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2.2k · Apr 29
Light and Dark
deadhead Apr 29
I don't consider
light and dark
to be opposites.
They're just the same;
they couldn't exist
without the other.
The light needs the
dark in order to shine,
and the dark needs
the light in order to exist.
1.4k · Mar 26
3:31 pm
deadhead Mar 26
When did we become
a thumbs up or a like?

At what point did we lose
our own self-worth over
a photo?
1.2k · Apr 11
2:34 pm
deadhead Apr 11
if only the people
could appreciate
the Earth as much
as they appreciate
how many likes or
followers they receive...
998 · Apr 10
deadhead Apr 10
when will we stop
worshiping social media,
and begin to take care
of the earth?
971 · Apr 26
Just love, bro
deadhead Apr 26
when you love someone,
that love will never die.
the love simply transfers
to another soul that needs it.
this is why we must love.
the love will never fade away.
914 · Apr 8
2:35 pm
deadhead Apr 8
flowers will take root
in all spaces of my heart
eternal blossom
739 · May 7
Your Words
deadhead May 7
i take your words
like they're seeds
and plant them
in the deepest
parts of my heart
so that they may
take root and with
time, grow into the
beautiful feelings
you had intended
them to be
gosh, you're so dreamy ;3
725 · Mar 4
March 4 - 2021
deadhead Mar 4
A quiet morning
breath visible in the cold
a sky painted blue
685 · Mar 15
1:57 am
deadhead Mar 15
since that grey morning
i cannot wake to your snore
instead, your absence
637 · Apr 11
Yellow Cough Drops
deadhead Apr 11
being younger, i remember
begging mom for the bright
yellow cough drops, thinking
that just because it's not candy
doesn't mean it wouldn't be sweet.
i suppose that's how i felt with you.
that just because you weren't like
everyone else, you might still be sweet.
well, as the saying goes, mother knows best.
the cough drop was bitter, and so were you.
619 · Apr 1
11:27 pm
deadhead Apr 1
eyes green like clover
full of possibilities
like a sea of green
613 · Mar 29
March 2021 - Full Moon
deadhead Mar 29
to the moon above
you bring a smile to my face
brightening my night
608 · Mar 30
8:08 am
deadhead Mar 30
the fence was barbed wire
ensuring imprisonment
a riot soon breaks
607 · Apr 18
Old Dandelion
deadhead Apr 18
old dandelion
close your eyes and make a wish
gently blow the seeds
603 · Apr 16
forest vibes
deadhead Apr 16
we ran barefoot through
thousand year old trees, laughing
breathing the sweet air
581 · Apr 4
7:48 pm
deadhead Apr 4
Your voice reminds me of
a melody from a favorite song.
Only I could listen to it for
eternity and never get tired of it.
520 · Jun 22
1:32 am
deadhead Jun 22
And I play your songs
just to remember how
happy we once were

Even if the happiness
has faded, nothing
but lyrics that hurt
518 · May 10
2:29 pm
deadhead May 10
the sun hides behind the trees
rogue rays beam dark red
they slowly give way for night
509 · Apr 27
3:15 pm
deadhead Apr 27
the watercolor
clouds, they drift across the sky
paint the blue canvas
497 · Mar 1
deadhead Mar 1
even though you're gone
the sun shines its brightest
and the birds still sing
476 · May 1
deadhead May 1
i refuse to bow down to modern policies
all they do is lie and feign their apologies.
promising to protect all we have left
when they're the ones responsible for the theft,
robbing us of our lives all for the "greater cause"
forcing us to abide by the most outrageous of laws.
they try ever so hard to make sure that you fail
and if you somehow make it past, they throw you in jail
you dare to have a voice, and they tear you apart
by trying to crush your spirit and heart.
stealing the land to claim and sell as their own
just so they can replace all of the beauty with silicone.
i can't just stand by and watch this anymore
i'll use my words in a way in which they can't ignore.
i have but one more thing that i want to say, or rather, ask
i could never do this alone, do you suppose you'd be up to the task?
i'm tired of sitting idly by, watching the world be destroyed by my own kind
466 · Apr 28
The Observer
deadhead Apr 28
i sit alone in the night
and listen to the world.
the breeze that just barely
caresses the bark of trees,
making the leaves shiver.
the quiet call of a sleepy dove
echoes faintly, making the feral cat
sneak a look up at the sky
and catching a glimpse of the
cloud-shrouded moon.
i, the observer, also look to the moon
watching the clouds glow with sliver light
listening to the dove coo one last time
443 · Apr 11
8:41 pm
deadhead Apr 11
all i do is think
about you.
but im not
why would i when
i have such a
lovely face to
haunt my thoughts?
405 · Apr 4
6:48 pm
deadhead Apr 4
im happy for you
glad that you got over it
even if i didn't
395 · Apr 28
10:02 pm
deadhead Apr 28
even if i tried
to compile a list of
reasons of why
i love you, it would last
forever, as you always
find a way to make me
fall deeper in love
with you.
391 · Jun 3
4:07 pm
deadhead Jun 3
frozen dew stands still
as if time had not since passed
from early morning
a late piece on spring :)
386 · May 18
10:39 am
deadhead May 18
gently carve your name
into the bark of my heart
wooden permanence
still love you
385 · Apr 5
Love Songs
deadhead Apr 5
i write you love songs
each word carefully written
never to be sang
378 · Mar 19
10:01 pm
deadhead Mar 19
flower of the ice
blossoming in the winter
petals in the snow
367 · Apr 12
9:22 pm
deadhead Apr 12
i will take the
sound of your
and bury it
within my
so that it may
forget how
your words were
364 · Mar 22
6:30 am
deadhead Mar 22
the birds fell silent
metallic whine of siren
screaming tornado
332 · May 4
10:44 pm
deadhead May 4
the rain sprinkles down
so that it may bejewel
every blade of grass
330 · Apr 11
7:51 pm
deadhead Apr 11
i call out your name
into the void of darkness
tripping over the
nothing of this pitch blackness
i awake- my bed empty
327 · Mar 15
7:08 am
deadhead Mar 15
when the sun catches
in your beautiful green eyes
i find myself lost
322 · Apr 10
We Only Have One Earth
deadhead Apr 10
Let's cut down thousands of acres of trees
and force the poor and wounded upon their knees.
Don't forget to throw your trash out into earth
and let new types of pollution be given birth.
We'll continue to overuse all of our remaining soil
and complain about our only earth is beginning to spoil.
It doesn't really matter because we won't be here
after all, because of us, the end is getting more near.
Oh, and we'll never be the one to accept the blame
for the oil spills and for anything that might become aflame.
i'm getting sick of how many people don't care about the state of our only Earth
321 · Apr 22
Wonders of Rain
deadhead Apr 22
why are you downcast
whenever rain starts to pour?
is it not beautiful?
the smell, almost sweet
on the earth, where the grass
looks now bejeweled
and webs between each blade
wears the droplets like pearls.
The bark of trees soften a bit,
and the leaves, like hair, drip
with the residual rain.
Do you not find this beautiful?
Not even the colors in the sky,
somehow mixing oranges and blues
in a way that isn't contrasting.
How I wish the sky was tangible!
312 · Apr 7
11:57 am
deadhead Apr 7
the weeping willow
weeps for all eternity
silent in the wind
310 · Apr 12
Cherry Cough Drops
deadhead Apr 12
being a child, i remember
loving the tangy taste
of cherry cough drops, thinking
it was pretty good for not being candy.
growing up, i started to realize
that they weren't tangy;
they were medicinal, and that to a
child, they might seem sweet because
they don't know any better.
some people say they miss being a kid
so that they didn't know the things
that they know now. But I would
much rather know what I know
and be capable of making my
own choices then to be kept
in the dark like a child.
310 · Mar 3
deadhead Mar 3
I can't help but
search for you
in every crowd
even when i know
you're thousands
of miles away
305 · Mar 23
5:43 pm
deadhead Mar 23
this embrace of mine
will always hold you closely
in my loving arms
288 · Mar 21
Beautiful Torture
deadhead Mar 21
the sound of your voice
echoes in my empty mind
beautiful torture
284 · Mar 16
3:17 pm
deadhead Mar 16
the night will remain quiescent
with over-bearing silence
only the dark of night mutters
283 · Apr 6
deadhead Apr 6
bright dandelions
poking through a field of green
like rays of sunshine
281 · Apr 11
9:15 pm
deadhead Apr 11
when there's darkness,
i pray that your soul
hides itself away, like
a flower does in
the night
270 · Apr 21
8:44 pm
deadhead Apr 21
like a lone spirit
intent on no harm,
i roam the empty,
decrepit halls of
my own mind.
almost labyrinthine,
like ancient catacombs
filled with nothing but
the forgotten and what
could have been, but wasn't
267 · Apr 22
10:17 am
deadhead Apr 22
this morning i saw
frost laden dandelions
shining in the sun
265 · Mar 19
2:26 pm
deadhead Mar 19
you made me feel words
words i didn't know existed
i'm ambivalent
261 · Mar 15
a quiet pond
deadhead Mar 15
a quiet pond waits,
even more still than the night,
to break its surface
256 · Apr 30
4:29 pm
deadhead Apr 30
happiness without a
little sadness is like
the stars trying to shine
in the bright of day
255 · Apr 12
4:12 pm
deadhead Apr 12
i sit and i sit
trying to find
the right words,
not for you but
rather for myself.
i cannot describe
in mere words
what i feel or think.
i lose ambition,
lack the required
motivation to
write what i
want to write.
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