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David Bryan Lao Nov 2018
I wrapped my arms around her the way she always loved
And leaned close to her ear and gently whispered these words of mine:

"My love,

Oh how many lovers must have stared at the moon with undying passion,
With fiery love in their hearts, and all those emotions they whispered to her;
And oh how many lovers must have stared at the church with eternity in sight,
Seeing their whole lives before them, together in each other's arms.

How blessed are we then tonight, to be staring at them both;
Full of passion and love for each other,
With the thought of forever in our hearts."
Inspired by a very beautiful view of the moon behind a church belfry
David Bryan Lao Nov 2018
It was in her silent demeanour
On the first night they met
And in his joyful enthusiasm
That revealed his greatest passions

It was in the way she admired how he wrote his poetry
It was in the way he was disappointed
When he learned her heart belonged to someone else

It was there during their first conversations
When they were miles and miles apart
Yet grew closer together anyways
Without a care for distance

It was in how she'd tell him things she could never tell others
Yes, it was in the way she'd bare herself before him
It was in how he'd comfort her with words of courage
It was in the way she caused him to write
Poems for the poorest of souls

It was there during their deep talks
The ones she always loved
The ones he was always happy to do

It was in the way she found comfort in him
And though it was not altogether obvious
It was in the way he also found comfort in her

It was there when she first heard him delivering his poem
And how his mere voice sounded much like poetry
It was there in his momentary question
"Could she possibly like me?"

It was in the way she'd show disgust for other men
Who ran after her own heart
It was in the way he'd shift from giving her advice
To teasing her with those men

It was there during the time she was so angry at him
That she rode off without saying much as a good-bye
But it was out of care because after all
She couldn't bear to lose the man she loved

It was in the way he was surprised by her tantrums
And questioned his place in her life
And yet could never bring himself to leave her
Because this woman was so close to his heart

It was in their quick glances
And sudden smiles
In witty comebacks
And in her apparent embarrassments

It was in the way she made him her diary
And that, without his consent
It was in the way he loved being her diary
It was consented after all!

It was in the way she endlessy ran after him
After every fight, after every misunderstanding
No matter how many times she wanted to give up
She didn't
Because this was the man she loved

It was in the way he fortified his towering walls
But at the face of her
Who would not easily give up
His walls started crumbling down little by little
And he found himself treasuring her
In a way he never thought he could

It was there when she was frustrated at him
Because he was dense enough not to realize
That he was the man she wanted all along

It was there when he finally realized
That her heart did not belong to someone else
It was in his keeping all along!

It was there when he hugged her tight
Because her world was being thrown into chaos
It was there, it was definitely there
When she rested in his arms
When he rested on her shoulder
When two souls so ever intertwined
Found themselves so close to each other
And found peace in the silence
Of the night that surrounded them

They never said it
They spoke not a word
But love was there in everything they did

It was in the littlest things
It was in the tiniest things
Love was

Love was there
Love was there all along.
David Bryan Lao Nov 2018
He was but a traveler
Led by the road of fate
To the most broken of souls
And it was his role
To give warmth
To hearts that have run cold
To give hope
To those who have lost hope
To make people fall in love with life
That they cling to it dearly long after he has gone
Not the one chosen
Not the one you'd settle down with
He was a traveler
He had no home
He was a nomad
He had no permanence
He cannot stay
He must not stay
So let him do the good he can do
Because he might never pass this way again
No one falls in love with a traveler.
David Bryan Lao Oct 2018
She never quite understood how much she meant to him
Perhaps, because he spoke too little while she revealed too much
If only she knew
That for the longest time
No one has gotten so close to his heart
The way she has
If only she knew..
David Bryan Lao Oct 2018
The power I once held in my hands has been scattered throughout the skies

So that this body that once bore the strength of a lion is now a lame deer wishing for respite

Oh strength, won't you find me? Why have you thrown me out of your presence?

Oh rest, won't you heed me? Why have you let me out of your sight?

I find myself lost in this state of having the will but having not the power

For my mind has volition but my body disagrees

I need sleep, I need sleep

I need the peacefulness that only the serene night wind can bring

******* to sleep, ******* to sleep

Thank God for the night wherein my soul finds rest
I need rest.
David Bryan Lao Sep 2018
"Why don't you pursue her?", the moon asked.

"Because", the philosopher replied "she has given pieces of her heart to so many men. Her heart is all over the place."

After a long pause, the philosopher added, "I don't want just a piece. I want it whole."
David Bryan Lao Sep 2018
All I have are words
And the ability to string them up together
To mend the pain and brokenness
Hidden within your soul

All I have are words
And the kindness infused in them
To give warmth to your crying heart
In the midst of a cold, dark world

All I have are words
And the hopeful thoughts they carry
To point you towards the sun
That is sure to rise anew daily

All I have are words
And the love of a friend behind them
To assure your lonely mind
That you are not alone

All I have are words
And they might not seem much
But I can reveal the universe within you
And show that you are so much more

With my words
And the special things that come with them
Dedicated to a friend whose heart has been ripped apart
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