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seta Mar 21
My feelings continuously made clear
Obviously you don't hold me dear
For actions speak louder than words
Yet you argue so your words can be heard

The noise I hear is *******
Everything surfacing is just the tip
The iceberg sinking this ship fast
Yet still you say to make it last?

I am not the captain of this boat
Nor do I have a position to gloat
The longer I stay the closer I am to demise
The longer I develop a sense of despise

Yet I feel utterly alone but its better for suffocation
To always feel a social dislocation
Lies told so many times
A truth I cannot find

So whatever web that you weave
I will always try to leave
For why would you stay on a boat that's sinking?
The captain staring without blinking

Is it change that I seem to fear?
Cold uncharted water yet crystal clear
Is the other coldness of being alone?
Is it because of not having a home?

Either way this cannot keep going
To die or leave knowing
That I have done all within me
And in the end treatment is all I need

— The End —