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The touch of your hand
Causes my pulse to accelerate
I must understand the pleasant
Convulse you generate
Electrifying feeling
I can not describe
You rectify me thrilling
Everything inside
So specially bound
I will never let go
Ineffably found
Now it's time to grow
Dandelions, arugula and kale
It all goes straight to my tail
I scurry around across the ground
Always wearing my thorny crown
Never in the scene but rich with green
High on the scales but oh so keen
I'm usually stuck in a state of nirvana
Just don't get my name wrong call me Iguana
A tear

And hits the page
While I sit here writing
In a horrible rage
The thought of a loss
Some call my lover
I can't call her that
She is everything other
I call out
There is no answer
I'm s l o w l y being suffocated
By an emotional cancer
Where are you in all of this?
Do you ignore my cries
Because I'm not religious?
In life I try
But continue to cry
And sigh
As this love
continues to die
in my heart
I just wish
I could fly

In the blue sky
That some call heaven
In the meantime
I'll have to abide by
And fight through this strife
But God please reply
And acknowledge that
I'm not a bad guy
There's a
Page torn
From my
Did it fly
As a
Paper plane?
Was it crumpled
To be
Thrown away?
Was it
Painted on?
It was used
To write
These very
Words I lay
I'm tired of being sad
I'm sick from all the pain
I know I have it better
Than most people
Around the world
So why must I cry
The same cry
As millions before me
Maybe I just need a hug
From another beating heart
While whispering in my ear
The cliché words
"Everything will be ok"

— The End —