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daph Feb 10
a tender night's kiss
to your everything, my dear,
got nothing to fear
impromptu haikus r the-
  Feb 10 daph
Issachar Bacang
the noblest thing
a friend can do,
the most honest thing
that will be true

to let your blind friend trip

so when you hold
their hand again
they'll know to trust you
there and then
Let them know to trust you as soon as the world betrays them
daph Feb 3
these days are dark,
bleak and horrible,
and this sadness-- a mark,
to my melancholy-- unbearable,

how does one end,
a curse,
and a sweet ending,

cheers to my ****** merrymaking
second poem about suicide woops
daph Jan 6
do you think?
what i think?
do you speak thoughts,
those what i hear?
do i understand?
your body language --- stands!
i assume, i assume
or maybe i dont
"i want you"
is that what i hear?
im saving this for future and from paperpiles
daph Jan 6
and as the day ends
with tender night's kiss
back of my head blends
reaching for something
a hope
a wish
for your goodbye kiss
i found this at my paperpiles
daph Sep 2019

ever never

say you love me

when you cant even

take a glimpse of me
Psh cramming is life rn
daph Sep 2019
To what wonders remain,
Have a glimpse and see,
Would things be the same?
bestfriend enemy lovers
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