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There are so many places and spaces for truth to be found all around in any particular way so never stop looking for what you may not know is there waiting to discover the honesty of that moment in a sliver of time which will make an elegant memory painted as a picture just in mind for this rainy Winter day.
Neon rainbows light the path down adventure lane
All ready to rumble on this fine Saturday night
Just waiting for the girls to swing through
So we can get ablaze to our vibe'n set right
Till morning light cheerful in this twilight chanting
While disco ***** and chandeliers go round and round
We dance to moonlit songs all hyped on surround sound
With up and down of those happy hands waving glory
To the lightning and kaleidoscopes around the room
Swinging arms to tunes perfect for a Birthday night
Truly there is no such worry
which shall turn your heart
away from this moment
where at present last
we can not find any other truth
but to savor right now and
leave today and tomorrow
a distant thought to be
either forgotten or yet had
so we stay present of mind
and bring calm to those around
for never shall there be
a reason to make all the cards
come tumbling down
instead we find an outlet
to exhaust those troubles
and just let go...
© 2015
You are your own self willing
To flee those neurotic notes of fancy
That never stop breathing-in, light
Which shutter at times to be seen
For sake of compassion to another's
In this cycle ordered out of pride
Only to learn a hard way what left
Beyond the reasonable time
As your ego has it's own way
Of eventually letting go in Spring
Wander of a Summer's night whilst swimming in the energy of neighborhood folk playing at the park in a bathe of warm dusk air,

Nightfall blankets the chatter and laughter of friends a like with whistles fluttering off thy breath to the tune of their pitter patter against the matt of green grass all perfectly groomed...

For soccer matches and picnics, plus the occasional BBQs or to this present moment an evening dog walk, tails wagging.
@2014, for Virginia Avenue Park
The sound of reflection
Brings closer to near
A breath of the breeze
From an ocean so dear

Lost in that moment
Of uncomplicated phase
Were them dreary eyes
Speak forever in shades

Finding emptiness whole
This observation untold
There lost in darkness
Of the wonder it beholds

They tread without haste
Letting the curiosity grow
When words left unsaid
Ignited the lone soul
Feels like an eternity
waiting for this red globe
passing in the night
upon my April day
so full of charm
I feel giddy as fourteen
much wonder in
this mesmerizing energy
worlds apart we are
adventurers in the sky
good bye moon so bright
smile shades my slumber
in sweet memory
of her slow decent.
Thank you, Blood Moon. Dedicated to my wifey.
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