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Darkheart Apr 2015
It felt so real to lay with you again
It was like a new beginning
The way your lips felt on mine
We we're both winning
There was no turning back
Something that we both believe
The way you said "I love you"
Made me never want to leave
I thought I could live without you
But now I need you more than ever
When you we're sleeping on my chest
I wanted it to last forever
You're hand was in mine
I felt our souls rise above
There's no doubt about it
Your my one true love
Darkheart Apr 2015
Cheated on, lied to, abused
I can't take this ******* anymore
I can't trust anyone
Your the reason I'm lying on the floor
As I breath my final breath
I guess I won't see whats in store
Darkheart Apr 2015
Sometimes I feel like the end is near
People have lost faith in me
And I have lost faith in them
My life is being cut short
As my blood drips to the floor
Darkheart Mar 2015
I promise I won't hurt you
It won't be like before
I know you don't believe me
I left you painfully sore
But I promise I won't hurt you
I just won't not anymore
I won't be like your father
I won't walk through that door
Think of all the memories
Everything we have in store
Darkheart Mar 2015
I want to fuel the fire
That burns passionately in our hearts
I think it will be hard
But it will be worth it when it starts
Your soft hand in mine
As the fire burns brighter
I can see our future
As our grip gets even tighter
Darkheart Mar 2015
My biggest fear
Is that you'll leave me here

I'll be here all alone
My heart would need sewn

Left with all our past
I just don't think I'd last

In a world without you
Because your such a beautiful view
Darkheart Mar 2015
You look so stunning
I'm jealous of him
Your face is pretty as can be
I really hate him
My soul melts when our eyes meet
I can't ******* stand him
We ran away together
*He's jealous of me
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