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David Lauer Jun 2011
I am the only idiot who is so thick that he would think to take a walk
At three in the Monday morning

But I am not alone.
There are others,
Transient beings
Venturing forth into the shadows between the street lamps

No one is here to stay.
We are all travelers.
Where are you going?
From whence do you hail?

Why is there not silence? There is no one conscious here.
My footsteps do not make a sound. But the sounds are there.
Under every streetlamp, the highway sings.
It is an ugly song, but a song that calls one away never the less.

The sailors heard its prettier, younger voice.
Now it has grown old, and its voice is gravely from too many cigarettes
And it strains to keep singing, nothing but a cup of coffee holding it back
From peace.

Now, a dog.
Bashful, quiet, dark, tail held between its legs
Runs out under the streetlamp, beside I, the boy in the trench-coat and fedora
To donate to the national trust

He glances, back, and forth.
He knows I see him, but it don't matter.
We are partners in crime.
I am here, laughing at the world too.

Where are you coming from, friend?
The dog asks me.
No where. I like to think I am going somewhere beautiful, though.
Where are you going, friend? I ask the dog.
Paris, the city of lights. I have heard it is lovely this time of year.
Then godspeed, pooch, for your journey is a long one.
And with a nod, he let loose one more line: You realize you look like a ******, right?
And then he was gone.

Another transient being.
What a funny place
This world is
On Monday morning,
At three AM.

And here I am, heeding the highway's siren song.
David Lauer Jun 2011
The glinting steel,
the bell-guard bright
Beneath the stark fluorescent light
Upon the armor, black and white
The Epees two did wheel

I dance, dart, leading with my unbloodied tip
The battered blade glints and clatters

I grapple with another steel and titanium edge,
Twisting, trampling, fighting

Thirsting for blood, the electric jolt of victory
I wait.

A mistake, an opportunity, an open port
The walls are breached, the banner glows red

And victory cries its piercing song.
Then, A pause.

Prepared again, back into the fray I dart
Adrenaline rushing through my warm, glinting steel

A catch, a crunch, a splitting sword
My upper half flies, spinning, across the battlefield.

Flashing back, battles won and lost  
Then cold silence

He who lives by the sword dies by the sword.
And the brightest flame burns half as long.
David Lauer Jun 2011
Six AM, on my feet and staggering. Eight AM, I'm on a poetry binge again.
You know, I've got no sleep and my words ain't deep but I've got so many dreams.
David Lauer Jun 2011
Hazelnut hair over hazel eyes
Listening to my funny lies
For all I know, the Egyptian Helen looked just so
Smarter than the girl in the library, I know
David Lauer Jun 2011
Fate isn't a rock, or even a path.
Fate moves in eddies, currents, and tides.
Some you must embrace, and some you must fight.
Of course, they all look exactly the same.
David Lauer Jun 2011
The clouds are slowly parting
Dew is in your eyes
Leaves are slowly falling
As summer's peeping dies

School begins, children learn of arts
And freedom gives a little cry
But roses live forever in our hearts
And lilacs never die

In the minds eye

We are soaring over the city
We cut through the air as a knife
Brave, bold, quick and witty
This is the springtime of our life.
David Lauer Jun 2011
Two lips are as two lips do
One is one plus one is two
Two minds mean four lips
One plus one is one eclipse

An eclipse is an astronomical event that occurs when one celestial object moves into the shadow of another.

Two heavenly bodies
Orbiting a yellow dwarf
I am but a satellite
To your world

Plunged into stellar darkness
As you cross my path
Eclipsed by you, bright planet
Planet of millions of beautiful things.
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