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Aug 14 · 31
Dave Williams Aug 14
don't mistake my kindness for weakness
and please don't take me for granted
you'll know the difference
accept nothing less than what you see
you see
we all have a burden
and sometimes we could all do with a br ea..k ..
someone to talk to
someone who'll listen
it makes all the difference
between being taken for granted
and being that kind of weak

you're never alone
but you don't always know it
i know how you feel
but you don't always show it
Aug 9 · 13
the last time anyone
shone through my soul
it burnt

the last time i trusted anyone
and shone a light through their soul
i learnt

to be careful
and wary
and think twice
about doing that again
because it hurt
Aug 9 · 22
civil war
congregations of people rock up
and tell you they're all out of L..
hundreds of people
lovely to see you
hey, how you doing, whassup!

i never really know what to say
because nobody ever gives a F..
hundreds of sinners
loads of beginners
hey, how you doing, okay!

rynard was right, when he told me that night
when there's nothing to say, there's no need to say it
when there's nothing to give, don't give it away
keep it for that rainy day

when pessimists are living with you
and tell you that everything S..
hundreds of reasons
so much malfeasance
hey, how you doing, schweet bru!

i don't want to start up a fight
but please can i borrow a few B..
until i recover
i'll go find another
hey, how you doing, alright!

christine was right, she showed me last night
when there's nothing to say, there's no need to say it
when there's something to give, don't run away
don't ever let it drain away

what i can't do is negotiate peace
when i feel like the cause of the war
i'm not going to do it, capiche?
i don't wanna do this anymore

because my home is sacred, as all are
fragile at best, as we all are
sensitive, even as we all tend to be
my home is an extension of me

so please respect it
don't turn my home into a turf war, it will get loud and nasty and ugly, and i'm not going through this again
Aug 5 · 75
i sometimes feel like i'm a bit too sweet
that enacts in everyone the 'go away' effect
though i'm shy
and indiscreet
and tasty? i think

but these days i feel like i'm a marshmallow
that enacts in some of us the 'hey' effect
good to meet you
melts on your tongue
doesn't it? i think

and the more you let it melt away
the lonelier it felt, and today
was exactly that rapport
so when can i get some more
Jul 20 · 25
Dave Williams Jul 20
in another time i might have been a superhero
and someone else would be called the heroine
we could have watched a movie called less than zero
i mean who does that right
no, wait... cut cut cut cut, let's try that again

oh thank you daveman, you saved us
(she says with a grin)
oh thank you
(she winks)
you're pretty hot
(she thinks)
there's danger, let's ****

and then i woke up
Jul 19 · 34
Dave Williams Jul 19
of course he's a leader
people follow him
whether he does it well enough
depends on where you are

it could be behind him
it could be in front of him
it could be the other side of the planet
who knows

there are people that teach
and there are people that do
the quality of a leader depends entirely on you
leadership is earned, not given, never forget that
Jul 18 · 23
Dave Williams Jul 18
time is a thing and it's useful
instead it becomes an excuse
a tree as a thing can be fruitful
everything down to the root
scars are a thing and they whisper
secrets from under the whisp
i always try to be truthful
but it gets in the way of my youth

some scars are severe
some indelibly permanent
some can be dangerously near

but what happened that year
has been pretty persistent
and yes, i wish you were here

yes, i wish i had nothing to do with it, and i wish i'd never have met you, but that's not true, i followed it through and i'm all for the better, umbrella, the shade from the sun that you shone that left sunburns that scream and cry and shame me for hating and scraping and flaking and breaking and making and hurting and trying to buy my way out of this...

but i can't, because otherwise it wouldn't be a scar, right?
i do miss her #getoveritdave
Jul 17 · 15
state of mind
Dave Williams Jul 17
it used to be a state of mind
but mind the step, excuse the time
it doesn't matter what you find
the passion for the crime

but in the end when it's inept
that depth is where you'll need the time
it doesn't matter why you kept
the rhythm for the rhyme

but what if you were not prepared
and spared the consequence this time
it doesn't matter why you shared
the gristle for the grime

it used to be a state of mind
you'll find it in another time
it doesn't matter if you're that kind
of person, i guess, because
beyond the choke
way past the joke
those choices disappear
as if they were never even here

it doesn't matter what you'll find
this loneliness is so unkind
it used to be a state of mind
and now it's gone
Jun 24 · 162
Dave Williams Jun 24
the reason why i write these silly little poems
is not because you'll read them
oh god no
it's because if you did
at least i'd have something to say
Jun 24 · 35
Dave Williams Jun 24
we see a million things around us
all the time
and sometimes
none of it makes sense

we see a million things around us
second time
but this time
none of it makes sense

fool me once, fool me twice
another time
and every single time
none of it made any sense at all

except that one time
when it did make sense
enough to want to pay attention to it
and there wasn't enough time
Jun 21 · 32
Dave Williams Jun 21
if i was set adrift in a sea of doubt
there'd be no doubt
if i could see

if i were to imagine the drought
there'd be no drought
or famine

but i can't
because i'm .............
wood for the trees
salt for the seas
sympathy for the devil, all that

does me being less me
mean you being more you
or does me being more me
mean you being less you
an arrogant economy
that tries hard to forget you
and it's hard, god it's so hard
to find that delicate ******* balance

between what's right and what's wrong
and where you know you belong
because earth is the place where everyone lives
and everyone learns how to forgive

be it the choices you made
way back in fifth grade
or the people you listen to
while they're hurling resent at you

it's never too late
so why wait
#chickissues #blm
Jun 19 · 19
good idea
Dave Williams Jun 19
suddenly it seems, the seas
remind me of the trees
but then the freeze
that makes me sneeze
another lock against the door

somewhere in my dreams, it seems
behind my selfish screams
that all the greed
behind my need
is always coming back for more

if i am lost then you're alone
you know you're never on your own
as useless as a megaphone
implicitly complicit
like a good idea
on crack
Jun 19 · 29
Dave Williams Jun 19
is a thing
when you least expect it

is a thing
that lets it go

like a dummy
or a pacifier
is a thing
when you never thought you needed it

is a thing
that lets it go

like a shower
or a memory
is a thing
when you hold on to it

what it definitely aint
is a thing
that you'll control
but i'll do my best, at your behest
no, besides
its a thing
i'll let it go
as long as you're still in control
Dec 2019 · 224
Dave Williams Dec 2019
likes to punch you in the face
so you hear it
loud and clear

when you left
after you punched me in the face
made me fear it
clear and present

social media
tends to punch you in the face
when you let it
presently clear

i don't regret a thing
i stand by what i said, i miss you
no matter what you bring try not to punch me in the head

it's not allowed, out loud
Aug 2019 · 101
Dave Williams Aug 2019
i am a suitcase
full of memories
i'm the best thing
you had last year

i am the ketchup
on your french fries
i am the best thing
you had last year

i am the puzzle
to your solution
i am the best thing
you had last year

i am the flashlight
to your darkness
i am the best thing
you had all year

better wake him up
better shake him up
better wake him up
so he can hear

it was only that last time
that last time
that one and only time
you were here

i am the duct tape
sealing all your boxes
i am the best thing
you had all year

i am the usual
minding my own business
i am the best thing
eight long years

better listen now
better listen how
better listen to what you thought
was so severe

it was only that last time
that very last time
that was the only time
you were ever
Apr 2019 · 94
Dave Williams Apr 2019
i give what i can and won't when i can't
watch the reflection bounce off of the slant
i'm not inconspicuous, that much is true
better the devil that's hidden in you

for all of my yearning, my discourse remains
thoroughly, utterly, horribly strange
and so to the skeptic, or he who complains
it isn't too late to arrange

i won't when i can't and i want what i give
because surely that's the best way to live
as loud as i shout, to the deaf and the broken
it will never compare to the day i'd awoken

taken for granted, that sounds about right
deliberately, knowingly doing the same
this and that, ***-for-tat, it'll all be alright
a whisper from somewhere outside of the frame
when there's nobody else to blame
it's your fault
Mar 2019 · 88
Dave Williams Mar 2019
i've made a few mistakes
in my life
but i've seen a lot
and i've learnt a lot
and i've felt enough to know
that forget is better than forgot

i've taken a few chances
in my time
but i've given much
and i've slipped the clutch
and i've sold enough to show
that today is not tonight

but right now, i hope
that when i die
the earth will **** me in
and chew me up another way
so someone else can soak that in
and make it shine another way

as long as i can
as long as i might
i want to do what's right
so it can start again
so i can do it again
i probably should
and i can

but what's right, is it might, is it should've or can't
is it what if, or what for, or what are the chances
is it power, or clever, or getting it on
is it scraping what's left of it off of the lawn
is it legend, or legendary
nobody knows
nobody knows

but whatever happens
i hope to be my best
so that someone else will benefit
yeah, i hope i'll be my best
Feb 2019 · 132
Dave Williams Feb 2019
dark, alone, and wondering
what'll happen to the light
when the sun comes out
Feb 2019 · 111
Dave Williams Feb 2019
are you okay?

yeah, i suppose
i'm in a bit of a state of wth
a state of honest introspection
i'm trying to gather together all of the ends
i need to mend

but actually
i'm in a bit of a state of ***
where did i lose that perfection
i'm trying to convince all of my friends
to what end, i wonder

i wonder where i would've been had i just let it go
i wonder how my secrets are starting to show now
i wonder how so many of you know

i wonder what would've happened had i just stepped up
i wonder what it's like to get out of the snow now
i wonder if i should probably give up

and into that dream
like a breeze, it breathes
Dec 2018 · 185
Dave Williams Dec 2018
it's not real, it's not even close
it doesn't even get to the start
it's not loose
nor elusive
it just doesn't want to be apart
from this
this addictive remiss
it doesn't want to be a part of it
yet it should
be apart, so it should
remind us of what we would miss
just by saying no, just once
let it go beneath the shade
if it wants to serenade
let it, if it wants
if it wants to be free, let it soar
if it wants to be alone, let it
let it be whatever it wants to be
let it see what you saw
and never want to see it again
we entice, and ignore
and sit back while it takes shape
hope, fate, whatever you want
you know what you want but i can't
Dec 2018 · 398
beatpoem v2.0
Dave Williams Dec 2018
round two... FIGHT!

dumm tck-dm dm.. dm dumm
bmm tck-bm dm.. du shakashaka bd..d..d..d..
dumm tck-tck-tck-tck.. dm dumm
bmm tck-bm dm.. dm tika-tika-tika, bdmwe-yo... o

dmmm, bdumm be haa-aaa
shikki (boom boom boom boom boom)

tsk-aaa, bdumm dnene
bdumn dum dum.. bdamn
(bduh, bduh, bduh)
bdum dumm... tsi-a-tsi-a-tsi-a-ka
btsi-a-tsi-a-tsi.. tshhhup
(bduh, bduh, bduh)
bdum dummm wiki-wiki-wiki boom tcka-tchka-tchka...
btsi-a-tsi-a-tsi.. tshhhhh
(bduh, bduh, bduh, bduh)

boom bah bang chk chkachka ting
tsk-tsk... bdubudu-dubudu
boom... tik-tik chkachka ting
chkachka, chkachka...
chka ting
Dec 2018 · 73
Dave Williams Dec 2018
i wish that i was effervescent
the rain would sort that out
i wish i was a pale shade of grey

i wish that i was totally indifferent
to be within and not without
the pain would slowly drain away

and sometimes
i wish i was the canvas
your watercolours wash against
slide beneath the present tense

nothing less, nothing more
score, four, the one thing i adore
openly, decidedly
the wickedness you took from me
the stitcher that you chose to be

oh yes, i'm ready
let it rain down
let it rain
Dec 2018 · 221
Dave Williams Dec 2018
the state of the state
it's a bit of a state
it lies, and it hates
it takes and it takes

gauteng freedom fighters
gauteng freedom fighters
gauteng freedom fighters
boom boom boom boom

on point!

gauteng freedom fighters
gauteng freedom fighters
gauteng freedom fighters
boom boom boom boom

it'll all make sense
in present tense
a ***** is a *****
that got the grade

gauteng freedom fighters
gauteng freedom fighters
freedom fighters wena
boom boom boom boom

ubaba ka duduzane!
Nov 2018 · 193
the quartz
Dave Williams Nov 2018
a message from the past
as azure and astute
as it was back then

it's always been there
as benign and berated
as it was back then

you asked me, so i kept it safe
as amazing and astounding
as it was back then

and it's always been there
as begun and begotten
as it ever was back then

it's a symbol of what everything means to me now
a sneaky, subliminal confirmation of how
you trusted me right from the very beginning
that didn't decide what i thought i'd be bringing
it's something that's closer than ever before
and it's hidden behind an impossible door
so i've worn this thing around my neck
each and every night that i've gone to bed
since i made that re-acquaintance
as if i ever had the patience
or all the gratitude in the world
thank you louise, your energy is a gift to all humanity
Nov 2018 · 71
Dave Williams Nov 2018
i could open up the internet
and find out
a lot about you

and there are a few ways
to do this

i could open up an onion route
and really find out
everything about you

and love you in a million ways
without you never, ever
knowing who i am

i could pretend it never happened
all of this
but you know we won't forget

once scarred, twice shy, and three times complete
this is how i start to trust the ground beneath my feet
Nov 2018 · 68
Dave Williams Nov 2018
it's not final, surely
that's the tragedy
it's not the beginning
or the end
it's not the start
nor the excuse
it's what it is
a hot, smelly mess
a time to reflect
on what we have left
it means something, doesn't it
Nov 2018 · 131
Dave Williams Nov 2018
i heard the voices
in my head
what's wrong with you
what's going on
i don't know
why are you stumbling like that
i dunno
i want
all of this to go away
i want everything to end
but hang on dave
it'll be okay
hang in there, it'll all make sense
let it go, by all means
keep it to yourself
feel as much as you can, whatever
of course it hurts
let it bleed
you're just not ready yet
Nov 2018 · 61
Dave Williams Nov 2018
how many times can you say the word oxygen in one breath?
ha haa, i thought so.
Nov 2018 · 58
Dave Williams Nov 2018
reach for it with both hands
if you can
hold on to it
reach it from both sides

reach it through the storm
when you do
make the most of it
reach between the lines

teach them what you know
if you can
hold on to it
teach them what it means

teach another lesson
when you do
make the most of it
a teacher's what it needs

don't feel left out, you know what it's about
you had me fooled the first time, and i'm out
Oct 2018 · 142
Dave Williams Oct 2018
'why's it so secret?'
i asked
just moments before
she didn't tell me
Oct 2018 · 119
Dave Williams Oct 2018
chasing walls
in the hope that
they'll catch up
is like admitting
that we put them there
in the first place
Oct 2018 · 136
you and i
Dave Williams Oct 2018
it's happened already, we know this, for sure
but nothing solidifies it more concretely
as when i hear you say it to your friends

it happened a year ago, completely, for sure
because when we both started acting discretely
i had already seen two different ends

one in which the path would straighten
and we'd grow the same way, as before
one in which we end up so far apart
that it wouldn't
it might even have healed by now
but i didn't anticipate the third
or the fourth
or the fifth
nor the sixth
the seventh, eleventh
the eighth, the hate
the ninth, not mine
not even yours, surely

because i really care for you, and i don't want you to die
i just want us to be honest about what's left of you and i
Oct 2018 · 58
Dave Williams Oct 2018
i honestly don't know what's worse
to live a life that's devoid of sincerity
or to seriously pretend you're alive

i don't know what its worth, either
to live a life that's bound to prosperity
but how many beans make five?

two beans, a bean and a half, half a bean and a bean
and a toothbrush and a monkey wrench to clean the space between
the first thing that you'll notice about a has-been
is what it's seen
weird **** happens to my head at 4am
Oct 2018 · 86
Dave Williams Oct 2018
now i have a story to tell
because i always wanted to be a writer, and
i didn't worry about it
i watched the world spin past me, and
so i sat quietly in the corner
none of it was making any sense, and
i really wanted to document it
i wanted to figure out what went wrong, and
now it hurts like hell

some things go from bad to worse
and others can only get better
sometimes i wish it had been in reverse
or i'd read it the other way round.
Oct 2018 · 128
Dave Williams Oct 2018
i don't feel a thing
so i shouldn't feel afraid
it's not natural
Oct 2018 · 327
Dave Williams Oct 2018
it's not like i planned this
way back in atlantis
though this is what history preferred

it's not like i wanted
to be taken for granted
it's just what the mystery inferred

it's not circumstantial
or in any way minuscule
it's not like i caught myself out

but if i could be truthful
if just for this mouthful
when you're ready, just give me a shout

if you need a bit more, i'll be here
if you need me to go, i'll be way over there
if you need me to love you
i'm gonna think twice
and i'll listen to reason
no matter the price

but if you keep on pretending
like nothing needs mending
i'll help you swallow that pill

if you want me to be
then let me be free
sure, it'll be superficial

but right now i've got nothing to hide
so you can take someone else for a ride
Oct 2018 · 352
the drop
Dave Williams Oct 2018
i know some things that you don't
and you have some things of mine
i don't know if you remember
where we had even drawn the line

to be fair
to be sure
where do you want to be
because i'm here
and i'm sure
you want to be with me

but your terms are bent
can't even pay the rent
so i'll let you
destroy me
to be sure
to be fair

so right now i'm drawing a line
from now to next september
i'll hang on to what is left of mine
and know there are things that i won't

let go of... oh forget about it, anyway
it seems like it was yesterday
that you saw what i could hide
so you took me for a ride
and i, like a surfer to a sand dune
said okay
Oct 2018 · 59
the same
Dave Williams Oct 2018
stuck inside the same voracious loop
that spins around like laundry
better hang it out to dry, couldn't tell you why
it wouldn't be the same

hanging with the same old group
significant but ******
better pay attention, here begins the lesson
it shouldn't be the same

the extent of my imagination leaves no doubt
whenever you feel the need to shout
i don't mind what you're leaving me without
besides, it's not about

it's not about me, nor them
it's not about the things that could have been
the space between, is this a dream
it's not the same
it's not the same
Oct 2018 · 361
Dave Williams Oct 2018
for once, let me bleed
through the silence and the need
see what i've done wrong
and i concede

i knew you knew it all along
that i'm not supposed to be that strong
but i think i have a seed
and you're wrong
Oct 2018 · 64
Dave Williams Oct 2018
i dream about us both at night
i dreamt about us both, and then
i realise we both were right
i realised we hustled them

i know that we were lock-nut tight
i knew that we were locked, and then
i push against the need to fight
i pushed against them all

if only i had found you in a dream
i wouldn't need
to go to sleep at all
if only i'd convinced them to believe
i wouldn't need
to sleep
Sep 2018 · 133
the call
Dave Williams Sep 2018
the sharp breeze
occurs to me
like memories

the light beams
reflect off of me
like teflon

and suddenly
the part of me
the things i say

the last scene
the end of me
come get some

the same strange, stupid stuff
you know you've done enough
when it stabs you in the back
the baggage
the damage
the call
Sep 2018 · 67
Dave Williams Sep 2018
i am not alone
but i am unique
maybe that's why i feel lonely

then again maybe not
i totally forgot
what we were talking about in the first place
Sep 2018 · 75
and then
Dave Williams Sep 2018
and then she fell silent
and i never heard her again
she said some things, sure
shouted some others
ignored me to the point of near suicide, and then

she crumpled up my dignity
squashed it to bits
took whatever she could
and then
she did it all over again
Sep 2018 · 52
Dave Williams Sep 2018
a fish out of water
what i would give to be
that fish
Sep 2018 · 117
Dave Williams Sep 2018
where do you go when you're full to the brim
back to the beginning, i guess

where do you go when your country doesn't want you
back to where you came from, i guess

where do you go when you're misunderstood
back to the laboratory, i guess

but when those tests have passed
and we all start to change
when it happens so fast
and it all seems so strange
when something so innocent
becomes so deranged
what then

where do you go when you need to confide
i've run out of places to hide
Sep 2018 · 124
Dave Williams Sep 2018
the light that i seek
is not rare
it's just there
and that's precisely why i am drawn to it

the light that i seek
isn't yours
has no cause
and that's precisely what you've exploited

you see, for me, it seems
you've run out of enemies
when in fact you've run out of friends
used up all your hypocracies
tried too hard to make those amends
when nothing needs to be fixed
no more tricks
hate only exists because there's not enough love
nothing is real except death from above

but the light that i seek
isn't here
because you switched it off
when you thought i wouldn't come home

and the more that i stare
at the fear
the darker it is
Aug 2018 · 217
Dave Williams Aug 2018
i feel
i feel drained, should i
i feel empty, tired and used

i'm real
i'm really fed up, should i
i'm really not very good at this

i think
i think you love me, should i
i think you're the hole in the sink

and as much as i keep filling it up
you just keep on pulling the plug
let it get to the brim, please

you say i spend my time living it up
but i think there's more under the rug
let's get to the rub, please

let me find my own way
and i can help you with yours

because nature has a funny way of helping those who help themselves, in and of itself, myself

and i think that nature has a means to an identity, the wealth, the stealth, the self

i need to be me before i can ever be a part of you.
thanks kerry
Aug 2018 · 242
Dave Williams Aug 2018
it's me
i miisss yookuouoso muruch i dontnowottodoabouutitit
iim acaar fulll of ******, a shipp ffull of sssailas
a ccsamp fullof boyscouutss

it's you
twiddledy-twiddly-twiddle the kknob
pussshing thhe buutons, fiftyytwo, fourtythree, tennn-hup
a maggneticpo leto my compasss

it's us
qmdkksjdjjaiekmkrrrrfkfk, nsdjndf
kkksksiashiuyiddrirttranoth erone, go on, doit
do it aagin, ynotit works dunnitit

it's ours
and from over here it loooks likke
we'll never get tto do it evva again, unnless
itl earns anoth erlanguage
thhatw ebothu ndusttaaaand
Jul 2018 · 363
stop it
Dave Williams Jul 2018
oh please make it stop

if you say you're leaving, leave
if you say you're staying, there are rules
if you say you're going, go
if you say you're not going anywhere, then okay

just stop being ****
and stop with the guilt trips
and stop with those lips
and stop with the blaming
and stop the complaining
and stop making me want you
just stop it

i miss you way too much
for you to still be here
so if you're going to stay
please behave
Jul 2018 · 97
Dave Williams Jul 2018
caught up in the mesh it
still couldn't unleash it

alive and in the flesh it
still couldn't punish it

try hard to be selfish it
still wouldn't finish it

if i had been boorish it
still wouldn't accomplish it

looking at it in anguish it
still doesn't banish it

through the tip of an airbrush it
still can't admonish it

if i could wish it
i'd dish it
then swish it
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