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 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
World with no community
Is like a world with no friends
If we stay on are phones
We will get lost in are own Dimensions
With no real friends
We use Electronics to hide our feelings
But really we do feel pain
Using games to make us
Is this just a way to
Hide your Shame
If we all just text or go online on are phones
And play video games
All we will do is bring Shame
And a lost of reality
To be aware of dangers is to be off our phones
If we don't look on the road ahead
We won't see the car speeding up towards us
The car of reality
I made this for Shut your phone down week in 2017
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
I feel the wind
In my hair
I feel it
Protecting my sense
Of Hope
And my sense of

Feels like I can walk
Without being scared to fall
I stand
Knowing that I won’t fall
I bring my arms out
I take the blows
As if I was the wind itself

The wind has driven me
So I wish to driven others
As the wind has done for me
I made this out of hope and inspiration. It was honestly not my best but none the least a effort I made to inspire others. I hope you guys enjoy ❤️!
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
I am only human
Even though I act so insane
I am still calm
My mind is so complex
All I think about is why
I feel
That which life
Always presents

Do I aim to be on top
Or to aim to provide
Life can only tell
If we live
Or we die

I am only human
How much can you really
All I got to show
Is my state of mind
And my respect
This was a bunch of things I heard before bunched up together. I hope you enjoy❤️!
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
You said pass me the blunt
But I wasn’t done
You told me to hurry
But instead I scurry

Urging to breath
And to release
But always needing some heat

Pass me the light
I need to feel right
Only if I could stop
I would feel alright

But all I did
Was get blazed
Instead saved
Only if I didn’t feel at blame
For me being a mistake
I wouldn’t have
Taught you to forget
By getting your state of mind

Now it’s a bub
Now it may go
But my state of mind will stay high
until there is hope
To help me
I thought about people who do drugs and I hope I didn’t offend anyone with my words; I only made this for people can relate and not feel alone. I hope you enjoy❤️! I love comments so if you have anything to say I would love to see and improve from my mistakes
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
The words that one can say
Can hurt a lot
Even though
The things they say
Shouldn’t have any meaning
At all
But they still hurt like a blade

Not very sharp
But enough to break
A mind
Not very kind
You might not even know why
They hurt you
In so many ways

You could
Tell a adult
As if it will stop
Sometimes it does
Or it may not

You can either stand up
Or Be tough
But you won’t hold up
Because the blows
Are too much

Soon enough you’ll break
As if you was glass
You must not shatter
Because this shall not last
You must move on
Or you won’t last long
You need to be calm  
For you can stay strong  
Don’t let them hold you back
I’m doing a challenge with a friend. She does a Personal poem as I do a concept of life poem. Check out Celest. I hope you enjoy ❤️!!!
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
Back and forward
Forward and back
I feel the sweet down my back
Always sad on one
Always happy on the other

Only in the middle
When nothing is moving
Back and forward
Forward and back

Emotions swing like a bat
The strings is what keeps me going
Hopefully they never snap
I’m being held by a thread
Only a matter of time
Until I’m dead

Back and forward
Forward and back
Soon enough I’ll go too high
Either in front
Or behind
Depends on which side
I swing far
For the rise

Back and Foward
Forward and back
My emotions are a swing
Always moving
In a pattern
Until I’m done
Good bye my swing of life
I Wish you forwell
I’m out of time...
I hoped you all enjoyed ❤️!!!
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
Day becomes night
Night becomes day
I rise
Then fall
My pride is strong
Later I’m self continous
And depressed

I raised my hopes
Instead I’m left with doubts
I can’t resist
The Scales always turn
Right or left
But never twist
So don’t try to twist my life around
Unless you want to make me cry
As you hurt me inside
I made this because my class was learning about mass and weight. I hope you enjoy❤️
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
I'm confused
You could say
I'm in a disarray
Never on track
Always acting wack
I wish I could understand
But sadly
This is out of my hands

Better to be
Than not to be
Wish I could please you
Sadly I don't know how to
Tell you what to do or what to say

I'm no expert coming to your complications
So don't feel like I'm going to help.
You might as well ask the devil for help,
Because I just don't know...
I hope you enjoy...
 Nov 2018 Jack L Martin
Take a step
Either too far forward
Or too far back
Well you could stay in place as well
But who likes that
Maybe it’s  calm and relaxing
But you’re not spinning the wheel
It’s death waiting for it to stop
So stop thinking hard about back then
Or later from now
Just keep going and take a proud look
I hope you enjoy this little piece ❤️
 Oct 2018 Jack L Martin
I'M MAKING nachos in your toaster oven. The chips fall in the pan without a problem. Beans, evenly distributed (if I do say so myself.) Salsa- good to go. Then the cheese. Generic brand shredded cheese blend. I dangle my (washed) fingers into the zip-lock bag, grab a generous pinch and rain mild cheddar down on my gourmet meal. And I feel the tears building. "No," my conscious scolds, "you will not cry over shredded cheese." I add another pinch for flavor, then another to assert dominance. I slide the pan into the tiny oven- triumphant! But the next task breaks me. I freeze when I try to adjust the heat setting. I hear your voice so clearly, like you're still calling from the next room: "you have to press the TOAST button, it cooks much faster."  The tears start to roll. I think about how excited you were when cheese bubbled perfectly- "just a little brown, ever so slightly crispy." We would joke about your persnickety preferences, likely a product of your superior taste. Of course, you would have appreciated anything I made for you, but it was always better when the dish matched the idea in your head...when I made it like you would have made it (if you were only well enough to cook for yourself again.) In the present, I poke the TOAST button and flee the kitchen as to not cry in front of the smothered chips. I sit on the sofa and break down, gasping in childish sobs. "I miss her," I wail to an empty house. Warm tears coat my cheeks in the air-conditioned room. I feel so small. I feel so foolish for crying over stupid, little things. I feel so... so... A bell dings in the kitchen. I wipe my sleeve across my face and traipse back to the toaster. Hand into oven mitt, mitt onto pan, pan onto table. I grab the plastic tubs of sour cream and guacamole from the fridge and a spoon from the drawer that sticks a little when you try to open it. I pick the non-wilted bits off the head of lettuce and rinse them under the faucet. I finish the recipe. I pull out a chair. I sit down to nachos for one.
Grief is such a strange emotion/process.

*Oh my! Thank you all so much for your support! I wrote this back in June when I needed to get it out of my head and had no idea it was chosen as a daily until I just logged back on and thought there was a glitch with my notifications number. I was slightly mortified that a piece of my mourning got exposure but after reading your comments I'm glad that I documented something many of you identified with. I've since journeyed a bit farther in my grief- slowly overcoming my initial instinct of trying to instantaneously analyze every feeling to determine whether I'm "allowed" to have it. I went to a group bereavement meeting offered by the hospital that treated the loved one in this poem and the nurse running the session made a good point- no one can fully understand another person's relationship with an individual who's passed on. Interpersonal relationships are unique and so is grieving. Being gentle with yourself (especially in times of struggle) is woefully underrated. And with that, I send love, gratitude, and positive vibes to this wonderful community
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