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9.4k · Jul 2016
Speed of Sound
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
In a field
Turn round and around
Until the sky becomes the earth
Until the wind becomes
The motion to carry a thought
Until love moves at the speed of sound and rests upon a star
And falls on solid ground
With a blanket of the heaven to break its fall
Just wanted to write as I sat on a train and watched a girl spinning in field whilst at play
Looking up at a blue sky I wondered if her emotions had taken her feet off the ground
To all those in love you must feel this every second I know I do
Thank you V
1.8k · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
A beautiful rose grows on a grave
It is cared for by the caring
Watered by heaven
Raised by the sun
Given rest by the Autumn
Reborn by the spring
Under in the rich earth
The life that is just sleeping
Just waiting
Offers life into its roots
1.1k · Jun 2016
Rose - Continued
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
A beautiful rose grows on a grave
It is tendered by the remorseful
Caressed by the breeze
Hidden by the moon
Vivid in flame in summer
Innocent in existence by winter
Under the named stone
The eternal love that rests below
Opens its soul
Offers its heart to the petal
1.0k · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
swimming against the tide today
And if you drown
It's better than drifting forever
983 · Oct 2016
The Ocean
Darrel Weeks Oct 2016
On the Calmest sea
The ocean is a beautiful lady
Clothed in a coat of colours
Golden in the sun
As diamonds shimmer mesmerising
Emotion comes in her waves
Like memories pushing and pulling to the welcoming shore
God willing I will love this day
973 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
We all lie to a beggar
When asked if we have some to spare
If we did not have to spare
Then we too would be beggars
916 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
We watch the thunder in the sky
Listen to the lightenings cry
Feel the rain drops fall like dreams
Tears upon an open stream
Hold onto this moment
While the waves of life passes by
See the sunshine fall away
With hope it sees another day
What a voyage our lives can be
So set out to sea
There is a fantastic place where all your emotions are stored ready to be harvested
860 · Sep 2016
3 am
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
How do you sing a song
At three am
When candlelight monsters dance
And moonlight sunbeams pass
At three am
How do you hear the silence
In the thunder clouds screams
At three am
With a fragrance of desperation
Chimes of broken clocks sound
At three am
The northern factory haunts
The ghost of community laughs
At three am
Someone drinks in the past
Careless and fortuned
I do find that the tired mind opens the door to a world of colour
829 · Mar 2017
Misfortunes of virtue
Darrel Weeks Mar 2017
As a child
Down by the railway sidings
Hidden behind
We watch an ashen man  with a painted *****
The silver could feed us for a week
And she laughs as I cry
In the face of youths first love
The vibrating rail
Is an ode to the loveless love
I thought of an influential writing that outlines the misfortunes of virtue and recalled a time in childhood
We would play amongst freight train lines on a steel mill
Every week an elderly guy would meet a ******* under a bridge and I wondered that at that time the cost of *** outweighed our poverty
783 · Mar 2017
Darrel Weeks Mar 2017
I push my hope up a hill
As light as it may be
Each step feels pain
When it reaches the peak
It falls over the edge
And crashes to the ground
I find it and wipe it down
I push my hope up a hill
As light as it may be
Each step ........
Hope is all we have these days
775 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
Part one

Pull my love with me into the earth
Where all that is heavy is laden in decay
As all thought brings the sleepless sleep
Harvesting nature with words of despair that form the great unread
A hopeless emotion that offers no function

Part two

Do we exist as a definition of existence
Is this existence the gift of life
Or Is it our place to challenge that this is the will of God
As if life is of man without God
If I am pulled underground
Then there will be no light
I am darker than I can imagine
764 · Sep 2016
Band-Aid Heart
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
There has always been you
There has always been me
There has always been us

Every smile is
Every tear is hidden behind a Band-Aid heart
for our son
What they do out of duty we do out of love
764 · Jun 2016
The Fire Will Burn
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Despair in sadness has no limit
Passing away is like the passing of time
An inexorable ticking clock
I wait by its door
For you to open my fettered soul  

My love was born from you
The fire will burn forever
I see you in the eyes of my children
My feet are firm from your strength
My heart is broken by your loss

I struggle to concentrate on memories
Search my heart for times to retell
But I find them closed
Until fate by chance hands me a feeling
And they flood over me and
Cover me with love

I know that we will be together forever
Dedicated to my father if he knew how much it hurts his heart would be broken also
RIP. 18/06/15
757 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
Take this boy
Holes in his shoes
Holes in his clothes
Hand me down rags

Greed turned this boy to man

Take this man
Gold in his hands
Diamonds in his hair
Destruction in his soul

Death turned this man to ashes

Take these ashes
Fluid on a wind
Lost without all
Nothing that will be missed

Time turned these ashes to memory

Memory of a boy
Hope reflects upon his ***** face
corruption cleans the dirt
And leaves the monster
712 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
I offer you a prayer
You offer me a shoulder to rest
A God that creates
A love that sustains
Your soul a garden of peace

You allow me the sight
To see through temptation
To a life in your image
And project your love to all I meet
On my journey endless
We all have to offer to receive
710 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Take the bad thoughts inside your head
Release them without a second glance
Replace them with love
Give your soul light
Smile at all around you
Pray for life it's the gift that gives not takes
705 · Jul 2016
Offer a prayer
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
la vie est un cadeau offert  par le ciel
Accepte par nous tous
Emporte par si peu
La haine est le plus grand mal de l'humanite
Offerz  une priere
Life is a gift offered by heaven
Accepted by us all
Taken away by so few
Hatred is the biggest evil of mankind
Offer a prayer

I beg you to spend a minute in silence for the lives lost yesterday in Nice
Humanity sheds another tear
704 · Aug 2016
Darrel Weeks Aug 2016
Open the door into an avenue
Where words are formed
And fall onto the page
Black is the ink
That scars the writing
Facile is the thought
That is sent to offer
Stalled  is the sentence
All is not first in thought
Supercilious is the adjective
That threatens the poems simplicity

I write in the dark
I write in the light
A search for a synthetic twilight
We all struggle to complicate life
Darrel Weeks Oct 2016
Of beauty is the Spring
It's vivid colours born from the rich earth
Its nature is a tale of rebirth
There is a hint of heaven in its hands
Look at its vilified pleasure
Never by her own design
Spring is the only prayer offered by god as love

Clouds gather cotton candy
Where we walk a carpet of yellow blue and red
Now the pleasure is within the bud
Gathering the fruit it will burst it's coat
Feed the world with its offering
Gone is the darkest of days
There is no longer a need to hide in the shadows

The empty time that moves autumn to spring
Is a fading memory always
Often the distractions have no meaning
The careful child like hue
Is a walk along a cherry tree path
Where the congregation of angels stand
A celebration of the wild and the new

Mother nature weeps tears of laughter
As she offers what was hidden
To the days of the warming breeze
Will the flowers replace her heart
You have to build the wall to see the light when cracks appear
Spring nature seasons rebirth love
669 · Sep 2016
The march of the Dreamers
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
Can you hear the march of the Dreamers
Pressing gold into the hands of beggars
Seething sexless passion
They say with a closed tooth smile
My shout is the loudest thunder
Yours the sound of a stone in a tin can

Can you hear the march of the Dreamers
A storm in the palm of our hands
The waves crashing down the memories
Washing away the pleasure street
That held the seams together
We once loved ?
We all have to embrace the destruction of our dreams
661 · Jun 2016
Dolos & Apate
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Untruths and illusion we two are
You bestow on us how you want it to be
So We will give the perception that you are
And take your soul so we are three

We buy the heart with a broken coin
Offer a dream where else belongs
A lie is a truth when deceit Is born
When we are gone you sing a hollow song
651 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
Raindrops race down the pane
Some busy and breathless
Some slow and thoughtful
All equal in size shape and beauty
I reflect as we all reflect
Distorted by the moon light
The darkness makes me appear lost
The face has no smile no emotion
Just a knowing
That the rain will stop
It always does
We live closer to the earth never to the heavens
649 · Jun 2017
Darrel Weeks Jun 2017
It's taken eternity
To write with warmth on cold paper
All the love that is taken
We can't  pretend to have given back
Love and loss
648 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Can we find it in our hearts
To help the victims of the world
If we all cry one tear
And offer it to mankind
There will be no thirst again
Thoughts are lost in closed minds
Thoughts are lost in closed minds
We have enough in the western world to offer help to the victims of this world
Just offer one prayer before you close your eyes
630 · Mar 2017
This England
Darrel Weeks Mar 2017
This England rises an falls
It is the way of the reddest rose
To offer its unfortunate beauty
And whither and die
It's funeral is diarised
Voices raised in joy
Are tears against broken dreams
Are we laughing ?
Are you laughing ?
Darrel Weeks Oct 2016
Frustration is the winter
It's Darkness  felt whilst canopy trees twinkle light
Its nature is bare and clinical
There is no trace of the decay
Her words in the frost
Never by the impression as footprints hold
Winter has love but the wrong way around

The children rush to see lights
A twinkle for the whitest snow
Now the pleasure is insurmountable
They feel for presents
Under the symbolic greenery
The warmth in our soul we will hold
Under the next it becomes a life endless in design

Dreams are technicolor
The season is silvered satin
Often the distractions have no meaning
The wind is the fortune of the dream
If forever February weeps
Saying this is my swan song for the days that have gone ?
Another year to pass

Mother nature admires
To offer a dreamlike castle of ice
Progression to the days of rebirth
Will be a warming breath on cold fingers
You have to build the wall to see the light when cracks appear
A child of December is winter.
Keep winter in our hearts
To fear is to  lose a quarter of life
616 · Apr 2017
Darrel Weeks Apr 2017
Open your hands
Where there could be dust
There could be diamonds
If there could be a Nirvana
550 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Through our lives
We clamber up the mountain
All we have been stands behind us
All we are to be above
When we reach the summit we learn
the climb is struggle
The ascent into heaven is the reward
550 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
We are a part of everything
And everything is a part of us
Don't sleep
Just dream
Close your eyes when you kiss
Can you see that we are all the same
One drop of heavens beauty
550 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
The ones that hate
Dig a hole deep and deeper
One day they will need us
But we won't be able to reach
Hatred is isolation
544 · Mar 2017
This dying moment
Darrel Weeks Mar 2017
These eyes can hear the waves
These ears can see this reflection
I hope you dream sweet dreams
The moments where we let in life
Every breath is the last ?
Inside is a life breaking
511 · Sep 2016
The last lavender of summer
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
This burning golden sun
Will move its haze to the south
Your cherry covered dress
Pressed among the years hidden in the wardrobe
Flesh warmed in its nakedness
Becomes a covered mystery
Lift your feet from the ground
For the footprints in the snow
Will cool your bare feet
We feel the pending rebirth but it still feels rooms away
Darrel Weeks Oct 2016
Clumsy is the autumn
Often the colours change
As the trees shake and bend to sheds it leaves
And the cool earth accepts their warmth
Her beauty misunderstood
Never by the impression it gives

The earth reclaims it's fruit
Summer has ended with a glance
It stood on proud solid ground
Now the soil is moist with the tears of the morning dew
They are never lovers hand in hand
Just the order of the seasons

Dreams are technicolor not faded
Despair must be the same
Often the distractions have no meaning
The wind is unforgiving
There are hints of warmth in its voice
Saying this is my swan song for the days that have gone

Mother natures fruit falls from its heaven
To offer decay to its rebirth
Progression to the days of frost
Will be a blink in a wind tested eye
You have to build the wall to see the light when cracks appear
I awoke to a frost that at first I did not understand
443 · Jun 2016
Consider & Wonder
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Have you ever wondered
Why a river is pulled towards the sea
But the ocean crashes against the rocks
How the sun smiles
But the moon weeps
How the trees whisper in the breeze
But argue emotion  in the wind

Have you ever considered
How minutes pass us by
But time stands still when in love
Why the tears of angels fall
But in praise voices are raised to heaven
How death is a passing
But is the gift of life reborn
424 · Sep 2016
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
We are all bound by life's great adventure
Put your hand up if you want to get off
Let those who remain ride the rollercoaster
Life is not a token gesture
423 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Move into the light
Leave the ghost in the shadows
For those blinded by darkness
There is no fear in the light
I guess we all fear the dark but feel it is like a noose all hoping that the rope doesn't break
422 · Jun 2016
Eternal Cycle
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Love is an eternal cycle
A delicate balance between ecstasy and despair
An emotion like an ocean
Deep and wild
Dangerous and comforting
Pulling always towards your soul

Love is an eternal cycle
A pendulum that swings between the  lost and the found
A feeling like a summer meadow
Beautiful and colour
Heaven and hell
Pulling always us towards the forever
415 · Sep 2016
Darrel Weeks Sep 2016
I look deeper into the mirror
Hatred is all I see
Perhaps despair also in reflection
So I  resolve to change

To shed this skin
And stand beyond my nakedness in front of you
When we hurt the ones we love. We dig a deeper hole
391 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
I found my love to be asleep
Her eyes tightly closed
Her dreams as far as only she could see
I wondered what wonderful emotion she could see
Though we live a simple existence
Our love is life's great adventure
Love is the meaning of life
390 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Few look up to heaven
To see the Lord in all his beauty
Many look down
And will forever wonder
Darrel Weeks May 2017
Of dreams the summers birth
It's sunshine hazes
Its nature is a dream within a dream
Love smiles in her warmth
Kisses are like raindrops on broken earth
As working hands never heal
Summer is the smile on the face of our crippled being

Amongst the sand dunes we play
Daylight seems endless
Now the pleasure is in the hands of the dreamer
Hell is heaven is hell
Lazy but never lifeless just beating
There but offer to end
There is no longer a need to hide from the showers

As if the full blooms await their passing
Knowingly raised to the cloudless sun
Often the distractions have a meaning
To hold the secret that only uncovers
This music in made for our hidden sexuality
Where the congregation of angels stand
A celebration of the rolling waves of time

Mother nature
As she will put all the broken pieces in a life back together
A hidden smile behind disparity
The future is an endless cycle of death and rebirth
You have to build the wall to see the light when cracks appear
Summer life love
373 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
The Crimson heart bleeds lifeless
Weathered are we all
Torn and fettered
Broken to the faultless bone

The blue sun won't shine
Weathered are we all
Deformed and closed
Hopelessness to the scarred heart

The reddest sea waves the winter
Weathered are we all
Heartless and forbidden
Pleasure unknown informed be not

The colourless hope dreams
Weathered are we all
Crest fallen and lost
Hiding frontier of hatred love

The softest metal bends eternal
Weathered are we all
****** in deification
Screaming with a silence cold

352 · Mar 2017
For sound has colour
Darrel Weeks Mar 2017
The bending trees enclose
Below the vines we kiss my love
Fall back and be caught
My gift is the sunset
Sensual and warming
Yours is the pressing fingers
Into the hand
That created your perfection
For sound has colour
Sing and the voice raised will be divine
348 · Jun 2016
An emotional explosion
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
Your beauty is untouchable
Eyes as blue as the tear
That falls to be caught
Within a web of silk

Your love is unreachable
Unless this heart can be unlocked
An emotional  explosion that's blows
This blinded  man apart  

You have always been this way
342 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
If you don't throw the stone
The pool won't ripple
And if you want a tidal wave look for a bigger stone
And throw it with all your might
338 · Jun 2016
A scented red rose
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
I happen to stumble upon and pick a scented red rose
I travelled homeward aglow with desire
And placed it within the heart of my being
Its presence filled my dreams
It's aroma caressed the foundation of my soul
Until it was no more
Designed to reflect how moments of pure ecstasy can be fleeting
334 · Aug 2017
Darrel Weeks Aug 2017
When your sad I am sad
Feel bad I feel bad
When you smile I smile
Fly away I fly as well
When you dream I dream
Weep I weep in waves
When you think I think
Pause I pause in time
When you touch I touch
Within love I love
When you call the Devil
The only one to hurt my love is me
332 · Jul 2016
Darrel Weeks Jul 2016
When dreams have reason they serve no purpose
When we dream we read another page in life's short story
Without a dream we are what we are
We just don't embrace imagination
When you wake in the morning and have no recollection of a dream
It has reason so no history
328 · Aug 2017
Darrel Weeks Aug 2017
The little hand that pressed its love
It's trust
It's belief
Into the safest of all
Is slipping away to adulthood
For our son
What a wonderful journey our lives can be
328 · Jun 2016
Darrel Weeks Jun 2016
A lipless Crimson clothed kiss matters
A Dead dance with dark disclosure
What will be uncovered in perspective
Basic material removed
Hope in dead smiles
For byn has come
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