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DeeDeeK Oct 2015
coccoon of silence, absence of sound
comfortable as softest cotton
alone with myself, I am found
content with all my thoughts
cacophony of the outside world
is stilled behind my private walls

I want, I need to let you in
caution always prevails
DeeDeeK Oct 2015
When love becomes existential
boundaries no longer apply
spirit breaks free from earthly ties
emotions are free to fly

When heart belongs to you alone
yet captured by another
when souls transcend, lover to lover
rejoice, the universe is one
DeeDeeK May 2013
birth and death ... dichotomy of existence
alone to experience, never to share
yearning to fill that void in between
moments, hours, days, years
wanting a connection that no one has seen
eternally hopeful for one more dance
DeeDeeK Feb 2013
ocean, sky, horizon blurred, seabirds call into infinity
time stands still on the edge of forever
capturing stardust and spinning into oblivion
existence is but fleeting
cast your heart into the great unknown
DeeDeeK Jan 2013
lives intertwined with the push of a button
decisions made - don't comprehend
all for moments fast and fleeting
breaking hearts, never to mend
don't come at me with words and flowers
show me where you really stand
deep in our hearts laid bare and bleeding
the challenge is to love again
DeeDeeK Oct 2012
light touch upon my skin
electric response from deep within
unbidden fantasy stirs, takes flight
unlimited promise in this dark night
so much need, want, craving, to hold
beckons us closer, whispers, 'be bold'
this moment, this time, exists only here
our perfect bubble, our safety sphere
DeeDeeK Oct 2012
inky blackness swallows me whole
guttural screaming devours my soul
pain consuming, wave after wave
wanting nothing but the love you gave
empty vastness yawns in wait
you closed the door, locked the gate
laid my heart bare, you glanced, you saw
you left me bleeding, alone, raw
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