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Oct 2014 · 433
David W Jones Oct 2014
listening to the wind
pushing rain against the glass;
voices crying out to me from
the darkness of my past.

thinking about the time
my heart lost its conviction;
when I was wishing for a cure
to this lonely affliction.

her arrival was unexpected
love at first sight;
she was the dream
that kept me up at night.

our kisses were mingled
with the taste of illusions;
our flesh dripping sweat
from the heat of confusion.

moments of passion led
to a place of discontent;
the fairy tale ended on
the bed of resentment.

our perceptions were lies
extinguishing the light;
her voice became silent
as she disappeared into the night.
Sep 2014 · 363
David W Jones Sep 2014
My spirit held captive,
As I listened to the rain
reflections of an inhabitant
emotions speckled on the pane.

A night of contemplation,
soul-searching restlessness;
tormented by a raven,
reaching the point of emptiness.

Feeling the pull of your memoir
those pages cutting my skin;
your voice is a reservoir
consuming my mind again.

Your name was never forgotten,
your lips have left their mark;
desires twisted and knotted
your presence divisive and dark.

Not sure I want you
Residing in my personal space,
Touching my thoughts,
Removing the mask from my face.

Alone in this domicile,
a choice to reside
away from love that is hostile,
to live the way I decide.
Sep 2014 · 457
David W Jones Sep 2014
The white light
no longer burns brightly;
its adoring heat subsiding with
the evening breeze.

Tales whispered beneath
the setting sun;
sentiments basking in deja vu.

The stars revealing truths
we refused to see.
Reflections of eclectic pieces
torn from serenity.

A haunting chill
along these nerves;
the pale sky exposes
misty memories
touching the forgotten horizon.
Sep 2014 · 678
David W Jones Sep 2014
Another year is subsiding;
I have lost track of time.  
The smell of despair fills the room.

Sleep is nothing but an illusion,
thoughts of "what is" and "what was"
scribbling on the walls.
So many once promised love; there was one
who offered something much deeper.

A beautiful connection,
deeply rooted beneath the surface of affection.  
The word "love" was never spoken;
the sentiment felt beyond measure.

It was my situation that opened my eyes
to reality; the fantasy of hope
angered my soul.

It was my hand that closed the shades
removing the light from view; finding
no comfort in the darkness.

Everyday, since that moment, I have
thought about you; the anonymous vocabulary
sent in a bottle, from time to time.

The occasional glance from the shadows,
watching you from the distance; wishing
you could be with me.
Sep 2014 · 355
The Door
David W Jones Sep 2014
Summer is slipping toward reminiscence.
Moments no longer held tightly.
The days are nothing but mist upon the glass.
The sunlight no longer burns brightly.

Listening to the tides;
the mounting anguish along the shore.
Limitations brought about frustrations;
silently waiting for the knock upon the door.
Aug 2014 · 347
David W Jones Aug 2014
I saw her face again, under a
different circumstance; memories
still lingering within the fragrance.

What we had was but a diversion;
the acquaintance of familiarity
at a fork in the road.

Our attraction was the means
for her mental distraction from
the cuts and abrasions inflicted
by so much broken glass.

The ***** of affection; skin
bleeding from the vulnerability.
My heart believed what
her words conceived.

The autumn breeze became
a deep winter freeze; waiting
for the spring thaw, in silence.
Our connection severed by expectations
the distance to great to overcome.

She turned the other way,
someone new caught her eyes.
Love was the guarantee;
the promise of our demise.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
David W Jones Jul 2014
He stared into the eyes of Persephone
Mesmerized by the reflections concealing
A broken spirit; those beautiful
Blue eyes drawing in his
Struggling soul.

Doubt polluting clean air;
His instinct deceived by
Her notions of favor.

Intimacy shared within their
Conversational delight exposing
His veins, sliced by her
Blades of desire.

She was unresponsive,
Numb to his plasma discharge;
Darkness chased away the light
Night consumed his day.

So much calamity beneath
The surface of serenity.
Absence of closure; misinterpreted
Memory lapses. Broken beginnings
irreparable; shattered petitions
Severing their nerves.

Scent of pain and sorrow
On the sheets; raindrops
Collecting on the glass.
Inhibitions washed away
By drizzling expectations.

He wants to send her a rose,
A small token of hope
In the midst of demons.
Jun 2014 · 356
Perfect Union
David W Jones Jun 2014
The love ink has for paper
seeking that perfect union
like a couple united in matrimony.

The desire paper has for ink
wanting to feel its flow
gliding the curves along its surface.

Ink touches paper
a sensual path of expression
fulfilling a dream.

The virginity of the paper
surrenders unconditionally
to the ink's fullness.

Giving birth
to written words
for the world to see.
May 2014 · 551
David W Jones May 2014
It feels like I died long ago;
Waking to an unwanted revival.
Drenched from a flaming baptism,
Soaked in anguish.

Observing opportunities masquerading as
Angelic delights; the brood
Masking deception with discretion.

My spirit feels the curse rising from the ground;
My body collapses beneath the heavy rain.

Those desires to change the world
Deemed a misdemeanor; my sweet dreams
Cast upon the smoldering coals,
A wasted sacrifice of embers,
Ashes, and vapors.
May 2014 · 599
David W Jones May 2014
Standing along the seashore
holding an urn containing
the ashes of mistakes and regret.

The foamy water crests
beneath my feet as I say farewell
to these cremated memoirs.

Pouring their ashes
into the wind to drift
along the seas.

Making a vow
never to return
this place again.
May 2014 · 272
Starting Over...
David W Jones May 2014
Another night reflecting…

Holding an old pen to calm these
Disgruntled thoughts, spilling on the
Filthy paper; awakened by the emptiness.

Remembering our quiet moments, especially
The casual discussions at midnight about
Nothing and the rain.

Missing the silence
Interrupted by our whispers and the secrets
We kept from the rest of the world.

Crumpling this memoir of disarray; set
Beneath a new lighter to burn
Within the flame.
May 2014 · 490
Bedtime Story
David W Jones May 2014
His heart embraces
Her longing affections
Creating an unspoken narrative
Upon a silent night

Their body language sets
The mood describing
A moment held within
Eternity with slumber
avoided beneath the sheets

Tender cuddle connected
By yearning lips as their
Souls feel time traverse
Along the moonlight with
Heavy anticipation

Midnight whispers carry
A sensual tale between
Two lovers sharing
Romantic anecdotes that
Eclipse fairy tales and
Fantasies granting a
Night of inhibition
Within the bliss
Of their bedtime story
May 2014 · 1.1k
Echoes Along the Glass
David W Jones May 2014
Glimmering morning reflections,
Psychedelic memories along the crystal.
Listening to the melody of a Mourning Warbler;
Echoes from her song
Shatters the callous glass.
Pieces falling like snowflakes
Cutting away the misery.
May 2014 · 445
David W Jones May 2014
Youthful exuberance shattered;
Glittering shards of glass
Beneath a pool of dying wishes
Flowing into the hollows.

Reading the wall’s inscriptions,
Yearning for felicity promised
At the vista’s edge.

Aspirations discarded;
Craving simplicity of bread…
Expectations deserted
In the wake of sudden exodus.
Mar 2014 · 580
Tennessee Honey
David W Jones Mar 2014
Sunlight dying on the
cold horizon; lingering adoration
within sentimental messages
from this blonde ambition.

Those wretched words
caressing my skin.

The bottle of
Tennessee Honey
on the dusty shelf.
The bitter
sweet memories
she left me,
kept on display.
Mar 2014 · 418
Soul Riding Winds
David W Jones Mar 2014
Influences of adversity
Pushing forward
Moving my presence
Towards absurdity
Music absorbing
The reverberation of
Negative thoughts
Ready to close
Weeping eyes and
Let spontaneity take
Control putting this
Reality on hold
Enormous chasms
Expands the distance
Between the seen and
The unseen
No fear
No thoughts
Soul riding winds
To the other side
Mar 2014 · 406
David W Jones Mar 2014
Quiet hour,
laying nestled
beneath imaginations.
Her head resting
upon his memories,
the faint scent of
affection still lingers.
Recalling each frame
that formed their moments,
feeling the sensations
that guided their journey;
touching the pages of adoration
that once told, their story.
Mar 2014 · 425
David W Jones Mar 2014
I yield;
the metronome has lost
it’s pulse.

Too much time vested
in the unending complexity.

Expectations laid the foundation;
the checkered board confounding
our movements.

Maybe we were the wrong players;
maybe I never understood the rules.

Those moments never wasted
because the lessons unabated
revealed the weakness
in my strategy to love you.
Mar 2014 · 573
David W Jones Mar 2014
This beautiful doppelgänger
from a twisted era, arrived
beneath the harvest moon.

Pheromones of fond memories mingling
with the taste of bad dreams;
the breath of life deceiving
death for a minute.

Choosing to stay within
the confines of infatuation;
feasting on imaginations,
savoring the taste of possibilities.

Mortal flesh wounded, again;
those scars from yesterday
reopened by the blistering
kisses of misrepresentation
Mar 2014 · 451
David W Jones Mar 2014
My mind is
The world in a very
Surreal kind of way

Maybe it’s
The smell of
Forgotten rain

The sight of
Dirt washed roads

Maybe it’s
That overcast

Brought on
By Monday
Feb 2014 · 437
David W Jones Feb 2014
Shattered against
The sky
Scattered across
The clouds
Beating tears
Along the pavement
Feb 2014 · 487
David W Jones Feb 2014
The Spring equinox
cresting on the

Hearts and doves
abandoned by the

He was tempted
to contact her
refraining for fear
of his echo...

The night is
becoming shorter...

So many things
they can do
that will remain
forever undone...

No whispers
Just silence...

So many things
they can say
that will remain
forever unspoken...

Eyes closing
bodies falling
into slumber.
Feb 2014 · 643
David W Jones Feb 2014
They awoke on tissue paper
misbegotten feelings exposed
on the fine linen, the taste
of the sun had lost its flavor

Forgotten were the reasons
to remember the beginning;
they failed to connect
the words to their meanings.

The situation so egregious;
Time became too expensive,
It was just a moment
for their convenience.
Feb 2014 · 632
David W Jones Feb 2014
The silver moonlight
it’s after midnight.


Touching her curly hair
The secrets we often share


Conversations now faded
Moments of love quickly dissipated.
Feb 2014 · 818
David W Jones Feb 2014
Adoration is searching for hope within the condensation. Maybe it’s time to say goodbye again; another disappearance from someone who said “I love you,” leaving a troubled soul in the midst of déjà vu. The patterns of time falling like heavy rain, saturating a life with poignant sensations.
Feb 2014 · 425
David W Jones Feb 2014
Waves washing gently
upon the shores;
cloudy printed sky.

I keep thinking
about her toes,
in the sand.

Dawn becoming dusk;
seeing the moonlight
on the sea.

She left me
anticipating our tomorrow,
along her footprints.
Jan 2014 · 969
David W Jones Jan 2014
This young Jamaican
Pressing her heart against my soul
The taste of Patois from her lips
Crushing the salty vexation

The melody of her imagination
Songs of wanting and familiarity
She connected with me from afar
Desire and passion ignited determination

Love born in winter died abruptly
Words echoing sentiments in the wind
She belonged to the moment
Gone before we could ever be
Jan 2014 · 9.2k
First Born
David W Jones Jan 2014
Sunrise towards my mental reflection;
Contemplating where my journey is directed.
Lying in the sweat of broken slumber;
The days are short and unevenly numbered.
Living in the darkness; dying in the light.
Silenced in the morning; tormented in the night.
Tested by devils and beaten by saints;
Waiting for the promise of mercy and grace.
Jan 2014 · 791
Monday Morning
David W Jones Jan 2014
Resting against the bookends
Musky pages and emotions penned
Blurry vision within the morning light
Our dreams have come to an end
Jan 2014 · 658
David W Jones Jan 2014
The waning moon.

Winter breathing frost upon my pillow,
the pain all too familiar, heart beating…shallow.
Lying here, listening to the taps of frozen rain.
Dreams of hope, giving me optimism…feigned.

The morning sun.

I caught of glimpse of my reflection
more like a shadow standing in my direction;
Unrecognizable to me, the weary look of affection.

This day spawned within the night;
dawn becomes the dusk as I remain
in the light.
Jan 2014 · 450
Tears on My Skin
David W Jones Jan 2014
The melody of your voice
hard to hear in the distance
the sound quiets gradually
vanishing into the blowing wind

The image of your body
becomes lost with time
as dusk turns to moonlight
creating faint shadows

The scent of your love
fades like the mist
leaving a dew of tears
on the surface of my skin
Jan 2014 · 828
David W Jones Jan 2014
Six times I recounted
that day, it all
fell from the sky.

Our spirits were once covered
within the wings of angels;
My body burned, from
the touch of eternal light.

Six ways I counted the
Deceptions, hiding behind
her eyes.

Naked, exposed upon the bed of love
She touched my soul with the brand
of a fool. Strength left my body;
Wisdom vacated my mind.

Six days I spent buried
Beneath unholy ground.

Laughter from the halls of Heaven, ridicule
breathing out sweet vapors from the lips of
the Divine. She cast me out of paradise
By a single word.
Jan 2014 · 574
Moth within the Flame
David W Jones Jan 2014
Watching a moth burn
Within the candle’s  flame.

Devils laughing at the fool
Believing in the fairy tale.
Jan 2014 · 746
David W Jones Jan 2014
Lunacy scrapes
The shores
Riding the
Evening tides
Jan 2014 · 729
Wooden Horse
David W Jones Jan 2014
Remain still and…

Touch the wooden horse;
feel the ambiguous notions
of a celebration and a curse.

…take a moment to…

Look upon its predictions;
images of misfortune and pain
in the constellations.

… breathe and…

Seek a wish within a spell cast
on this new moon, to banish
the memories of the past.

…be at ease.
Jan 2014 · 518
David W Jones Jan 2014
I lie awake
In the darkness
Wondering if my thoughts are worth
the penny I was offered.

I lie waiting
For the light
Because I am too tired
To give up.
Dec 2013 · 433
The End?
David W Jones Dec 2013
We craved something different,
we received more of the same.
Our souls reached this beautiful place;
hoping the fates will grant us domain.

Our memoirs fading in the night yet
the stars remember our names.
Emptiness breaks our hearts;
the blood dripping upon the flames.

These moments are deteriorating rapidly;
the hours crumbling from hefty disdain.
Absence of time destroys a promise;
our love is brutally slain.

Maybe, we give in too quickly;
thinking so much will change.
Perhaps, we give up too easily;
believing the end comes with the rain.
Dec 2013 · 1.9k
David W Jones Dec 2013
The end of our journey
on the horizon's center;
the last stop to this asylum
in the midst of winter.

Darlings of destitution painting
****** distractions on the latex;
the essence of ambition covered
within the toxic keepsakes.

Cold doors keeping out
the warmth of affections;
our bodies wrapped tightly
within the canvas of preconceptions.

The thumping of our minds
beneath the crumpling distress;
ideas illuminating our perilous
potential.  ****** beads of sweat falling
into the darkness.

Crazy notions spewing
all over the floor; the
filthy piles of wasted
time is growing.

Insanity within this circle
of trust; our dreams mislead us.
No windows to expose the sun as
we recline towards amnesia.
Goodbye 2013...
Dec 2013 · 777
David W Jones Dec 2013
It’s been four years to the day;
the image of her face barely remains.
Her scent is becoming faint;
the desire to find her is fading away.
Dec 2013 · 649
David W Jones Dec 2013
Time remembers what we have forgotten; those moments feigned a dream, our reality misbegotten.  We said “I love you” when we should have said” I’m lonely without you.”  My god, what were we thinking, impulses of our youth to pledge our demise wearing trinkets. The dos and do nots hanging beneath the expectations; emotions lodged within our throats, choking the communication.  The catastrophes unforeseen, at times expected; the burden to heavy, the pain and fire misdirected. We carry a desire to change; we find it difficult to give up our troubled ways.
Dec 2013 · 934
Passing Away
David W Jones Dec 2013
I stand before the early morning light;
squinting to see the hope
promised on the horizon.

Shadows from the pillars of salt
behind me; a multitude of errors
seeking my attention.

All the fallen stars buried
beneath the wasted wishes;
their tombs unmarked and broken
by good intentions.

The black rose I carried tightly
within my palm has died from the suffocation;
I’m afraid to let it go,
hoping it can be resuscitated.

The stench of stubbornness on my flesh;
our hands no longer touching, our lips
no longer tasting the moments.

Always and forever...
etched in loneliness.
Dec 2013 · 393
Epiphany's Song
David W Jones Dec 2013
I've lost...
The meaning of delightful expression, vocabulary betrays my soul.
The way seemed so obvious, the journey towards the morning sky.
Though it rained everyday, we cared nonetheless;
lost within each other's adoration.

Poetry lied to my heart because
I believed epiphany's song.

I've lost...*
The words to express these sullied emotions;
time ends the way it began with tattered hopes
unraveling at the hem of her dress.
Dec 2013 · 1.3k
David W Jones Dec 2013
Monday morning, I am hoping these unlucky days are coming to an end if not then I hope the fates will grant me a reprieve.  A little over a week until Christmas and I am not ready; I am not accustomed to waiting until the eleventh hour to start and finish shopping but unfortunately situations from the last two-weeks have dictated this plight.  So many things happening internally and externally, I am losing track of time and the opportunities for social engagement.  The emotional scars keep reopening, the drizzle of crimson nightmares providing the scent of allure to my demons; my fears and frustrations clanging upon the anvil in my head.  

The winter solstice is approaching; it will be night soon and the sun is frightened.
Dec 2013 · 387
Two Words
David W Jones Dec 2013
Gentle rain
Falling softly
To the ground
Nature’s tears
Washing its wounds

Father Time
Writes his last words
Recounting his mistakes
From his predecessor

Looking at Mother Nature
Sorrow in his eyes
His last two words
“Forgive Me”

His final embrace
Becomes vapors
Into the distance
Dec 2013 · 866
David W Jones Dec 2013
My life is a story of déjà vu; I sit and review the timeline, the dots along the fading epoch share similarities within the clusters. I draw a line at the points of change and the clusters remain unaltered. No matter where I go; no matter who I am with, my reality is always the same; I wish I could remove the blight that is my hidden curse.   I can’t find my good fountain pen; my blood is losing its circulation. There are dilemmas on the menu, a feast for those who once hungered with ambition. Grinding my teeth in frustration from the disappointments in the room; these expectations gained are those opportunities lost.  So  many wanting so much for so little; history embedded within my skin.  The weather is getting colder but it doesn’t feel like December.
Dec 2013 · 1.4k
David W Jones Dec 2013
unlucky are the days; these
keys no longer open doors.
Pennies exchanged for emotions
on the sleeves.

loyalty poured unevenly;
sitting here forever
bewildered by the simplicity.

questions on the faces;
wind-chapped lips silenced
the song, lyrics removed
to unfamiliar places.

stains on the rug from
the colored wax, indiscreet;
lost imaginations beneath
these feet.
Dec 2013 · 964
David W Jones Dec 2013
The intoxication fades,
we feel the subtle torment
of piercing venality.  
This pain leading us
to fields of unrequited affection;
Despondent emotions drifting
towards the center of night.
We are lost, stumbling
through the void into
these broken plains; those
untended fences damaged
by the force of storms.
Demons in the mist,
Phantoms trampling love;
T'is the nature of the season,
the epilogue of desires.
Dec 2013 · 1.7k
David W Jones Dec 2013
The rooms remain empty:
Voices echo in the halls
from the lips of strangers.

Fairy tales into the night;
thoughts raising my spirit
from beneath its dreams.

Sleep eludes me again;
the new moon marks my heart,
condemning my wayward soul.

Clocks no longer ticking;
extinction hides in darkness
waiting for my eyes…to close.
Nov 2013 · 711
Late November
David W Jones Nov 2013
The crisp chill of a late November evening;
leaves falling on the aging soil as I watch
the sun descend six feet below the horizon.
I stare beyond the astral plane hoping to see her;
my imaginations become infractions against decency.
Our secrets remain in these old pockets despite the demons
standing beside me. The taste of ginger lingers on my lips;
my hand bleeds from the tight grip on a rose that bears her name.
I miss the smell of her skin and the glimmer in her eyes;
I long to see her smile.
Nov 2013 · 868
Silent Night
David W Jones Nov 2013
Darkness cracked by the beam of
my halogen lamp, the glow illuminates
the emptiness within the night.

The blood drips from the ***** of
my fingertip, creating the shape of
a distorted rose on the dusty table.

The tip of my tongue stings
from the poignant taste of acrimony;
the depth of tender thoughts muted.

The words I desperately need remain
hidden within the convolution; speechless,
the silence wreaks havoc on my eardrums.

My pen is dry, the ink evaporated
from the inconsistent flow of diction;
these infatuations longing to touch the paper.

There is nothing so, I quietly wait.
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