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دema Oct 16
what hurts the most
is not realizing
how much
you were hurting
me day by day,
and not realizing
I was being hurt
by you everyday
دema Oct 14
I can sit here,
cry myself an entire ocean
and sit at the bottom and drown in my own tears,

or I can get
دema Oct 13
my body
misses you
more than it can handle
the pain of the withdrawal.
دema Oct 6
put a top coat
on the pain,
mattify it,
don't let it
reflect on you.
دema Oct 3
no one's past should
define who they are today,

unless their present
is merely an extension
of the supposedly
dead and buried.
دema Oct 3
my deepest fear is no longer
a bottomless ocean,
but rather feeling your love
when it was never really there.
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