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Deeba Feb 2019
Who are wise?

Are wise the ones
who perceive to know everything,
Preaches this 'everything' to everyone around
and drives the endless dreams into a cage by their eminence.


Are they the ones
who begin with the notion of knowing nothing.
explores the endless horizons of wisdom,
and yet remain truthful to nothingness.

As 'Nothing' can never be shared
endless dreams can never be caged
Deeba May 2018
A fresh splash of water
into one's face
is all that is needed
to awaken the half dead
from the dreamy fantasy
into today's insipid world.
Deeba May 2018
A chirpy young wolf
filled with pride and
Never part of
any pack

Decepted with self-pride
and felt
everything around him
is not right

They say
wolves can only survive in packs
He says
'I am always right,
everyone should stand by my side'

He surrounded
a cobweb of cynicism
so deep, that he never
listens or
with others

One fine day
he was abandoned by all
and a sense of
realization could be
read from his eyes

Until he was
nabbed by a mighty tiger
and everything was
left blank
Deeba Apr 2018
Be social, be active
but don't be selective

Emote feelings that please all
but don't spread hatred
that gain momentum

When in need, take a stand
find a solution.
Don't be a scarecrow
who takes opinions
and makes a fact out of it

Play no blame game
You are just a pawn
in the larger battle of truth
You will be tricked at the end
And there will be no way out
Saddened by the social media eruption on every other topic these days.
Deeba Jan 2018
A rose dressed in bright red,
spreading its petals with open arms.
Invites me to relish its fragrance,
until I am seduced and transported
into a mystical land of 'Love'.
Dedicated to all those who propose their love with a red rose.
Deeba Jan 2018
Before my birth there was infinite time,
after my death there is inexhaustible time.
I never thought of it before:
I’d been living luminously between two eternities of darkness.
Excerpts from one of my best reads of 2017 - My name is red.
Deeba Jan 2018
Another year has passed
letting to count the experience of life.
Last year was a game changer
in all aspects for most of us.
Let's hope and expect this year
will be the most happening year
with lots of joy and prosperity.

Wishing you all dear friends
a very Happy New Year!!
Better late than never. :)
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