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 Aug 2013 Debra A Baugh
Mr Jay
She split minds apart when she walks into the room,

the radiance from the scarlet fabric on her honey milk skin polarizes the world to a central view.

Her competitors already know the battle is lost, because every man floats away like a helium filled balloon

Her magic works to the max, when she waltz across the dance floor like a beautiful witch on a Sunday afternoon.

they wonder the name of the architect responsible for her wicked curves, a unique type of geography, surely she must be new.

They think to themselves. She's probably with a politician, maybe a star who's gone home too soon.

I am not worthy, I stink of my experience with the last two.

As they waste golden moments caving into self doubts and relationship blues,

From the shadows, He steps up to stage to play the game of who's who.

He build's her confidence with an honest joke or two,

she buys into his bold point of view.

He excuses himself; gives her time to process his residue.

He makes his return to harvest the seed they grew,

She indulges, he is a perfect distraction from her new fool.

He steals her away for a chat by the pool.

He whisper's some words in her ears, and she feathers herself to recapture her hue.

He tells her "I have a drink that will make your lips think its hosting a party crew."

He makes a gamble like romeo wrote the rules.

With eyes locked, he shows her what his lips can do

The heats building up, she's waiting on him to put on the other glass shoe.

She wonders how to make the night fair and true.

"Let's go" words, he summarizes in two.

Envy and admiration storms up the crowd, only if they knew.

Later they dig deeper searching for clues.

He tells them and they look confused.

Its not about her or you.

Its about building a bridge that brings together two.
From the time I saw your face, I wanted to learn from you
So Baby teach the course  I can really get into...
I wanna  earn all the answers, every credit in chemistry
'Wanna be an over achiever, have you believing in me

I wanna have love lessons in your arms
I want my lips to learn from lips so warm
I want those learning curves to lead the way
To a Magna *** Laude someday    
I wanna have love lessons in your arms

I like to analyze your smile down to the finest meaning
The homework is such fun it's almost like I'm dreaming
With you I'm in the fast lane and I pass the courses faster
Thanks for teaching me the ropes to help me get  my Masters


'Wanna get my education while learning from the best
I wanna earn a PH D being the teacher's pet


Copyright Louis Brown
oh, baby, tonight,
the wind's a bit bitter on skin
tonight, the itch strikes
oh, baby i'd so love  
to plug all nature's loose ends
oh when you
crawl to me like that,
knowing you are all lubed
for me, tonight,
there's a crank that goes wild
 Aug 2013 Debra A Baugh
Gary L
So many are filled with hostility
hostile world, we're living in
in a place of constant volatility
volatile minds, never giving in

this world needs a new possibility
possibly, we can fix this place
place me in a world of viability
viable living for the human race

will we sew the seeds of fertility
fertile growth for all of mankind
mankind needs a brand new civility
civil ways need to be re-defined

(wrote this under my new loop rules)
She makes herself present when you need her most,
not to boast, but this tasty delight will treat you well as she continues to host.
She doesn’t give herself away too much,
****, if it was up to me I’d cop more than a touch;
A squeeze, a whole late night session, to indulge in her taste of imperfections,
Eat her up til I obtain a dental infection.
Not my intention, but her silhouette alone breeds thoughts of sin,
what I would give, to have her all to myself, wouldn’t know where to begin.
Undress her slowly as she teases me,
And repeatedly, she teaches me to treat her with care and show some decency.
But I can’t concentrate, she has my mind in a figure-four,
I'm a carnivore, but she exposes her flesh and I want more and more.
Its all been done before, but in this moment I’m in bliss,
I reminisce, as I write this, and continue to lick her residue off my lips.
She brings so much variety, all of them eyeing me,
Which will I give into as I inspect each of them quietly.

Sometimes she comes bittersweet, sometimes she’s a freak,
But most of the time she’s in a bad mood cuz I just wana beat, or rather eat.
Our relationship is never bland, she always keeps it fresh and new,
If it gets monotonous she won’t even hesitate to bring a friend or two.
She keeps my hands full, and that’s no easy achievement,
But she brings so much to the table its hard to not fiend it.
My favorite color on her, has to be green, not to be obscene,
But I’d tear her up as if though she was in a different team, knowwhatimean?
And after that delight there wouldn’t be much of her left,
Not to be greedy but Im not sharing until I know there’s more to come next.
If not, I’m vexed, I mean, I’m not addicted but I wouldn’t mind another round,
That’s not being spoiled I just want to know what other delights could be found.
Don’t be selfish and sadden me,
give me a taste so I can eat you up casually.
Oh miss candy, you’re just too fancy,
let me get a grip and I’ll put you on the walls like Bansky.
your fingertips danced across my skin
like children in the snow
you caressed my aching soul
and slowed my rapid heartbeat
the light in your eyes
twirled about as our lips pressed together
your tongue sought solace
inside my mouth
and my teeth grazed your bottom lip
as payment for your loves newfound home

your fingertips stayed firmly inside
our locked hands
you traced my smile with your lips
and promised to write me love letters
describing how your heart soared
when i entered the room
i laughed and you raced
to remember the lines that formed
in the corners of my eyes
when my smile lit up

your fingertips stayed hidden in your pockets
as we walked together
down our favorite path underneath the moonlight
i thought it was quite romantic tonight
and felt love coursing through my veins
as i looked at you
but you kept your head down
and the only time you looked up
was not to look at me
but to look at the brilliance of the moon

your fingertips were holding her hand now
and your teeth grazing her bottom lip
as i had once done to you
you wrote her songs of love
and she wrote you poems
describing the brilliance of your eyes
my soul shrank at the sight of the two of you
my heart was a living flame
that eventually died out to ashes
at the the fact that i would never hold your fingertips in mine again
 Jul 2013 Debra A Baugh
Gary L
This nursery rhyme is right on time
even though the crib is full of grease and grime
all you gotta do is open your eyes and mind
i'm gonna find some stuff mother goose left behind

little boy blue was an irritating brat
he frightened the baby and the cat
always blowing his **** horn
his mom wanted to bury him in the corn

jack sprat could eat no fat
because his wife wouldnt let him
she sat on jack and he went splat
she'd wanted to eat him since she'd met him

jack and jill went up the hill
they were looking for a thrill
jill got slipped a funny pill
jack smoked crack and is missing still
 Jul 2013 Debra A Baugh
Gary L
Taste me
you have never tasted bitter before
face me
i am every bullet in every war
waste me
since you dont know what i am for

encase me
try to make me fit in a mold
embrace me
i will cut off the hand you hold
replace me
another card into the fold

erased me
you tried to take me away
defaced me
the image will always stay
disgraced me
the said already had its say
Do you miss me wanna kiss me
do you wanna steal my breath
wanna hold me soft enfold me
share with me a little death
wanna feel me try to heal me
as the darkness takes ahold
wanna bathe me try to save me
with your kisses chains corrode
wanna claim me wanna name me
as your nails carve in my bark
wanna know me wanna show me
all your beauty after dark
wanna chance it then enhance it
Take a bite and ******* ache
wanna own me now you've shown me
that my heart you'll never break
wanna keep me and sleep with me
want to awake within my arms
wanna aid me and to shade me
beneath your loving palms
wanna momment wanna life time
want what ever I can give
wanna be mine wanna share time
want to wake and at last live.
I need a circuit breaker
as I blow my fuse...

Blow a fuse is lose your temper/ get angry
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