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David Sharp Sep 2015
He must
be in song right now?

With drummers, a thousand
for every heart.

Golden angel -
      her roses

keep me
and the devil apart.
I know the pain you feel is deep,
your want from life is simple peace.
And though I cannot guarantee,
please listen closely, as I speak.

Presently you stroll alone,
searching for a hand to hold.
You feel your sorrow in your bones,
in harshest sun, you still feel cold.

Pre - dawn, however, is darkest night
that must be followed by morning light.
I pray you won't give up the fight,
the universe will set things right.

I know at times, it seems unclear
that happiness is always near.
But wholly I believe my dear,
someday soon, you'll find some cheer.
David Sharp Sep 2015
The hole inside myself is perfect,
so perfectly God shaped.

Dusting pain of darkness
   - of heart topped millet cake.
David Sharp Sep 2015
There's hope in your quailing shadow.
Venim gloss your smile.

Unlock the iron from your eyelids.
walk free anger from fury's inner exile.

Your head, a compendium of trouble
and corner-store flat battery fantasy.

The driven and the lonely
breaking up behind your denim sleave.
Tattoo loneliness sadness
David Sharp Sep 2015
You woke me in the night
Told me of vampires and demons
The colossal breath of dragons
Lurid fears you'd one day fight

Heart so beautifully torn
Fresh to the elements in distress
You tender path of bood roses
Between roads of howling thorns

Sing with ****** sensitivity
A warm sugar rush symphony
We are guilty spirited angels
Of flesh filled fantasies

The writhing life from your bones
Peeled and gnawed and devoured
Free from rotten memory
Of detritus filled tombs
David Sharp Sep 2015
Death is darker
than the deepest ocean
that keeps hollow
each wreck

as vengeance sails
the last breath
and the will of man
eternally fails.

— The End —