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Darren Apr 2018
Trembling hands grasping bow
Flowers laid on ground below
Candles burnt and tears flow
Balloons in hand, we let them go

Glass remains amongst the tree
Bark stripped back, in memory
Stories shared for all to see
High emotion, running free

The sun descends in golden sky
I feel your presence walking by
Fading son caught my eye
Waving back, he said Good bye

By Darren Wall
Darren Mar 2018
I found this ruin only by chance,
Its hypnotic Ivy, leaves me in a trance,
Hiding the features with its natural lace,
Supporting the wall, as they embrace,

The child inside me, can't help but explore,
Ascending the steps, to the withered old door,
Opening it slowly, interrupting the calm,
Disturbing the peace, like a morning alarm,

Birds fleeting, like the thoughts in my mind,
In awe of it's beauty, I left my troubles behind.
The sun breaking through, the absent gable,
Highlighting a chair, missing its table.

I come to rest in that old wooden chair,
I look up, in the suns aura I stare,
The heavens open as my spirit glides,
Out from my body as I breathe through the sky.

I am drawn to the roadside of an old country lane,
A car hugging a tree, smoke following flame,
A camera recording, from a lifeless grip,
Capturing the tragedy of a summers road trip,

Besides a body, is his newly wed bride,
Her breathing shallow, she looks in his eyes,
Calling his name, for the very last time,
Her spirit leaves, as she is drawn to mine,

Our spirits embrace as we ascend for sky,
As the heavens await the groom....
..and his beautiful bride.
Darren Jan 2018
Upon reflection,
I see the past,
Stained with tears,
On broken glass,

Years of pain,
And near despair,
Kept fragile shards,
Beyond repair,

Mirrored soul,
Shows the cracks,
Historic scars,
Panic Attacks,

Mind resides,
In contemplation,
Picking apart,
The situation,

Finding solace,
In desperation,
Triggered grief,
Upon ones reflection.
Darren Nov 2017
Weeping man
All alone
Reading text
Upon his phone

No eye contact
No face to face
Her distant words
Lacking grace

Flowers dumped
In public vase
Intended ring
Reflects his face

He walks away
To numb the pain
Mixing bourbon
And weak *******

To lap of love
By means of gold
A strangers flesh
He needs to hold

Broken dreams
An empty bed
Missing wallet
Pounding head

Drunken walk
Lacking grace
Finding flowers
In public vase

Weeping man
All alone
Walks the street
Miles from home
Darren Feb 2017
Here stands a man
A shadow of himself
Burdened by guilt
And failing health

Yet on the outside
You would fail to see
The trauma and pain
That resides within me

My apparent smile
Is perceived as joy
A simple disguise
I like to employ

My social disdain
Is seen in reflection
Yet...I masquerade
To avoid your attention

But as time passes by
The cracks, they appear
Leaking my soul
Through a solitary tear

Keeping a distance
Is the only way
To stop the trauma
Releasing today
Darren Dec 2016
Deep in thought
Consumed by fear
I watch them fight
Their own ideas

They speak for me
They speak for them
They speak as though
I’m mute again

My tears run slow
Eyes well with dread
Their sermons preached
As though i’m dead

Yet I am here
My mind’s intact
As they expose
The hairline cracks

Decisions made
They all agree
Awkward eyes
Return to me

Papers passed
My future laid
By union trade

I sit at home
I wait for news
I look online for
Similar views

Breaking down
My body aches
As I endure
Life mistakes


*Showing the inhuman side, when policy and procedure comes out to play
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