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9.6k · Jul 2010
Our Suppressed Society
deanena tierney Jul 2010
Somehow, down through the centuries,
Man discerned it was best to hide.
Conceal their grief and likewise love,
And hoard it all inside.

Emotions we should so easily share,
We choose to temper instead.
And so many things that we want to say,
We just let go...unsaid.
deanena tierney May 2010
I know that you still love her.
It's right there on your face.
Every time that you look at me.
I know you're hoping I'll replace,
The vivid memories you have of her,
That haunt you everyday,
The longing ache within your chest,
And help you find a way.

A way to leave the pain behind,
By telling me sweet lies.
I know that you still love her.
I can see it in your eyes.
Can't you see that I love you?
And if you could, would you even care?
She is perfect in your minds' eye,
And to perfect, who can compare?

I see you gaze off into space,
And catch you misty-eyed.
You listen to sad love songs,
While I listen to my pride.
And though my heart is begging,
And my tears are falling so,
It hurts much worse to stay here,
So, my darling, I must go.
6.2k · Mar 2010
Deadbeat Bottom Feeder
deanena tierney Mar 2010
"Worthless waste of space!"
"You thief of my fresh air!"
Useless to the entire world.
Drop dead! No one will care!

Can you feel the hatred baby?
The heated ache inside?
The pulse that beats incessantly?
The disgust I do not hide?

A soul that's non-existent.
No conscience left inside.
If not for jail time, baby,
I'd **** you for my pride!

Imagine an enduring torture,
And the pain that will ensue,
Cause Karma's got a lovely way,
Of catching right up with you.
5.0k · Dec 2011
In My Head
deanena tierney Dec 2011
Once again this morning
You awoke inside my head.
And instead of welcoming you,
I ushered you out instead.
But by noon you had returned,
And again you said, "Good day!"
But I had so very much to do,
I, in haste, sent you away!
By eventide again you came,
"Good evening," was your greet.
And as I finally had the time,
I eagerly took a seat.
And so we talked just you and I,
Of imaginary hours,
That we'd one day spend together,
Under trees, amongst the flowers.
And write each others words,
Two souls, in truth be one,
But then before I knew it,
The day? Well... it was done.
So once again I said goodbye,
And laid down in empty bed,
Hoping dreams would hide that you,
Were only in my head.
4.6k · Oct 2010
deanena tierney Oct 2010
Delighted rage within my breast,

Mounting pressure on my chest.

Now I'm the addict, by your sin.

Feeding on anger that lives within.

An endless feast;  I thrive right so,

On hatred of which I can't let go.
deanena tierney Jul 2010
There are so many paths in front of me,
Choices that I must make,
And I have no idea where any path leads,
Or which one I should take.

I only know that each one will take me,
To different places I've not been.
And that I won't be able to turn around,
To start from right here again.

And I'm not sure if it's better to choose,
Quickly.... or to contemplate,
For as soon as I go the wrong direction,
It will already be too late!

The path in the middle is well beaten,
Many must have tread before,
But taking the middle road all the time,
Sounds like nothing but a bore.

The path on the left is well hidden,
And it is not very clear.
It appears way too dangerous for me,
And I am so full of fear.

The road to the right looks exciting,
And it holds a special allure,
That is the way I really want to go,
But I'm still a little unsure!
3.7k · Dec 2010
deanena tierney Dec 2010
The air was very frigid,
Early eve on a very cold night.
As I sat in the drivers' seat,
Waiting at a very long light.
And I heard a tap on the window,
Looked over and saw him there,
He was wearing broken glasses,
And had not combed his hair.
And I rolled it down just slightly,
And he you mind If I stand?
Close to your car to feel its warmth,
And he had a few dollars in his hand.
Then he began to tell me about,
The local shelter where he did stay.
And how he worked day labor,
And of the church where he did pray.
He continued on to tell me that,
The shelter was not free,
And he needed 32 dollars,
To pay enough for his family.
He gave me the telephone number,
To the shelter and then his name,
But I never called, just gave him cash,
And I'm the only one to blame.
That later on that very night,
The man who I gave "aid".
Overdosed on crystal-****,
Of which I'm sure I paid.
3.2k · Mar 2010
My Friends
deanena tierney Mar 2010
I have friends with whom I share,
great poetry and verse.
And friends I visit taverns with,
to drink with and to curse.

And friends with who I share a passion,
for music and for art.
And also those, just like me,
kindred spirits of the heart.

Some, I will call, when I am down,
and weary from lifes' run.
Some, I long to just gift a smile,
before every day is done.

Some, who seem to need my presence ,
to heal such a simple pain,
Some whose smiles touch my soul,
and shelter me from rain.

Some who like the same wine as me,
some coffee and some books.
Some who care little of possessions,
some who are all into looks.

There are some with whom I share a movie,
some I respect their great advice.
There are some who are simply pure genius,
and others; .... not quite so wise.

From professions, they all do differ,
no occupation is the same.
Most of them have no mutual liking,
but two...they share a name.

No. Each friend, has naught the others',
unique fortune, skills, or fame.
But I endear each to their own,
and treasure them all - the same.
2.7k · Jun 2010
No Blushing!
deanena tierney Jun 2010
I love to read any poem of yours,
For every time I do..
I am a part of something bigger,
Just knowing part of you.

At times I can get so inspired,
By even a simple theme.
Other times I just close my eyes,
And allow myself to dream.

And it makes not a difference,
The mood I am in that day.
Your message always gets to me,
And takes me right away.

To a place where everything is ok,
If even for just a short while.
And I can take a few deep breaths,
Wipe away my tears and... smile.

So I need to say thank you,
Even if I have said before..
For sharing with me your talent,
And making me long for so much more.
One day greatness will come to you!
2.3k · Feb 2012
the death of cessation
deanena tierney Feb 2012
the first sunbeam of a fortnight
brushes fleeting on thy face
transforming all the hopelessness
to a fresher state of grace
and for a fortnight of it's own
hoards pleasure with no pain
until grace without enough regard
dies to hopelessness again
deanena tierney Jul 2010
I have seen pictures of beautiful places,
They are just a taste.
Reminding me of how little I've done.
Is my life a waste?

I want to see the geysers,
In Yellowstone National Park.
And walk along the Eastern Shore,
With you after it gets dark.

And I know there is a snowboard,
That somewhere bears my name,
And I have always wanted to go,
To an NFL football game.

I hear that Ireland is beautiful,
What a sight to see.
And I know there is a rustic place.
Where I can write poetry.

I would like to go see Mardi Gras,
And maybe earn a bead or two.
Listen to a great acoustic band,
And sing a line or two.

Hop aboard an airplane
Grab the window seat.
Just drive to a distant city,
To see just who I'd meet.

Swim naked in the ocean,
Surf my way back in.
Make love really crazily,
And then do it again.

Fall in love with the right one,
Find a true soul-mate,
I wish I could do it all right now,
I don't want to wait.
2.2k · Nov 2012
deanena tierney Nov 2012
I do not like the world around me,
The filth and ***** places,
The lying selfish faces,
The weakness satan preys on,
All beauty now is all gone,
And like the world, I now smell,
Of the tomb in which we dwell,
With no will to perservere,
Nor rememberance of a tear,
Walking 'round about in throng,
Singing all the same sad song,
Of all we've lost or never had,
And of the good that turned to bad.
Until this becomes our norm again.
Forgetting better days have been.
I do not like the world around me,
The filth and ***** places,
The lying selfish faces,
The weakness satan preys on,
All beauty now is all gone,
And like the world, I now smell,
Of the tomb in which we dwell,
With no will to perservere,
Nor rememberance of a tear,
Walking 'round about in throng,
Singing all the same sad song,
Of all we've lost or never had,
And of the good that turned to bad.
Until this becomes our norm again.
Forgetting better days have been.
I do not like the world around me,
The filth and ***** places,
The lying selfish faces,
The weakness satan preys on,
All beauty now is all gone,
And like the world, I now smell,
Of the tomb in which we dwell,
With no will to perservere,
Nor rememberance of a tear,
Walking 'round about in throng,
Singing all the same sad song,
Of all we've lost or never had,
And of the good that turned to bad.
Until this becomes our norm again.
Forgetting better days have been.  You get the picture......
2.1k · Feb 2010
A Drug Addict
deanena tierney Feb 2010
every thing is     a lie     a precipated deception
the promises are broken                  before they are made
                                                           the kisses             exchanged    to fool the receiver
The stories  shared
are to
offer false

The stool in the corner       is to reach the pills
                                           hidden on top of the fridge

                      the locked glove compartment  to keep items out of kids' reach

the cell pocketed to hide the contacts
                                                                                  The eye drops to hide the act
The drill in the bathroom
to unscrew another sealed box
                                                                the bills go to another address

                    there is no rhyme           no reason to
a drug addict's behavior
they                           do                           not                   follow                         rules!

say is

                                                                         a lie

       So what of a plea for help?
To offer awareness of drug addiction.
deanena tierney Mar 2011
1.   Chew 3 pieces of Grape Hubba Bubba at the same time.

2.   Wash your car in the rain in your bathing suit.

3.   Walk in and out of a store over and over again just to be greeted  
       repetitively. (this works best at Racetrak and Cici's Pizza)

4.   Wear comfortable clothes.

5.   Stop caring what you look like.

6.   Sing loudly in your car without any music (even at redlights), with your
      windows rolled down.

7.   Swing, for heaven's sake, swing at the playground.

8.   Be nice to everyone, even the snotty retail girl.

9.   Go to a church where every Sunday the hairs stand up on your arms
      because you feel the presence of GOD.

10.  Visit an old cemetery and just sit for a while.

11.  Say "I love you" at the end of every phone call, especially to the bill

12.  Play a video game with your kids, just so they can laugh at how bad you

13.  Go without underwear one day.

14.  Read Pope and the Bible.

15.  Once a month eat whatever you want and however much of it you want.

16.  Work out.

17.  Snuggle with the warm body of someone who loves you.

18.  Let a dog lick your face. (it's really not that bad)

19.  Call a random number just to say "hi" to the person who answers.

20.  Be yourself so others can know who you truly are.
1.9k · Oct 2010
deanena tierney Oct 2010
My heart has not felt a beat so strong,
As the daythat you first touched me.
And yet I still don't know where I belong,
Or if anything's even meant to be.
I was hopeful when you entreated me,
And somehow my soul let you in,
But lately it has ushered you to the door,
And has sealed it up tight again.
And my conscience stakes not even a claim,
To the muddled life that I live,
I am but a slave who never meant any harm,
And I pray that you will forgive.
1.9k · May 2010
Why Do Men Have Nipples?
deanena tierney May 2010
Sometimes I just sit and wonder,
About the meaning of my life.
And about the true purpose of me,
Amidst all of the toil and strife.

And amidst all of the greatness,
The beauty of earth and of space,
And of the vast circle of life,
And what role I have in this place.

And the answers are all very evasive,
So I conjure them all from within,
Relying on simply my learned faith,
And experience of where I have been.

And I read the words of others',
Who have past on well before me,
Who also sought what I now seek,
Yet still left this life, unknowingly.

Could I be the one who uncovers,
The secrets all men hope to find,
Or will I, like the ones before me,
Go out of this world just as blind.

What if there is no true meaning?
And purpose; just a desperate plea?
To add some reason to madness,
What a pointless life that would be.
1.9k · Jun 2010
Colombian or Arabic?
deanena tierney Jun 2010
What would I do without you!
Well I certainly couldn't be ME!
"Coffee, you've never let me down."
And you taste so much better than tea!
Forgive! Couldn't resist!
1.9k · Sep 2017
Hurricane Irma
deanena tierney Sep 2017
I know that while I sleep tonight
So many of you may die
A heaviness will tuck you in
Like a sheet across the sky
And together you will cower
In every corner you can find
Heart beats right in sync with
The roaring of your mind
Unrelenting punishment
From unrelenting rain
And just when you think it's over
It will return again.
With a wind that rips your soul away
As pure hell invades your sky,
Then hopelessness will take over
As your sons and daughters cry.
How sickening it is to know
That I must sleep here just the same
While you wage a war for life
Against a storm who earned a name.
God please send a peace beyond understanding  and comfort to those in her path tonight.
1.8k · Jul 2010
Dee Tanka
deanena tierney Jul 2010
A new life granted
Glad to be starting over
Better days await
A totally free spirit
No longer so appeasing
1.7k · Dec 2011
Cleaning out the Fridge
deanena tierney Dec 2011
My dreams?...Well, they expired years ago.
Dreams have a shelf life too, you know.
Like milk, they can spoil within a day.
Leaving no choice but to throw them away.
1.7k · Oct 2010
deanena tierney Oct 2010
Make love to me from afar.
Touch me from across the miles and the generations and years we missed.
Enter me, just as you do everyday, from another time zone, through my soul.
And leave part of you inside me.
Leave me filled and exasperated.
Because I really want you and need you now.
1.6k · Nov 2011
3 Story Houses
deanena tierney Nov 2011
Spare me from suburbia.
I hate the chatter.
And the cookie cutter houses.
And people worrying about what shade of Estee Lauder they need to look 20 years younger.
The bigger the SUV ...the better.
Yeah that's my saying too.
Oh yes it's Doggy Spa day! yippee.
Freakin morons.
Put your Gucci shades back on quick before you get to the underpass and see the man who fought for your freedom so that you can enjoy your Sushi on the right side of town, begging for anything you can spare.
But thats right you have nothing to give, do you.
I mean you couldn't possibly dip into the college fund for little Jessica, who by the way is snorting blow as we speak, in the projects across the tracks, while you think she is attending the high school pep rally, as all good cheerleaders do.
And you might want to slow down just a little bit, because if you reach your hubby's highrise office even just one minute ahead of schedule, Candy won't have time to push her skirt back down, wipe her mouth, and re apply her reading glasses, before you enter...and that would be a bit uncomfortable , don't you think?
Maybe you just better turn around altogether and head back to suburbia baby!
There's a reason you are called a stay-at-home mom.
It's the safest place for me.
Reality causes varicose veins and then you would need emergency laser surgery to correct it, which would interefere with your PTA meeting this afternoon.
1.5k · Jan 2010
deanena tierney Jan 2010
So much effort, so much time,
To emerge with an empty hand.
So many trials, so many tries,
More hurt than one should withstand.

So many years, so many smiles,
Gone overnight like a star.
So much confusion, so much illusion
How did it go this far?

Lovers are lovers and then they are not,
Forever, a fervent quest,
That's not guaranteed, not guaranteed
Even when giving your best.

Taking a break from feeling for now,
To heal, to reflect, to discern.
Still desiring to love and yearning to trust,
Naive heart has so much to learn.
1.4k · Jan 2011
Lucky Charms
deanena tierney Jan 2011
When every single rabbit's foot is rubbed down to the core,
And all your note's in lil' bottles fail to reach the shore,
And you realize that no *** of gold, has, nor will be found,
And not even one, heads-up penny, remains on any ground,
And all that Buddha seems to get, is a real bad tummy ache,
And you can't locate a wishbone, to have a chance to break,
And every finger becomes so stiff, that you just can't cross,
And you find the numbers, seven and eleven, bring you only loss,
When every ladybug becomes so sick, and appears surely to die,
And you search, but find no rainbows, to view up in the sky,
And finally, you must admit, horseshoes only work for fun,
Must it take all of this to know that's GOD's the ONE?
1.4k · Jul 2010
Free Time
deanena tierney Jul 2010
My mind is always working,
Down-times are so few.
Now I sit with idle time,
Wondering what to do.

There are so many, many, things,
I have put off for so long,
I should just get up and start them,
Before many more come along.

But yet I feel that I deserve,
Sometime to just restfully be.
And lounge right through this quiet day,
Where my time feels totally free.
1.4k · Jul 2010
No Resemblance
deanena tierney Jul 2010
There is the house where I used to live.
Where I had so many smiles.
Age and time has distanced me,
Along with many miles.

In the field beside the brook,
A little girl plays, - carefree.
And on closer inspection I find,
She looks a lot like me.

And I wonder if she found my hiding spot,
The one I stashed all my treasures in.
Oh, but she couldn't have, because I see now,
A garage is where that would have been.

And the tree that once held my tire swing,
Appears to have fallen some time ago.
The birdhouse I built with Dad is now gone,
And I wonder just where did it go.

A barn has now taken the place of,
The great oak where I carved my name.
And I wish I had never come back here.
Because nothing seems the same.
1.3k · Jun 2010
deanena tierney Jun 2010
All at once, I feel the warmth,
As the sun springs into view.
And lays it beam all over me,
As I stand right here with you.

Our hands resting weightlessly,
Within each others', by our side.
And we stand here so at ease,
Nothing to prove; nothing to hide.

No need to utter any words,
We know what each other would say,
So we just enjoy the quietness,
Of another most beautiful day.
1.3k · Apr 2010
The Feeling That They Say
deanena tierney Apr 2010
I am waiting patiently for the "feeling that they say",
Will strike me like a lightning rod and will not go away.
True love for the first time, ever , in all these years.
A soulmate made just for me, who'll quickly dry my tears.

Meeting you, I halted, feeling certain it would be.
For you have all the qualities I wish I had in me.
But it has been a while now and this "feeling that they say,"
Has eluded me once again, but,oh, how I wish to stay....

Here with you, even though, my knees don't often shake,
The comfort that you offer me, the peace from you I take,
Should I choose to sacrifice this "feeling that they say?"
So I can remain all settled with you for just another day?

Never having felt true love, my faith, is losing ground.
Banking all my hopes, on what others "say" the've found.
How much longer must I wait for this "feeling that they say?"
I want to feel it just with you, please take my breath away!
1.3k · May 2010
Do Me A Favor
deanena tierney May 2010
I need your help, so I am going to ask for it.
I need your be ok.
I need you to be honest with yourself,
And what you need to say!

Right now, I am extremely vulnerable,
As I am sure you know well, my friend.
And it has taken an extremely long time,
To get my broken heart to mend.

And my heart needs my protection,
I am its' only security guard.
Please realize the threat you pose!
And what I am about to very hard.

This needs to be said quite early,
Before time runs away on its' course.
It's better to feel pain prematurely,
Too late, is always much worse.

And I know it may be very difficult,
But if your heart is not fully free,
Because it still belongs to another,
Mercifully, for now,..... let me be.

Forgive me, if you feel I'm a coward.
But I'm still afraid...I always have been.
We both know where heartbreak can take us.
And I don't ever want to go there again.

So, if you're not completely ready,
To let go of your past and to try,
With all that you are...and all of your heart,
I need you to say goodbye!
1.3k · Sep 2015
deanena tierney Sep 2015
And now I must dissect the past
And seperate every part
Every wrong decision
And every broken heart
Regrets I'll place off to the left
Unheard "I love you's" have their place
Useless dreams..they go on the right
By the memories of your face
Wasted years and loneliness
They will all go in a stack
Right beside all my love for you
Love that you never gave me back.
1.2k · May 2010
A Few Words Of Wisdom
deanena tierney May 2010
Ok well, it seems for now,
Your life is going well.
But beware, for tomorrow may have
A different story to tell.
If there is a single thing,
Over time, you should have learned,
It's to temper all elation,
Because at dawn you could be burned.
1.2k · Jul 2010
Make it in Black and White
deanena tierney Jul 2010
Make me a maiden with pale white skin,
With corsets and knickers galore.
By my side, a distinguished gentleman,
One who all of the maidens adore.
Place us in center of the city square,
At nightfall on an autumns eve',
With lantern lights shining bright,
In a carriage that's fixing to leave.
A closed parasol held in my right hand,
My bonnet appearing to sway,
My gentleman with his top hat; smiling,
Thanks me for the wonderful day.

Now that I've created the image.
Go and work your masterful art.
And paint me a beautiful picture,
That mirrors the one in my heart.
1.2k · Jun 2010
deanena tierney Jun 2010
She cries in the dark,
Alone in her bed.
And uses the pillow,
To cover her head.

She wakes in the morn,
And paints on a grin,
And she says, "Just fine,"
When asked how she's been.

She smiles at strangers;
Lends others a hand.
And works... hours after,
She's too tired to stand.

She goes to the party,
And laughs at the pun.
Gives a hug as she leaves,
And says, "I had fun."

Makes a call to her mother,
To catch up on the day.
Then kneels at her bedside,
To silently pray.


She cries in the dark,
Alone in her bed.
And uses the pillow,
To cover her head.
1.2k · Sep 2010
deanena tierney Sep 2010
Could you be the missing piece,

Of the puzzle that is me.

My life I've spent just fumbling,

And wandering aimlessly.

I gave up searching long ago,

For what they call "the one."

No one ever seemed to get me,

And I always chose to run.

But you, I find, are just like me,

In your spirit and your soul.

The very moment that I met you,

Your presence made me whole.
1.2k · Aug 2010
The Safe Harbour
deanena tierney Aug 2010
When the sea-raged ship came into view,
And the crowded harbour's whistle blew,
The sky took on a relieved hue,
As did my face when I saw you.

And there I stood, with eyes frozen so still,
And by just staring, they beckoned my will,
Closer you came, Oh! the thrill!
Inch by inch, my heart did fill!

And I gave just but a begging whispered plea,
For safety to attend from the shore out to thee.
And so ended a wonderful voyage at sea,
My love, once again, had returned to me.

When the sea-raged ship came into view,
And the crowded harbour's whistle blew,
The sky took on a relieved hue,
As did my face when I saw you.
1.2k · Jan 2011
A Fable (of sorts)
deanena tierney Jan 2011
I'd like to share a story,
A sad and tragic little tale,
About a silly, naive woman,
Who was so scared and frail.
Who finally found her anam cara.
Ah! But he lived so far away.
She vowed that she would meet him,
On a not too distant day.
But somewhere in the meantime,
She did meet another beau,
Who treated her so very well,
And a love of sorts did grow.
A love that offered comfort,
A safe place to lay her head,
And she began to wonder,
If she should stay with him instead.
But there was always a nagging,
A pulling , if you will,
And without her anam cara,
Her soul would not be still.
After so much time had passed,
She wrote to him to say,
"I really want to meet you now,"
"Could you come down my way?"
And she waited for many months,
But anam cara, he never replied,
She later learned, she'd waited too long,
Her anam cara had died.
The lesson of this fable friend:
Take a chance...and do not wait!
If you waste time, you just might find,
That you made your choice too late!
1.2k · Sep 2010
deanena tierney Sep 2010
Come and lay down with me.

Place your head next to mine on these soft pillows.
Let's breathe each other in.
Pretend that time is paused and we have forever to spend.

I want to touch your hair and the spot right at your temple that meets your jawline.
And run my fingers over your lips, slowly, as if my fingertips could memorize the lines in them.
I want to look into your eyes with mine fully open, so that you can see within.
And seeing you, and knowing you, my heart will swell up inside, and feel like imploding.

And we could lay like that for no rush, yet knowing we will do more in a little while, but wanting to prolong it, savor it, to put it to clear real-time memory, so we can recall it in detail later, whenever we wish.

And it won't be a heated union, not a fast release.
We deserve more than that...we deserve so much more than that.

There will be no tearing off of clothes, but rather, we will both stand, and undress one piece of clothing at at time, unveiling ourselves to each other.
Unveiling ourselves and discovering each other together.

And my hands will guide you to all the parts of me...all of them..because that's what I want to give to you.
And we will move without thinking...only feeling, only depth.

And we will surrender together to us....

There will be nothing like it.
Nothing to compare it to.

It will be meant and it will be all that is you and me.
1.2k · Jul 2012
It is here where....
deanena tierney Jul 2012
It is here where full folly and neglect,
born of a passionate quest for gain,
unraveled itself with mistied knots,
and toiling so, so did toil in vain.
Beginning with void, proceeded with care,
til time unleashed his urgency bold,
and ******'s self - imposed descent,
ended with a void that was tenfold.
And hence a masked soul now does wander alone,
no longer searching the fairies' famed path,
nor leaping up for what some still call joy,
nor bothered by what some still call wrath.
Expectant anon of nothing,
but the passage of another day,
even minded and completely numb,
with nothing that it must do or say.
'Cept spare for it's own self inspection,
and temperance of it's own dry eye,
resolution built deep in a stone foundation,
with a permit,(perhaps), for only a sigh.....
when the stars have been stolen by the moon,
and departed altogether; the dimmest of nights,
for this is when memory comes to visit,
and the stoic and romantic fight their fights.
Until the sun grants the firmest victory,
to the mind, over heart; ...control,
and then rising without the need of courage,
To place the mask back on it's soul.
1.2k · Nov 2010
How Simple Life Would Be
deanena tierney Nov 2010
I headed to the shoreline,
A little bucket in my hand,
And once it was completely filled,
I headed back to land.

And with my tiny shovel,
I dug myself a moat,
Then with a broken seashell,
Fashioned quite a boat.

Then I made four towers,
With a flag on every one,
And waited for them to harden,
Under the midday sun.

I'd built myself a castle,
How simple it had been,
Even though the waves did claim it,
Tomorrow I'll start again.

I sometimes often wonder,
How simple life would be,
If all I needed was a little bucket,
A shovel, sand, and sea.
1.2k · Jul 2010
deanena tierney Jul 2010
Bring back the days of yesteryear,
When all seemed easy, all was free.
Before life had progressed so much,
With all of mans' technology.

Back when most men moved slower,
And their acts were mostly true.
In a world that really believed,
So much could be done with few.

When your neighbor next door to you,
Would wave and ask how you are.
And a father and son could be spied,
Working together to fix an old car.

When mothers tucked their children,
Into their beds every night,
After saying The Lord's Prayer together,
Before turning out the light.

When the festival held in the town,
Caused the businesses to close.
When grandpa's sat with grandchildren,
Under trees to read some prose.

When lemonade was squeezed outside,
Under a big old oak tree.
And honey for the mornings' toast,
Was stolen from the honey bee.

And in church every Sunday,
Man would shake each others' hands.
And forget any differences,
Knowing that God surely understands.

When there was still a clean, crisp, creek,
With a tire swing overlook.
And the teens would find their first love,
A sheepish grin was all it took.

When picnic tables were filled with friends,
And families would still play a game.
And when you went to the five and dime,
Everyone knew your name.

A time when money had less value,
Than the work a man could give.
Bring back the days of yesteryear,
So that I could simply live.
1.2k · Feb 2010
deanena tierney Feb 2010
I will not move another
Quarter inch in your direction.
For tireless miles I've walked in the past,
To seek out un-offered affection.
Instead, I'll stop and wait for you,
To realize that you want me too!

And if that time shall never come,
And unveils a true opportunity,
To feel a hand press into mine,
And receive kisses unbegrudgingly,
I'll about face and willingly go,
To unafraid one with love to show.
1.2k · Dec 2010
deanena tierney Dec 2010
I need a hand to hold mine tight,
And a shoulder to rest my head.
I long for someone to kiss me goodnight,
And tuck me safely into bed.
Someone to whisper "I love you.",
And with tenderness stroke my hair,
Who lies awake just to look at me,
Someone who truly does care.
Someone I can snuggle up next to,
So I can listen to their heart,
Someone who I can hold right now,
Before I fall completely apart.
1.1k · Sep 2010
The Magician
deanena tierney Sep 2010
Give me your fact, your fiction.
And in a span so very brief,
I'll return them to you, inverted,
And laugh at your disbelief.

Give me all your foolish dreams.
And with effortless, mocking sighs,
I'll return them to you so twisted,
You just won't believe your eyes.
1.1k · Jan 2011
deanena tierney Jan 2011
Go ahead and push on me,
Give it your very best.
Push me until I have to bend
In your crazy little test.

But know that I am flexible,
Cos' I've been bent before.
Just when you think I'll crumble,
I will bend a wee bit more.

You've finally met your match, life,
There's no pressure I can't take.
So go right ahead and push on me,
         I will bend...I will not break.
Thanks to a dear friend for assistance with this one! :)
1.1k · Jul 2010
deanena tierney Jul 2010
Naivety is a virtue,
Until you first get burned.
It then becomes your enemy,
A difficult lesson learned.
1.1k · Jul 2010
The Noble Pauper
deanena tierney Jul 2010
Pauper prophet stands amid nobility's raucious crowd.
Beckoned forth, mocked for faith, punishingly proud.

Beams are set, noose is hung, gallant dress is donned.
The noble man, on pedestal, is smugly looking on.

Trumpets hasten allotted time; judgement,error-free.
Noble man; mortal witness, of the paupers' eternity.
1.1k · Aug 2010
Let's Do This Together
deanena tierney Aug 2010
If I were to write our story.
Could others comprehend,
The depth of what I feel for you,
Can you help me tell them, friend?

We shared our poetry together,
And inspired the other along.
Gaining admiration as we went,
Finding somewhere to belong.

You found me in my darkened world,
All huddled on the floor.
You picked me up and dusted me off,
And I was better than before.

You encouraged me when times got rough,
When I felt like giving in,
And you took the broken pieces of me,
and put them together again.

You made me smile from the heart,
After some very long days.
In fact, you made me love you,
In so many, many ways .

No words could ever thank you,
Or ever tell the whole,
Of the passion and the joy that you
Bestow upon my soul.

If I were to write our story.
Could others comprehend,
The depth of what I feel for you,
Can you help me tell them, friend?
1.1k · Mar 2011
For the echoes I have heard.
deanena tierney Mar 2011
On choosing the right perspective,
Of those that were mine alone,
Your heart became irrelevant,
Mine mirrored what I'd shown.
I fostered hope without a home,
And acceptance replaced doubt.
Then I bore myself a revelation,
One of life and of life without.
And whether you were fairydust,
Or of a constellation unknown,
At the end it never mattered,
I still reaped what I had sown.
"Thank you" is just not in order,
In fact, it'd be quite absurd,
To offer you any gratitude,
For the echoes I have heard.
1.1k · May 2015
deanena tierney May 2015
Go ahead... think your smarter,
Than me .. go right ahead.
In fact I did agree with you,
"Your so smart" (pouty lips) is what I said.
And then went on pretending
To be a naïve simple fool,
That was all to my advantage, baby,
Letting you think we were "cool."
But I found the truth behind your lies
And I heard everything you said
Then I pretended I loved you too
While you were in my bed.
But you deemed yourself unworthy
And I'm not some naïve simple fool,
Think yourself smarter all you like
But I'm sending you back to school.
1.1k · Jul 2010
Of Villains There Are Plenty
deanena tierney Jul 2010
Could you be another villain?
Like all the ones before.
'Twas not the initial presentation,
But now I see much more.

The way you always say so little,
About what's going on with you.
Then something strange will slip right out,
And you say, "I thought you knew."

And all of the cell text messages,
That you get throughout the day,
And you turn your phone right over,
So I can't see what they say.

How you never make a comment,
About the nice things that I do.
And you seem to want to hide me,
From your publics' view.

Just what secrets are you keeping?
Something just doesn't feel quite right.
And it's always in the back of mind.
Arms of a villain are holding me tight.
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