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There they go again, blathering and blithering

hithering and dithering

whining and pining

snivelling and diviling

jibbing and cribbing

whinging and cringing

mortifying and soul destroying

wailing and assailing

needing and pleading

kneeling and squealing

ringing and singing

shouting and mouthing

weeding and pleading

weeping, weeping, weeping

It is wrecking my head!

'What do you want me to do about it?'

'Go away, Go away, Go away!
'For Gawds sake'
'Go away!'
Veritas, sweet Veritas

your voice has lost it's gravitas

your life has lost it's dignitas

what dark hour gave him accord?

Trump's hands have choked your vocal chord

Disdain his cry, 'Hail Fellow, well met!'

he wants to bludgeon you to death

'look out Veritas!' 'Rouse!' 'Rouse!'

The ****'s bought your old White House
There amongst that blazing pyre

where burning flames are ever higher

our culture  plummets with that spire

Nostradam is set on fire

Burn Cathederal to eternal rest

Europe mourns sad Paris' best

History's eyes must look away

arson and terror will have it's way

not long ago the ****'s tried

with shallow Fascism by it's side

to put to death Democracy's soul

yet  Nostradam Cathederal's bell still tolls

it rings for those like you and me

We must stand our ground for Liberty
My brain has been nationalised
it is no longer my property
designated neural number 23615
in the safeguard and armoury of the State

I have received my white noise injection
my chemical imbalance rebalanced
oxygen intake calibrated for maximum efficiency
deprogrammed and reprogrammed

I am ready to serve my State
this body conditioned to carry government property
identity not permitted
society inclusion revoked

my name is brain
neural number 23615
'Where is your ***** now?!
Gunther lay low amongst the rats in the trench.
Ignoring the taunts he loaded his karabiner as his heart sank.One round left.
All the ammo was gone. His men dead.
'You ***** **** *******!'
Rising his body and wedging his shoulder into the hard ground,he let loose a burst of gunfire.
A silence settled momentarily.
Gunther looked up as ten grenades dropped from the sky.
No time to cry out. An explosion deafened the landscape.
Amongst the dead a figure lurked.
'Come on Gunther Fokker, you poor *******'
There were the ghosts of his men.
'It is over for us'
'Let us leave this carnage and await our orders'
'Orders! screamed Gunther
'We are dead!'
'Only to the Earth, Gunther!'
'Only to the Earth!'
Forming an orderly line, the ghosts marched into the distance.
Away from the battlefield.
'Sieg Heil!' 'Sieg Heil!'
'Long live the *****!'
Well, well, well, Dimitrious

here you are, your neck in the noose
time is up, poor cooked goose

look now who holds the rope in hand
the drop is deep and dark and

for you, Dimitrious the scourge

did you not scent the danger?
the baby in the manger
the quiet handsome stranger

look how the blade grins

it's appetite whetted

it will starve, Dimitrious

nor will it slake your blood

the fibres of the rope kiss your neck
such tenderness in that sweet embrace
well, well, well, your eyes now well
I can tell
your bulging eyes beg


not today, Dimitrious

let us share our scars beneath the stars
of ****
may the Devil embrace us both
our sins will not purge
nor will you scourge


for the drop is deep
the rope is long
your neck is strong
What is wrong, Dimitrious?

what is wrong?
Hydraulic Harry the pugilist slayer
knelt on one knee and then said a prayer
he begged to survive the gruelling ring
the pommeling punches that made his brain sing

No one was listening and the odds were stacked high
he came out of the fifth round minus one eye
his ears were in tatters and his nose a burst ball
his face was a bloodbath,his legs said it all

Out through the ropes he staggered from ****
the sweat and the tears and the final bell knell
Hydraulic Harry the pugilist slayer
died the same night to an unanswered prayer

Many's the time I look at his gloves
two leathery sweaty ****** red doves
sometimes the air will falter and tarry
to the sounds of the crowds calling 'Hydraulic Harry!'

to the sound of the crowds calling 'Hydraulic Harry!'
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