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Lili Grosserova Aug 2019
She was standing in the same spot
as always.
Not thinking of anything,

She stayed still, eyes open wide
and even
if she wanted to run,
she could not.

There was something with this place.
Something frightening

She saw her eyes through her eyes,
she saw her face through her eyes,
she saw her fear through her eyes.
She could see her soul, through her eyes.

And the longer
she was watching,
the more scared she got.

With every breath
something in her expression

With every breath
was becoming a different person.

She didn’t want to let go
even though she knew,
she’d stand there

and with every second,
she recognised herself less
and more,

more the person
she was hiding
in front of the
Lili Grosserova Nov 2018
I caught a glimpse of sun’s ray
through a darkened sky
thought – flash of hope in gloomy life
Lili Grosserova Nov 2018
VULTURE, circling
on the blood sky,  shot
Dropping dead

— The End —