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Sep 2020 · 127
daycrow Sep 2020
yeah, im getting older.
don’t like to dwell on it.
the older we get, the more things change-
it’s true.
just gotta learn to
roll with the punches,
take it and run with it.
haven’t let much faze me, lately;
all these apocalypses have worn me out,
and the more i learn about miracular chemistry,
the more i suspect it’s a molecule.
even the stars get old,
but they don’t dwell on it.
they blow up,
or they fade out.
haha i hope this exudes the right vibes
Sep 2020 · 45
no one cares like i do;
daycrow Sep 2020
can’t remember how it starts,
but no one cares like i do;
the creaks and moans of beasts and bones are familiar songs to me.
some endings aren’t quite right-
a constant war of mosts and leasts-
of downy flakes and city streets-
of wests and easts-
of folded papers and spilled inks-
even the drips don’t drop right
do i like to care?
someone else, just answer for me
Sep 2020 · 63
The Ideals I've Spoken
daycrow Sep 2020
I am a daughter of the desert rain;
Though it comes slow and leaves soon,
I will tarry a little longer.

All this pain and loss has been for my good.
I will never embrace what is to come,
But I promise to bear it well.
if u know what this references props to you. comment below and i'll follow
Sep 2020 · 37
harrison bergeron
daycrow Sep 2020
he bursts from his chains
he opens his eyes
he takes my hands
we leap into the sky
we pause just barely
we float in an embrace
she squares her shoulders
she raises the barrel
she knows what she must do
it cracks like thunder
it throbs like heartache
it brings us back down
have you read harrison bergeron? I read it 6 years ago, but still i remember
Sep 2020 · 33
Who could have known
daycrow Sep 2020
Wasted those days wanting to die
Now I can’t even say goodbye

Spent all those weeks stealing a glance
Wish that instead I’d taken a chance

When the whole world just stops on a dime,
It kinda destroys your sense of time.

Walk down the stairway, wave to a friend,
Don’t even realize that this is the end.
Sep 2020 · 379
one day
daycrow Sep 2020
one day, I’ll tell you it all;
all the times I held your hand,
all the days I rested my head on your shoulder.
I’ll look you in the eye
and tell you all the things you’d say-
I’ll speak the words you spoke to me,
one day.
daycrow Sep 2020
I know a boy who cheated the sun- he says,
"It's easier than it was supposed to be;"
I remember him holding serpents between his fingers, riding waves and running-
   from the children-
with joy in his eyes.
Not sure why my eyes are so haunted- all my
      ghosts are in the past
and as tired as I am today,
nothing will top last February
      or the one before that,
            or the January before that one.

I was never supposed to be older than he was;
            time drips past us like blood, true,
but it's as equal to me as it is to you.
I don't remember him finishing school-
I suppose we have that in common-
But I remember the game he taught me
(even that was a cheat… a game of lies).
I just wish he realized that when he took those days from the sun,
             he was cheating everyone else too.
so cold
Sep 2020 · 36
The Crown
daycrow Sep 2020
Spitting and growling
Teeth bared, eyes wild,
Clawing its way up my throat
This is no circus beast, no pet of a child-
Hear the singing roar!
Hear the triumph in his snarl!
This is a mongrel, nightsbane, shedding paper-feathers
See the crown on her head!
See her avarice eyes!
You can't choke it down forever, coward-
you will succumb to the itch.
guess what this is about lol
Sep 2020 · 66
The Call
daycrow Sep 2020
When the days bleed together and the night feels wrong,
When an infant cries his own lullaby song;
When you swear your hair shouldn't be this long,
That's when you'll know it's time.
When nothing changes but the moon is bright,
And you can't sleep through the entire night;
Not due to peace, but neither to fright,
That's when you'll know it's time.
have you heard it? is it time?
Sep 2020 · 28
daycrow Sep 2020
These are the days I feel the world in me grow-
Not like summer posies-
Not like oak trees-

These are the days I smell the storm on horizons far past-
It leaves a trail-
No, a highway traveled-

These are the days I should be able to write poetry-
But it’s not-
I can’t-
Sep 2020 · 59
the archer
daycrow Sep 2020
there’s a scream in my throat
that wants to echo
so I pull back the bow
but I never let go
Sep 2020 · 38
summer winter fall spring
daycrow Sep 2020
loved to read, yet I always have been ripped from the pages like a blackbird-
fleeing oblivious feet without a second thought
(not because I want to, but because everyone else is; a seed is worth over my life anyways, be it knowledge or not)

but anyways even though i loved to read i can't read
like i used to and i can't read your mind, you need to tell me if you want me to know
and maybe you don't want to know the difference,
but if i told you that i dream of your smile,
and love the sight of your ***** curly blond hair that you comb on a-days (when you have time to let your mother fuss over you, i assume) but on jazz club days you let it fall into rebellious tradition

and if I told you that when I see you walk down the hall something glows in me,
like ripples across the pool on the fourth of july when we both worked the late shift,
(sorry about the basketball, by the way)
and also you scare me more than i would ever admit

and I remember how much longer your fingertips are compared to mine
and I wish you were the one teaching me the bari saxophone, even though you've'nt played it (you stick to tenor most days, which i understand- it has a lovely, clear sound, not like the deep squawk I had produced today) anyways I digress again
if I told you all of that,
i wouldn't
daycrow Sep 2020
I know what freedom is.
I've heard that tune before.
Freedom is shaving your head, and watching your old, glittering self flutter to the floor.
I know what passion is.
I've felt that yearning.
Passion is when you come up for air but keep going even though your lungs are burning.
I know what triumph is.
I've felt it lift me lighter.
Triumph is peaking the final wooded hill, looking down with sudden tears, and tying the tourniquet tighter.
I will not stop today.
Sep 2020 · 30
daycrow Sep 2020
I didn’t realize you were fragile until I saw you on the floor;
Never quite saw the shade of your eyes clearly, but those hollow whites haunt me;
I knew you were cool and collected
             -until you weren't
Wasn’t sure you were broken until I felt the frantic drum of your bird-beating heart between my hands and your chest-
All I knew was what I’d always known, and I was terrified.
They told me I could try again,
But I’d come so far-
             -call me a hero, but I've felt broken since that fever-dream.
I don’t remember quite right.
Made two minutes and twenty-seven seconds last an eternity and a half when I decided to rise,
And- I’m sorry- those shaking spasms started running through me too.
I always try to trap these monumental moments in paper-bound cages and bait them with inky lures, knowing that they’ll elude me anyway, but I doubt I’ll ever forget- I know I won’t forget your empty eyes.
Sep 2020 · 65
daycrow Sep 2020
Cocky grins and
Forgotten tears and lost regrets
Teasing jab
Temper flares
Heart falls down six flights of stairs
Sep 2020 · 45
daycrow Sep 2020
Scribbled lines
Crumpled sheet
Always someone new to meet
Smeared pencil
Broken lead
Desperate to escape your head
Sep 2020 · 43
daycrow Sep 2020
Steely hands
Frozen gaze
You fight the forward march of days
“Don’t take me up,
Don’t seal the door,
I want to see what comes before.”
Sep 2020 · 63
daycrow Sep 2020
empty vessel
broken cup
never again to fill you up
glossy shard
jagged edge
pushed right off the counter ledge
Sep 2020 · 30
I'm just a kid
daycrow Sep 2020
Who is this girl, who whispers spite?
Who lets her words nip and bite?
Why does she hide from the streetlight?
Stay up and run through the night?
Gone are the days when she slept in
(pain stops only to start again)
She wants the world, but where to begin-
All wrong, but still say “alright.”
Sep 2020 · 31
daycrow Sep 2020
The hawkish wren
Flits and nips
Within the fen
Only stops
To start again
only stops
to start again
Sep 2020 · 41
accept it
daycrow Sep 2020
when it rains,
put on a jacket.
when it's dark,
turn on your lights.
when there's pain,
let me check it.
if there's a mark,
we'll know it bites
Sep 2020 · 41
daycrow Sep 2020
Tell me where to go
I'll tell you when to follow
Fly, swallow

By the time I know it
You won't even want
To call
You'll be far away

You'll leave me feeling hollow
Sep 2020 · 172
oh, cyrus
daycrow Sep 2020
oh, cyrus-
i know you never wanted to die.
     are you still in denial?
hades lives two doors down the street,
     and your bones are as cold as lenore's.
it was years ago, cyrus,
that they took you and hid you away.
Are you glad for the change,
     for the progress you've made,
or would you trade it all back for yesterday?
we can't help but look back

If anyone knows any other "oh" names I can use I would love to make this a 3-part series
Sep 2020 · 180
silver fingers, golden toes
daycrow Sep 2020
silver fingers, golden toes
copper wire between my teeth
it shocks, but
i suppose
it itches more,
like tears in your eyes, or dust in your nose
november rises
and though fall is still falling
and desert sands shift slow,
it's getting cold
(and old)
sorry for what i said when i was lonely
Even the shade of my hair changes
Sep 2020 · 164
daycrow Sep 2020
loved to read, yet I always have been ripped from the pages-
choosing oblivious eyes without a second thought
(not because I want to, but because everyone else is)

loved to sing, yet i always have picked the wrong pitch-
picture perfect platter hits concrete with a clatter
(sound waves like thunder, which i’ve always known)

loved to swim, yet the water didn’t use to pull so hard-
phantom voices and familiar tastes right on the edge of my tongue
(these times should be long gone, you know)

loved to talk to you, but we stopped stealing those moments-
i think there’s only so much that i can carry alone
(but then i see what you do, and i can’t help but wonder)

i chose to change, they say, yet i don’t remember when
but perchance it was the world instead, between you and i
(this time has not quite sat well with my soul)
soon. buT noT yeT. I hated watching myself change
Sep 2020 · 358
The Little Candle Girl
daycrow Sep 2020
There was a little candle girl,
made of wax and wick and flame.
She kept her fire just for light,
     but it was fire all the same.
Every time a storm would come,
she would dance out in the rain-
and though she sizzled in the storm,
     every drop was worth the pain.
Being burned has never stopped me before.
Sep 2020 · 235
oh, ryan
daycrow Sep 2020
oh, ryan-
      -you’ve grown so old, but you’re still just the same.
when will you stop shooting stars?
selene shys away at your name,
      and artemis spits in your cup.
they hate you so, ryan,
      but maybe it’s just a part of us.
we pray at night, but we’re creatures of day-
      to act any different wouldn’t be right.
Sep 2020 · 27
daycrow Sep 2020
I’m going back to being a kid
Riding my bike and scuffing my knees
Doin the things that i used to did
Afore I went and got so old

Stompin on ants and runnin from bees,
Kickin rocks and diggin for gold
Suckin on lollies and climbin up trees,
Lookin for toys that my brother hid

Nose always running, but not from the cold
Just how it was, when i was a kid
When movies were boxes and mommas would scold
Riding our bikes and scrapin our knees
abac bcba cacb
Sep 2020 · 150
the clamor
daycrow Sep 2020
we’re alive, but we’re just passing time;
i know one day i’ll face the dawn
firm gaze, head on

we’re speaking now, but no one listens;
the clamor is the only home
i’ve ever known

we’ve slept for years, but no one stirs;
when i wake my throat will ache
but i speak, still

the sun will rise just to set once more;
i’ll risk life to die again
eyes blank, chin high
a prayer for change
Sep 2020 · 45
daycrow Sep 2020
you can cry
here in my arms
and i will dry each tear
and i will whisper in your ear
all the reasons you should try
and i will let you hide away-
if you want to, dear
daycrow Sep 2020
The winter blew in so quickly,
no one had time to say goodbye
to the everlasting summer
that we all wished would die.
And don’t you know, I love the sun,
and don’t you know, I love the rays,
but even I would rather freeze
than live to see more summer days.
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daycrow Sep 2020
We’re going there-
where lips and eyes meet,
between waterfalls and fireflies;
I spin around in circles.

It’s home to you-
might not seem to be,
but the scent of wet grass and sawdust
almost moves you to tears.

You’ll learn it soon-
though you don’t want to,
life is a cycle, and you’ve stopped still.
Move on, but keep it slow.
the people are talking

— The End —