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deadhead Mar 19
flower of the ice
blossoming in the winter
petals in the snow
deadhead Apr 28
even if i tried
to compile a list of
reasons of why
i love you, it would last
forever, as you always
find a way to make me
fall deeper in love
with you.
deadhead May 11
listen to the evening rain
merrily tapping
inviting you to come play
the past couple days it's been a but rainy, earlier today i thought that it was the perfect time to be outside <3
deadhead Mar 22
syrup atmosphere
the afternoon air was thick
nearly tangible
deadhead Apr 10
an infinite bouquet
is in my heart
and the flowers,
they are free
to everyone
deadhead Apr 22
this morning i saw
frost laden dandelions
shining in the sun
deadhead Apr 6
we should be planting
seeds of both love and flowers
instead we plant hate
deadhead Apr 14
"Scrutinize and mutinize" he sneered to himself,
watching the others give a close eye to the captain.
deadhead Apr 29
Why wish to be able
to read a mind when it's
much more simpler to
learn to read a face?
deadhead May 18
gently carve your name
into the bark of my heart
wooden permanence
still love you
deadhead May 4
the rain sprinkles down
so that it may bejewel
every blade of grass
deadhead Apr 11
you cannot blame
others for the way you are.
you're the one that's
been creating your
character, after all.
deadhead Apr 28
i want to write
the perfect poem,
one that i can fit
all the words that
my heart wishes
to say, but i have
such a difficult time
trying to decipher
what it is my heart
is really saying
deadhead Apr 20
when we met,
you spoke with
but when you left,
everything you
said sounded like
vague guesses,
you sounded
so unsure.
was i the
cause for that?
my answer would
be as vague as
your leaving,
i'm sure
idk i haven't been able to write anything well recently, my apologies to whomever enjoys my poetry
deadhead Apr 9
they're always
telling me to
"be the best
version of

who's to say
that i'm not
or that
that version
even exists?
deadhead Apr 1
eyes green like clover
full of possibilities
like a sea of green
deadhead May 7
be like the spider
waiting ever so patient
for your time to come
i love spiders, and i honestly think we could learn a thing or two from them :)
deadhead Mar 24
my reality
is based on nothing but lies
by society
deadhead Mar 23
what draws a moth to a flame?
the beauty of light?
a seemingly gentle heat?
deadhead Mar 19
sauntering to the
beat of an unheard rhythm
invisible drum
deadhead Apr 7
the weeping willow
weeps for all eternity
silent in the wind
deadhead May 7
the rain hits the glass,
the sound of nature's drums
bring internal peace
it's raining again :)
deadhead Jun 29
when you're gone
my words don't seem
to make any sense, and
my canvas remains blank
deadhead May 5
modernity 𝘸π˜ͺ𝘭𝘭 fail us
modernity 𝘩𝘒𝘴 failed us?
deadhead Apr 5
How lucky those little
golden flecks must feel,
the ones around your pupils.
I'd give anything to find myself there
in the green seas of your irises.
why are your eyes so captivating 0.0
deadhead Apr 10
everyone watches
the rose begin to blossom
what of the daisies?
deadhead Apr 6
when did the children
fall out of love with the earth
to play with plastic
deadhead Jun 22
And I play your songs
just to remember how
happy we once were

Even if the happiness
has faded, nothing
but lyrics that hurt
deadhead Mar 15
since that grey morning
i cannot wake to your snore
instead, your absence
deadhead Mar 15
i noticed her tears
my first thought was of dew drops
the second was of rain
deadhead Feb 24
I think my problems began
when I found myself in another city
eating a bowl of soggy cereal
in the middle of a zoom meeting
with a beautiful tie-dye
deadhead Apr 11
kaleidoscope thoughts
they reflect and multiply
bright and distorted
deadhead Mar 23
an unbiased touch
so gentle nevertheless
free of prejudice
deadhead Mar 15
the stars were silent
still, not a single one blinked
the light far away
deadhead Mar 19
you made me feel words
words i didn't know existed
i'm ambivalent
deadhead May 10
the sun hides behind the trees
rogue rays beam dark red
they slowly give way for night
deadhead Apr 11
if only the people
could appreciate
the Earth as much
as they appreciate
how many likes or
followers they receive...
deadhead Apr 8
flowers will take root
in all spaces of my heart
eternal blossom
deadhead Apr 9
im not one to hate
but this new society
destroys all i love
deadhead Feb 24
You are like the Earth.
You're undeniably beautiful
and friendly on the outside.
Everyone loves you.
But the deeper you get,
the less people care.
They're afraid of what's
beneath the surface.
And so you were surprised
to find that I wanted to know
your secrets and share
with you my own.
I guess you and I weren't
so different.
deadhead Apr 13
please do not try to
tame this free-spirited heart
it's meant to be wild
deadhead May 4
the wind scatters
the seeds of the dandelion,
in hopes of making
a wish come true
the wind blows the seeds about, creating a delicate blizzard
deadhead May 7
dancing in the air,
i fell in love with the smoke
mysterious shroud
deadhead Apr 27
the watercolor
clouds, they drift across the sky
paint the blue canvas
deadhead Mar 16
the night will remain quiescent
with over-bearing silence
only the dark of night mutters
deadhead Apr 6
i feel like a fraud
or maybe a thief
although no crime
has been committed.
I just always feel so
guilty and uncomfortable.
maybe i'm not a poet,
or any other type of artist.
maybe i'm just someone
that needs somewhere
to put all of their words.
deadhead Mar 26
When did we become
a thumbs up or a like?

At what point did we lose
our own self-worth over
a photo?
deadhead Apr 10
how can you be
afraid of the
spider, whom
wishes nothing
more than to
spin his web?
deadhead Apr 28
be like the ivy
continue to grow and climb
without causing harm
deadhead Apr 30
are the
of the
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