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Dave Bosworth Jul 22
To whom it may return,
I know you as the man who learned me better than myself
I knew you as the tall hero from the back pages
Of a book you lent than I never finished

But that never will diminish
The quiet strength I felt in you
In this zoo,  in this dance under a volcano, there's a temperance
A certain devotion that you
To all that's good, and higher.
Dave Bosworth Jan 31
Wayfaring traveller, downcast and low
Nobody calls, no one says hello
If you have the time, and the time is now
Take a walk around your old hometown

We've been here before, no time's the same
No one to consider, no one to blame
Feel free, and touch the summit
Of self-blasphemy, before you plummit

There's a road I've found
And I've been around
A simple dark truth
You're soul's a house without a roof

Nobody feels any pain, they say
You'll care not what makes men pray
They'd seen you high and sublimely low
All dressed up with nowhere to go

So if you find the same as I
You feel like a ravaged stormy sky
Keep up your faith and the human race
Up from the gutter and into your place
Dave Bosworth Jan 2020
We have to travel
Contemplate another feast
In another town
Or end up gazing at navels
The journey eases by, rushes through us
We sway like bulrushes in the wind
All we know is
Heavy hearts and lighter heads
mingle on the road
Some are looking for gold
Some are careful where they tread
Dave Bosworth Jan 2020
Ah.. .she tilts her head away
To a man he should have become
A shiver down her willowy spine
towards another man
a Someone who wouldn't run
This first guy was into Kinks.
This guy thought he was a joint

Oh just laugh mischievously for once!
chilly out back and a vibrato to his voice ...Fair enough
oh but what she thinks won't last
until her shoulders
Dave Bosworth Jan 2020
Intensifying violence

And a degree of happiness and the writing on the wall

Made from iron but tumbling for a fall

You've not known it was a fairground, this life, a hello,

hell  you've known it all along, were daring to look differently

to a rehearsal. A feeling. A showground for one in a million to tell.
Dave Bosworth Dec 2018
Love is like a country style
Climb over if you dare
Into the next green pasture
Where your heart sent you there
Dave Bosworth Nov 2018
OHh, my Fear, anger’s first cousin twice removed.
don’t know why i bring it up
It won’t bring me any nearer to you.
Your love
Is not a contract
So could we get it on in a messy way
I’ve seen the movies. heard the songs for the heart
Your eyes watch me and it feels like glory
I’m not show-stopping
You’re not appealed to like a court of law
So I’ll hold you tight till you beg for more.
oh we won’t let work get in the way
it’s a ******* joke, anyway
Your mother and your father they had you
Now it’s my turn, cuz I’m mad for you
…..And we feel again…..
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