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Darlingerode Apr 4
I glorify your misery
It suits you,
You were just skipping rope
And on the count of a hundred
You are so ready to trip.

I wish you all the sadness
It fits you,
You were just shuffling cards
But the joker's eyes are glaring
Now the joke is on you.

I will resent you
That's my revenge,
You can never win my world
And I want to make sure
That it's you who is losing.
Darlingerode Mar 29
I shut my door and wiped my floor
I hear the sound of the wailing horns
The day is gone, the night is cold
I close my eyes, my heart is torn

I open my window
The world is quiet and slow
I bow down my head
Trying to figure out
When will this end?

I scream at the top of my lungs
But my voice is so small
No one can hear a thing
I cannot breathe anymore

I cannot move my feet
Paralyzed and masked
From the truth
With sweat, my body is soaked

I cry my heart out
This could get worse
But how will it heal
I watch the sky, and it was never a lie
This is about how I felt after listening to Heal Our Land sang by Jamie Rivera. I cried my heart out and prayed that this crisis will soon come to an end. Sometimes when I get too busy I forget what is happening to the world and then when look at the news all over the internet, I couldn't contain my sadness. That this thing is really happening and that every day lives have been gone..
Darlingerode Jul 2018
a year ago
you came to my world
and now it's yours too
first sight you loved me in secret
while i stole moments
looking at how you fold
the sleeves of your white shirt
dazzling me with your glasses
and your dark wavy hair
so then we noticed
we started quick glances
had conversations
if had grabbed chances
with words one or two
which were slowly turning to
i love you's
ten months
an amazing journey with you
the ups and downs
we battled through
the distance of the here and there
we don't mind and fear
so do hear this in echoes
you are my one and only
i will always love you
happy 10th baby <3
Darlingerode Jun 2018
when love comes along
you can put it in a song
her words are harmony
and with his voice
it’s a perfect symphony
your hearts beat as one
each stare means something
silently says,
“it’s you that i want”
and whenever your feet bring you
to all sorts of the walks of life
away or apart
that melody in your heart
will always carry you back
to where your soul belongs
where there was never a tragedy
only that perfect symphony
Darlingerode Jun 2018
you’ll cross the bridge
when you get there
meet that new city
like getting to know
a new friend or lover
grab its trendy deli  
a new taste
or quencher of thirst
wander through
its long roads
memorize its end and curves
say your first hi’s and hello’s
leave footprints
on its heart
but wherever your feet
tell you to go
i hope your mind and soul
remind you that
with me
it’s always home
Darlingerode Feb 2018
is it okay
for you
not to

is it okay
for you
not to
my voice

is it okay
for you
not to
see me
to be
the best
for you?

is it okay
for you
if i'll
stop nagging
and being jealous?

is it okay
for you
if i don't
say sorry

is it okay
for you
if i'll just stop
being like me?
Darlingerode Jan 2018
every new year's day
is made for you and me
to share each other's passion
to cherish every
moment of celebration
because to me you are more than
the cheers of a toast
i will fight for you
even if it's from coast to coast
your smiles, i will keep
your laughs, i want to hear
til i fall asleep
when you're lost and scared
i will find you, kiss your worries away
when you make mistakes
i will forgive you quickly
so you never have to say sorry
when you're sad and lonely
i will be your shoulder to cry on
throw you the warmest of hugs
on cold rainy seasons
i will never get tired
of listening to your stories
i will always be here
for you my dear
so here's to new beginnings!
a new year for us
to take new risks
to follow our hearts' desire
to fall in love with you
again and again
come what may.
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