tint Jul 12
Stabilize me
they think I'm going crazy

the people
who are they

The shadows in the light
you'll see them spark alight
and they whisper
Oh they do
in many crowds of one

Stabilize me
my mind is way beyond
Tint Jul 8
Withering sounded fancy
Till my brain is what it is
Leaving is romaticizing
Till I hold my breathe to stay

Black was deemed so marvelous
Till I want some colored spray
When my clouds are never lighter
and my thoughts are loudly chained

I was never the good person
and I am not worth to keep
It always feel so strongly
how I'm so easy to replace
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