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A C May 8
I want to be in love
I want to be in love
I want to be lying by their side
and know in the purest most pristine depths
of my heart
that they are in love with me too
I want a love that is without doubt and lack
a love that is worth sacrifice
a love that makes me ooze happiness from my pores
and **** rainbows
a love that's exhausting yet invigorating
a love that makes me want to scream
cause I love them so much
and it feels like a burning in my chest
and its physically uncomfortable
and I think
a love that is authentic will suffice as well
one where I am me
and not the me that I think is socially acceptable
the one that is the least bit presentable
the one that's ugly
hideous, even
I want to be me while i'm in love
and I want them to be them in love with me
I want a love where we're not ashamed or cowardly
a flamboyant love
a bright love
one that is so scintillating you can see it from the stars
give me that love
A C Oct 2019
i love you
like you're my flesh and blood
as if you're my sister
we haven't grown up together
yet i feel like i've known you throughout my entire life
there for me through every breakup
and achievement
i'd do anything for you
and would give you my last if you asked
my best friend
soulmate even
working closely with mother to ensure
i don't do anything detrimental
threatening to beat anybody's ***
if they gave me trouble
and you know I would do it for you
my sun
my heart
my angel
i love you
A C May 2019
people don’t understand how hard it is to live like this
to live with different personalities due to the fact that these diseases get to choose how they want to they want to express themselves .
when they want to ruin my relationship
when they want to hinder me from growing and thriving
when they want to ruin my life
it is not fair
though one thing that these illnesses have taught me is that although they cause me to be broken and battered , i am stronger than anyone who crosses my path because i am alive
and i am surviving
and anyone who feels as if i am horrible because these three consume me
imagine thinking someone is horrible because of a chemical imbalance
an insufficiency of a product that should cause me an abundance of happiness
but in its absence, causes me pain and agony
so before you decide to call someone crazy or insane
really think about the possibility of them being born with something that they do not want and shouldn’t
as it is the reason the wish they weren’t born at all
- anna c.
A C May 2019
i know you feel that pull
to look at your phone
go on social media
and seek validation from people
individuals who you don’t even need it from
to go to that party
so people can see you
enjoying yourself
when it’s just a facade
and you’re struggling internally
it’s inconsequential
a slave to an idea
you’ve found yourself addicted
to this feeling of people wanting you
when in fact its not necessary
these attempts to stay relevant
these cravings for attention
from women and men
who compliment your looks but
don’t even care about your well being
no need for approval from a lover
a significant other
from anyone
let it go
A C Apr 2019
not just a feeling
its a lifestyle
i live to love
its all i wanna do
but loving this
specific person is
the highlight of
my day
i love you
A C Mar 2019
starting the day
be seeing your
is something i’ll
look forward to
A C Mar 2019
the difference between
love and lust
is pretty clear
one is forever
and the other is
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