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daycrow 4d
have you ever eaten stale popcorn?
have you ever smudged perfectly straight pen lines?
reached, and fallen short?
have you ever bruised both of your heels?
(yes, you have; i know.)

have you ever felt the aching pulse of a sunburn?
the one that feels good as it stings,
the one that keeps you warm at night
and dulls the points of life with delirium?

last summer i watched the sun rise every weekday
and came home smelling like sweat and chlorine.
my fingers wrinkled like peach pits, and the wind dried my hair,
sometimes i showered. sometimes i didn't.

i would carry my great-grandmother's quilt to the backyard,
and lay it in the shade of the tree i helped plant;
i would lay in the grass,
and sleep on my face.
i was exhausted. more tired than i'd ever been in my life, it felt like.

was i happy?
i don't know.
but i miss that summer.

have you ever watched or felt the pelt of a storm from afar?
heard the thunder purr?
seen the lightning pounce?
have you seen a deluge mask the horizon?
have you seen the storm brew, and yet pass you by?
(perhaps, perhaps not)

depending on who you asked, it was the end of the world.
in my sleepy town,
we pretended to care;
as the sun set,
we built faces in the sand.
i could barely stay awake after dusk.
(it's harder to appreciate, when you know you have to see the dawn)

do you miss the county fair?
do you miss playing checkers with bottlecaps and sunflower seeds?
do you miss waking up to the radio?
do you miss what used to be,
the same way that i miss the pool and my peach tree?
it carries such a deep melancholy; even when i lived it, it was bittersweet. lord, don't let time take this from me.
daycrow 4d
lately the sunsets have been lingering.
they pool on the mountaintops,
seeping into the clouds like sticky drops
of strawberry lemonade;
they pool at my feet, inviting me to swim.

it's a cruel temptation, if only because
it would be such a sweet sensation.
oh, how i love to swim.
By the thousand roses near Carroll Street,
I feel our eyes can meet, like a moissanite memory.

Let's turn our jokes into dreams,
Oh, what are you doing to me?
I miss you, I miss you so,  
What are you doing to me?

Like the Marie Moonlight, I will lift you
high like the moon White Panda sky,
like prayers of fire, I'll hold you tight.

And when you graduate,
people will cheer your name, my dear, 
 and your name will never fade,
Yet when you come back to fear,
you can take  my hand, and dance,
feel alive once again.

For like the womb of the morning,
whether seventeen troubles or three,
In time the skies will set everything free -
Just like your candle wishes on April week.

And in the summer and your healing hands,  
I'll dance with you like a moissanite memory.
Dedicated to ....
  Feb 18 daycrow
He rose like steam to the milky sky
his breath light and his eyes wide.
Palms upturned like flowers in bloom.
Then he was still, a sack of bones and flesh.
I was furious at the clock, and at the traffic.
At the very fact that the world-
that my world continued without him.
Quite clumsy but I’m working on it
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