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Nov 22 · 30
The tale of the rain!
Decra Kerubo Nov 22
Years, down down the line,
For a while, I spoke in my brain,
Just to tell the tale of the rain
And how I didnt like the rays of its sun
I wanted to speak out yet!
Of how the sun shrinked my skin
And how its rays, scorched my beauty
I wanted to shout yet again!
To let the world know of its immense,
How many stones, I flew to the sky,
How much I battled with its rays

That was not the story,
It was all about the heart,
How the burn was intense!
And I hated the rays more,
I hated how heavy it all was,
I wanted light but not that of rays,
Maybe the light to neutralize the weight!

She tapped me,
And maybe I had forgotten,
I needed the ray of hope,
But too late, the rain washed it away!!
Speaking of a soul that distances itself from holding on to a hope, it had once lost.
Jun 27 · 204
No more
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
He held my hand,
Whispers moved
"no more time left "
That was a heartbeat
I escaped

Momma hugged me
She kissed my forehead
"no more men out there "
I turned on the radio,
My own voice sounded
"you are no more"

And I dance with the tune,
Nothing more,
I gat no place here
No more
Jun 27 · 156
A little sympathy
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
You knew it,
You knew how much you meant,
But I didn't know,
I was the chaff
And you were the grain

I was ready to withstand,
I saw how you drunk with them
You came tipsy
I didn't mind
In the name of love

I am not a dreamer
Neither do I see visions
How could I know?
I was there like a stream
For the sake of lack

You dropped me in an ocean,
You were sure I couldn't make it out,
Waters washed my scent away,
And you poured darkness upon me,
It's only you who knew.

I'm sending a drop,
It's carried by the rains,
Save me from this ******* of fake love,
I need my free air,
I'm suffocating, you can trust

Taste that tear drop,
It's salty unlike the raindrop,
Make sure it's bubble doesn't break,
Just that,
Just let me down slowly
That's a love poem, just asking to be released from love that loves a part and I'm not loved back
Jun 27 · 146
It was dark
Decra Kerubo Jun 27
You liked it,
You made a comment,
You are not to blame,
You didn't know

The photo was lit,
The owner an angel,
The photographer hidden,
The camera's label erased

It dragged you within,
It wasn't clear though,
You asked for a push up,
I was down
How possible was that

I hardened my feminism,
And pushed you to place,
I was left in my pit
You didn't know The darkness within

And I can't be yours,
I can't hold you no more,
You can't read pain
It's too dark in here for you
This is but a reference to a person who wanted me to be his when he couldn't really feel me and clearly, he was up to gain.
May 15 · 170
How does it feel?
Decra Kerubo May 15
Tell me,
How does it feel to write?
How does it feel to twist phrases,
How do poets feel?
How do writers hold their pens,
And I will know how to Hello a poetry.

I am not Harry Potter,
I wasn't born holding a pen,
I wasn't bought for pens till three
I am told, Harry wasn't born with a pen either
I know, he writes so perfectly
And now I know, I can hello my poetry

My fingers are too feeble to write
My focus  isn't in rhyming my scheme
My prowess is above the rule of poetry
My wonder is, why my pen makes such patterns.
My prayer, tell me how I hold my pen
And you will hello my poetry.
This poem is based on the organization title,
"Hello Poetry" and creativity in style where the pen is being held differently with regard to the holder. Then, other poets, recomend and the persona recomends theirs too.

— The End —