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daph 7d
and i gasp for air
your wonders made me
breathe so
your wonders of love
daph 7d
how the lillies sway with you
swaying with you— every move
  7d daph
Peter Balkus
Love isn't blind,
blind are those,
who never loved.
daph 7d
I don't know whats with you,
that made me think Mondays are beautiful,
made me think of certainties,
with endless possibilities,
Your touch was
e l e c t r i f y i n g

I feel it still
On my face
On my neck
On my arm
On my back

I can't even remember
What we said or
Where you touched, but
I feel it still,
And it was
e l e c t r i f y i n g
daph 7d
its maybe because of her eyes
or her sweet smiles
that leaves a stain in my mind
****, i can't forget her for a while
first poetry in hellopoetry

— The End —