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Jay 12h
Nothing could...
Even if it be something deadly-

biting my tongue,

on my lips,

Venomous snakes
Drooling expectantly,

Fear of defeat
From spiked punch,

Or even from guns
And bombs against my skull,

Chemotherapy, overdose,
Pretty poisons and drowsiness...

Nothing could stop me
From loving you eternally
Jay 17h
You're a lucky penny
In a land full of rust,
A shining sea of glitter
Foaming with iridescence

You're a present to my life
A gift that keeps on giving-
Sometimes good,
Sometimes terrible.

"It's the thought that counts..."
Well I can't think a coherent thought
When your name crosses my mind.
April 9, 2021
I found this poem in my notes app...I literally forgot I wrote it
Jay 17h
To feel yourself falling in love
With somebody over the course of months
Is to realise that you're more kind,
Happier, caring, gentle, and sweet-
A better person in general-
Keeping that person in mind.

No matter what you do,
Nobody else will understand
The way you feel every day,
The bubbliness of your actions,
The air of generosity and dreaminess
In every word you say.

To fall in love with someone
Is to notice you're not alone
And that you're loved and cared for.
It is to notice you matter as well
And to better yourself and others
Through kindness you pour.

To fall deeply in love with someone
Is to fall in love with yourself,
To fall in love with life as a whole,
To fall in love with everything.
Before you even know it,
Love has taken its grand toll.
For Aidan, the first person I've ever felt love like this toward

Thank you for helping me out of the immense depression when I'm not doing too well. You truly have no idea how greatly you've helped me.
Jay 2d
In every class in school,
There is always the quiet kid
Who says nothing,
But stares menacingly.
You cringe when he reaches in his bag,
And you protect when he's called '***'

My class doesn't have a quiet kid.
As I was looking around,
I realised he is I...

I am he.
Jay 2d
Don't worry
These people
They'll die soon-
It's okay-
We all do.
Jay 2d
ten ten ten
of a drug
is not good.
Not enough
to get high
but enough
to die from.
Hundreds of
little pills
fill my mouth
as I drift
Off to sleep.
I could use
these green pills
Jay 3d
Cold Diet Coke
Administered intravenously
Injected into my veins
And fueling my anxiety.
First, it was only a few
Drops to keep me ready,
But now it's full gallons
And even that's not quenching.

People always ask me,
"Why push milligrams and ounces
Of cold Diet Coke?
It'll make you choke.
After time, you'll croak.
You're such a stupid bloke,
Pushing Diet Coke."

To this I have to say that you
Are quite mistaken, sir.
I only do it because I am
Addicted to the tiny bubbles
In my fizzy bloodstream.
I know it's very dangerous,
But I haven't died quite yet.
I might just try some other kind
To fix my upset stomach.

"Zero calorie soda,
Amazing as it is,
Though it tastes delicious to you,
Isn't healthy food.
It's gonna cause an issue.
You're still depressed and blue.
Your face is green in hue."

Again I must say you lie
To steal my fleeting happiness.
I need the drip, drip, dropping through
My swiftly closing arteries.
I don't have much time left,
And I'm at Death's bright doorstep.
I'm taking my final breaths,
And I'm on my deathbed.

I just want to tell you
You made me do this.
It's your fault.
You're to blame.
Yours is the shame.

You outlive yet another son.
You could've saved this one.
My chances are slim to none.
I approach the glistening sun
As the fungus and rot outrun
The weight of death o'er a ton.
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