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daycrow Feb 12
there's a problem here that no tangential line can solve
(no tangible line, either);
the line that I walk is a slippery ***** between
two parallel paths, equal yet opposite;
we're divided.
half of us seem to have derived
that our doom is contrived, and that
multiple factors may have no effect on this at all.

each time I listen to this song, i swear i lose a fraction of my life.

between fervent lists and perfect fifths,
and desperate eight note scales.

the other half of us are still striving-
and deriving-
to find the peak of the function, the sum of it all,
the y-intercept, the independent variable
and the absolute value of walking
(disregarding the negative; waking, sleeping, talking)
when, regardless,
mistranslations and misconstructions will leave us wrong in the end.
daycrow Feb 9
when push come to shove,
and hate comes to love,
that's where i'll find you.

as soon as the moon,
and as far as the stars.
that's where you'll be.
daycrow Feb 5
Here's the thing-
there are days when I'm barely alive,
and there are days where can't stand being still.
There are people,
people who I fear, and at the same time
love more and more every day.
Every time it's the same-
I see a little deeper into each pair of eyes,
and I can't get them out of my mind.
If I never say "I love you,"
I'm sorry. Because I do;
even though I'm a stranger,
I'd live for you.
something I just learned about you has me wishing I knew so much more.
daycrow Jan 23
i haven't lost anyone lately
(besides myself)
but still i feel lonely;
can't hold on to used-to-be's,
but it's not that easy.
i was always afraid i'd never change.
so afraid, in fact,
that i didn't realize i was afraid of changing.
indie anthems from 2001 that still slap
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