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Alex B 7d
It has nothing to do with you
Is what I’m planning to say
When you walk over to me
And ask if I’m okay

So I guess I won’t tell you
The truth of it all
If you even come over
Or look my way at all
  Dec 2018 Alex B
queen of hearts
your love runs dry
it always rains
you’re the reason
for my worst days
the blues I choose
the shades of gray
you paint the sky
on my darkest days
I hate you most
but I hate the way
you’re still the sun
on my perfect days
  Dec 2018 Alex B
Sounds like New York,
That noise that comes out,
Out of her mouth,
Sounds like New York

You live across the bridge,
And we meet there each day,
I just need to say,
You sound like New York

We’ll shoot clay pigeons in the dark,
We’ll talk to John Henry,
We’ll watch Submarines,
We’ll share a bag of toffee

Sounds like New York,
Sounds like New York,
Sounds like New York,

She sounds like New York
Alex B Dec 2018
At a Starbucks
Because they’re really all the same
Pausing to take sips,
Spooning straw mountains
Of whipped cream from the cup I asked for
He didn’t fill it all the way
Because whipped cream is a valuable commodity
And I don’t think he liked me that much
Starbucks is the kind of place where you can write a poem with pauses
To drink your nitro
Sip your whipped cream straw
Our cashier was nervous
And had pink hair
  Dec 2018 Alex B
You're a puzzle
a mystery to solve
both confusing and entertaining.
You keep me on my toes
I keep wondering,
whether or not
this is love.
this is
  Dec 2018 Alex B
pull you close
grab my waist
rest my hands
on your face
kiss you slow
close embrace
lift me up
wearing lace
hands will drift
press and trace
melting with
the sweet taste
love on lips
time to waste
you and i
in this place

  Dec 2018 Alex B
If you want my lips
Take them
If you want my hair
Cut it
If you want my heart
Steal it
I’d do anything
Give anything
To make you love me
The way I love you
And if you say you want me too
I’ll be the happiest girl of them all
But only if you mean what you say
And say what you mean
Will I not get upset
Over the simplest of things
Like locks of hair
And diamond rings
Like stolen hearts
And broken wings
You make me feel so much
It hurts
You say you love me
And leave me be
When in reality
All I want is you
To be with me too
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