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Jan 17 · 49
Understand me.
Daphne Ryan Jan 17
You see me,
A vision,
A perception of who I am,

Perceive me,

Believe me,
I have had worse,
Felt more,
Been deceived more,

A picture is perfect,
Now unpact that,

Wait a minute,
Hold up,

You don’t want no baggage showing up at your doorstep,

Snap back to reality,

I’m looking at this photo of you and so and so,
Do I know you?
Do I care to know?

We all know that so and so,
Got a cup of joe?

Sit back,
Let every story be told,

But this time listen,

Listen to the words that unfold,
The ones that are untold,

Believe me when I say that I see you,
We are all just waiting to be heard,
And understood.
Aug 2019 · 98
All I needed.
Daphne Ryan Aug 2019
I heard their sound,
I felt the ground,
I smelled the sunflowers,
I tasted the coffee,
I touched the cats,

I needed some grounding.
Aug 2019 · 73
Fear within me.
Daphne Ryan Aug 2019
What are you afraid of?
A question,
We should ask ourselves,
Don’t you know?
It is fear,
& fear alone,
That holds us back from most things,

I know it is very likely,
I will let this fear,
Build up inside me,
Without questioning.
Aug 2019 · 393
Daphne Ryan Aug 2019
Calm your spirit,
Acceptance is not so far away,
That’s all I have to say,
For now.
Jun 2019 · 162
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
There isn’t enough room some people will say,
As they do not understand,
Or empathize,
With the life that people have left,

For safety,
For sanctuary,
for hope,
For a life,
Leaving behind death,
They were only destined for,

How can you not believe in the better good for humanity,
Have you lost all touch with humanity,
Have you plead your pledge to declare complete insanity,


I swear by everything I believe in,
That this is most definitely a sin,
Where is the god above?
Declaring this a sin,

Pro life?
Where does this fall into place?
With all of the goodness that should be the human race?

I do not understand,
How safe and sanitary conditions,
Are so hard to understand,

This will only lead to,
Lead to,
Mental illness,

Where is the wellness in this equation,

I seek hope,
I seek justice,
I seek safe and sanitary conditions,

A sanctuary,
For all,

My ancestors,
I didn’t know,
But what I do know,
Is that they came here freely,
To start a new life,

To fulfill their dreams,
Their destinies,
To live a life they only wished for,
Without being turned away,
They were able to stay,
It should always,
Be that way.
Jun 2019 · 266
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
A master of this mad world,
For the flower bloomed on the saddest day,
To offer,
An ounce of desire,
For a happier and more content way,
Of living,
Without a burning fire of hate.
Jun 2019 · 62
A poem of the past.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
A cloud shifts,
The sun shatters,

And your volume hides away,

What would I be?
If you were never set free,
Among the daily rituals,
None possible,

If you were not captured in your prison,

I’d say you control your day,
Do not soar away,
This will not be taken lightly.
Jun 2019 · 516
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
Grazing pastures,
Your color uncovers,
Life under my feet,

Bare it all,
To absorb your special touch,
You stay,
Beneath the open sky,

To create a place.
For creatures,
To roam,
Below the tallest tree,

The ground where you grow,
Sprout up,
Sprout out,
Grow green,

The bottom is not that bad.
Jun 2019 · 60
I see you.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
It’s on you,

Not necessarily,

You are feeling,
You are feeling,

I’m dreaming,
Every dream,
I can dream,

To avoid,
Being scene,

I’m dreaming,
Jun 2019 · 44
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
I do not want anyone peeking through my window,
Where I am seen in plain sight,
Do not come around here,
Wishing you were there,

I will thank you knowing,
I was here,
Fully aware,
Of the person you are,

But excuse me,  
As I ask you to step away from me,

As I’d protect myself fully,
From the nuisance you became for me,

Aware of my spatial surroundings,
I have more respect for myself,
Then you will ever see,

Excuse me,
While I enter my own ecstasy.
Jun 2019 · 64
I miss you.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
When I think of my dad,
I think of Afroman,
his love for all things music and records,
There was blondie,
Beach boys,
Among some of his favorites,

Cassette tapes,
The moments he captured,
Always behind the camera,

He valued life,
Because he got high,
Because he got high,
On bringing joy to others,

I miss him,
I wonder where he is now,
And if he is continuing to pull pranks on others,
And making silly voices,
And singing karaoke,
And being his goofball self,

He’s not here now,
But he is always with me,
I make others laugh,
For him,
I cherish each moment,
For him,

Until we meet again dad
I will always have you with me,
Cause I know your spirit continues to shine.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
I just need to get lost in music more,
The feeling when the sound meets my soul,
I collapse,
I hear the instruments and I find myself,

Drifting into the sound,
That surrounds me,
And moving my body whole,
I begin,
Drifting to the sound,
The quiet yet sweet sound of the piano,
In the background,

It moves me,

Believe me,
It’s hard to see,
Inside me,

I move quietly,
I love quietly,

I am here,
Slowly like the piano.

In this song that never ends,
When I’m sitting quietly.
Jun 2019 · 39
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
Feel my body,
Listen to my mind,
I stand still,

The world moves around me,
I begin to let myself go,

Time moves still,
Time goes slow,


We exist,

I’m here,
Your there,
I am here for my present moment,
For my future,

Listen to the thoughts I have ignored,
Let go,
Move on,

Maintain my prescence,
In my present reality,

Constant changes,
Bring me,
Bring me,

Time slows me down,
It flows through my body,
Embodying me,

I stay still,
I exist,
With what is here and what is now,

Slow down,
Be present,

Just be.
Jun 2019 · 48
I see you.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
I see you,
Here you are,

Best thing I have come across all day,
Will you stay?

Of course I will,
I have no where to go,

I’ll stay here,
Checkout time?

It’s tomorrow this time,

It’s never,
Stay here forever,

You are welcome with wide open arms,
Come again,

You are here to stay,
Never outstay your welcome,
Come again,

Never leave,
And go,
As you please,

You are welcome,
Without apologizes,
Because you are unapologetically you.
Jun 2019 · 402
To love.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
The main thing,
Is loving the bones,
As well as the structure,

The rest,
Will work itself out,
Self love,

Come and find me,
At my weakest and my most vulnerable places,
I’ll be there,
With open arms,

Telling you,
To love me,

Cause here I am,
And here I stand,
Letting the world see,
That I am all that I need,

The seed that was planted,
And I’m a survivor,

And I thank myself for that,
Cause I was never ready to give up.
Jun 2019 · 186
Just pause.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019
Take a moment,

Do not dissect,
Everything I am about to tell you,

It’s just a moment,
And a thought,
That has come to light,

Despite everything I have told myself,
About truth,
And feeling,

Whether it is good or bad,
Take a moment,

Take a moment,
It is all going to be okay,
It will be okay.
Jun 2019 · 70
No title.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2019

They take control of me,

It is all good,
I shovel them down into the ground,
For now,

Here they come,

But just wait a sec,

Bury them deep,
It doesn’t matter,

I will dig a little deeper,

But today,
I bury,
Bury thoughts and feelings,
Until the sun rises,

And I face them,
With a stronger mind,
And heart,
And head,

And then I bury,
The dead,
The thoughts,
The feelings,
The emotions,

That are dead to me,
Because they no longer bring me life,

The life I want to live,
And not die for,

Apologies I have none,
Cause I have lived to see another sun,

Rise and shine,
I rise.
And I definitely shine.

I find,
The treasure buried,
Inside me.
May 2019 · 109
Normalize it.
Daphne Ryan May 2019
The female body,
Empower it,
Without it,
You wouldn’t be here,

You have no right to discriminate against us,
regarding the valid choices we make,

When all you have done,
Is try to walk all over us,
Control us,

And rub your bodies against us,
Without any reprimanding,

I am in fact outstanding,
So don’t just stand there,
Like you know me,
Like you have the right to own me,

We brought you here,
And we will metaphorically,
Take you out,
Without a doubt,

My body,
Is justice,
Is peace,
Is wisdom,
Is me,
It is free,
Without you,

Without women,
You wouldn’t be here,

Right now,
I take a stand,
To reprimand,
The actions that are taken against us.
May 2019 · 70
The sun still shines.
Daphne Ryan May 2019
But you broke me in the right way,
So I could see a brighter day,
Thank you,
I forgive you,
I have no words,
I have nothing else to say.
May 2019 · 141
My heart.
Daphne Ryan May 2019
He lets me sleep,
And he lets me dream,
Heaven washes over me.
May 2019 · 93
My body.
Daphne Ryan May 2019
I thank my mom for being brave enough to carry me,
I thank my dad for sticking by her side,
Throughout all the time the world gave to him,

All of these things could have never happened when the cards did not always seem to play out right,
They took their chance on me,

The doctor said to abort me,
My mom was the fine age of 39,
Leaving a marriage of ten years,
The strength,
She must have inside,

I held tight onto my ground then,
Staying for a month longer than I should have,
Which I am sure,
Must have felt like eternity,

Is when I was born,

I give the world to my family,
They quite literally gave the world to me,
When the odds were against me,

But you see,
I am my own person now,
I have only my sight to see,

Now I look through the eyes, the mind, the soul that my parents fed to me,
And I create it into my own,

Life is a beautiful thing,
I sing,
I dance,
I try to lift others up even when I’m down,
And when sporting a frown internally,

I am grateful,
As we all should be,

I guess that they taught me too much,
Right from wrong,
And wrong from right,

Have I ever been wrong?
Hell yea,
I have and continue to be,

When it comes to my body,
It’s my choice,
Plain and simple,

I am not ungrateful,
But I hope to bring upon a life of love,
And when love is far from me,
I will not have that be,

Although I may not have been here,
Had my mom chose to abort me,
I believe in destiny,

I will never judge you,
Or tell you that you are wrong,
For simply making a choice,
To own your body,
To live your life,
Cause I have done that with mine.
Mar 2019 · 82
Awareness & gratitude.
Daphne Ryan Mar 2019
It’s the people in your life,
That lift you up,
It’s the smell of the earth after it rains,
And the rainbow that appears shortly thereafter,
A baby smiling and laughing as it discovers sight and sound,

The balance,
Of everything that comes along to make your heart feel content, or sad, or mad, or confused,
and all of the emotions at once,

There is so much more,
And a lot more to come,

The moments that make you,
Even the ones that momentarily break you,
Stick around for them,
Please and thank you.
Daphne Ryan Feb 2019
I am constantly battling myself,
I hate it,
I hate myself,

I highly dislike the word hate,
Because it is so powerful,

And I do not think anyone deserves to hate or to be hated,

Here I am,

With this idea,
That I am worth nothing,

That everyone in my life,
Deserves better,

“Positive self talk” I’ll say,
Stop doubting yourself!
Paint another picture,

One where you never have to question your love for yourself,

But it is not that easy,

Years of self doubt,
People “close people”
Negative words in your head,

Not directly saying,
“You are not good enough”,
you will never be good enough
And just because words are not spoken,

Doesn’t mean they do not impact you,

Now I’m trying to take years of this back,

And maybe therapy isn’t good enough,
Because the copay is too high,
And all I can afford is ten free sessions,

And when those sessions are done,
I have to start with a new therapist,

From the beginning,
And I do not think I’m making progress,
Cause I’m starting from the beginning again
and I do not know where the beginning begins,

And those “happy pills” they prescribe don’t work,
Because you cannot take them consistently,
And your refill is overdue,
and it all falls back into the place where you started,
Because you never had control,
And all you wanted was control over something,

I just want to move forward but moving forward isn’t possible without trudging through the past.
Feb 2019 · 111
Nobody knows.
Daphne Ryan Feb 2019
Not aged,
From the inside out,
Is where I stay,

No explanation,

It’s winter there,
But the sun still shines,

I’ll never forget what has made me,

I stay,

I go,

Forget about all the things,
You.. Don’t know,

I’ll be here reflecting on my soul,

Not a single person,
Actually has full capacity to understand,
More then this land,

Believe me,
See me,

When I tell you it is bigger than you and me,

Praise thee,
For he,
Is the “creator of all”

I beg to differ,

Believe in a higher power?

Because I need to have something,
But I came from nothing,



Remind me of my roots,
The beginning of “time”

The end of the beginning,

Correct me if I’m wrong,
I never knew the words to this song.
Jan 2019 · 111
Daphne Ryan Jan 2019
At first it was stars,
Then the airplanes came into view,
And then,
This is what,
made me believe,
I can soar to new heights,
& believe in myself again,

It was always fear of,

But these things made me look,

To a place I’d never been,
And I once again,
Knew that there was more then
The inevitable.
Dec 2018 · 242
Daphne Ryan Dec 2018
But you don’t know what the sky means to me,
Where time stops,
And I’m here,
Where I have nothing left,

I take a moment,
While I cry,
And I stop,
While the tears fall down my face,
And the pain that resides deep within my chest won’t seize to exist,

It hurts,

I sigh,
I try,
I try to breathe,
& I look up,

I see an endless sky,
&I stop,
& I think,
And I breathe,
And I contemplate,





But does anybody?


I still don’t know,
Will I ever?



(An excuse I never use)

Just the stars and the idea that this is more then

So resilience comes
To save me,

Once more
I refuse,

Nov 2018 · 167
Self esteem.
Daphne Ryan Nov 2018
I think you are beautiful the way you are,
Whose beauty standards are you going by,

There is nothing wrong with your form,
Or the soul that embodies you,

Believe me when I tell you,
Because you are so unique,
So valuable,

and all I want to do is empower you.
Daphne Ryan Nov 2018
Looking up and trying to understand,
I listen,

its like in the movies

I think it's time to leave that behind,
And begin to look ahead.
Oct 2018 · 2.2k
psychedelic dreams.
Daphne Ryan Oct 2018
Fall into a state of angelic bliss,
Where the stars shine within a spirit that is home,
Ever present moments of awakening,

Feelings that become a world to explore,
To be insightful and wise so that becoming yourself leaves all emptiness behind,

Over the moon,
Blissfully seeking a place to believe another journey into an enchanted land is what is meant to be,
To understand what it means to see the vastness of the universe,

Within you, without you, beyond you,
With a wholehearted explanation
Into the depths of what it means to be alive.
Aug 2018 · 102
The art of discovering.
Daphne Ryan Aug 2018
From the time we are born,
Until the time we die,
There is an emptiness that resides,

When you wake up each day,
There is a choice that you make,
To go along with the world,
Or to uncover what gives you life,

the distance between what we tell ourselves and what we know,
Is quite difficult to understand,

So I will tell you my friend,
Do not ponder it too deeply,
Without being willing to sacrifice,

In the end we will only have our thoughts,
This deeply impacts our daily existence,
And everything that we thought we knew.
Aug 2018 · 109
Repeat. Rewind.
Daphne Ryan Aug 2018
Time will tell,
The universe will unveil
The truth of every being.
Jul 2018 · 68
To be real.
Daphne Ryan Jul 2018
Every day is a battle with my insecurities,
And the person I strive to see,

I reflect on where I want to be,
To come to the realization,
Of everything I've become,

I now stand still,
Wanting to more forward,
But stuck in all that I'm worried about,

And that's a catrastophe,
So here I am longing to be,
Everything I want to be,
But I'm not.
Jun 2018 · 181
When cards unfold.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2018
I knew,
The moment that the cards where drawn,
What the outcome would be,

I took a chance anyway,
Feeling lucky and full of life,
Since the night was so vibrant,
The surroundings of the warm summer night told me to take the leap into the unknown,

So I did,
I did not want to feel cheated,
By the odds,
But I guess that is how the game is played,

In the end,
I came to a realization,
That even when you don't win,
You learn something valuable,

Until the next time you decide to take a leap of faith,
But I guess you will never know,
Unless you try,
To perhaps one day you meet a better outcome.
Jun 2018 · 93
Finalize it.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2018
I may not feel complete,
The pieces of the puzzle may not have all connected,
But I know once they do that I won't feel so confused,

Because every piece was made so perfectly,
So until I solve it,
I will continue to work towards figuring it out,
Step by step,
Cause I know that it will all be worth it,
And once it is finally finished

It will be resolved,
And not a single piece will lay amiss.
Jun 2018 · 184
To let go.
Daphne Ryan Jun 2018
I just need to escape,
Through imagination,
Where the streams are running quietly,
And everything is in harmony,

I'd love by the water,
& swim in the sea,
To live in a place where all were free,
Despite their predestined destiny,

It'd be the perfect place,
To forget about all that had been displaced,

Maybe there,
There would be somewhere,
Where everything that existed could meet and just be,

Free from the world,
And all that once was,
To create a peace of mind,
Because of all of thee above.
May 2018 · 101
Daphne Ryan May 2018
But I suppose there is always moving onward,
Even when you're feet are stuck in the mud,
To fast forward and see what you will become,
Even when you're stuck.
May 2018 · 84
Daphne Ryan May 2018
I do not recall when I decided to be broken,
But I wish I could go back to that moment,
Deeply and truly.
May 2018 · 65
Daphne Ryan May 2018
The grieving process is hard,
I don't want to do it,
If I don't have to do it,
But sometimes you have to.
Apr 2018 · 111
Daphne Ryan Apr 2018
Eternal sleep,
Take me to where the flames engulf my entire being,
For l no longer wish to be.
Mar 2018 · 185
To question and to find.
Daphne Ryan Mar 2018
Why dwell upon that that we cannot change,
Let us dream of what is and what could be,
For we know that time and place will soon cease to exist,
Our past only brings us to the present,
Where we set to achieve what we have failed to do,
Which has brought us strength through weaknesses and mistakes,
But if you let your fear and your worry,
Build within you,
You will only merely exist in everything that wasn't,
When there is no certain answer,
To the question of existence,
Let it be,
As we are all the same,
We have all suffered in many forms,
To find enlightenment,
When it has been with us all along.
Mar 2018 · 255
To the forgotten ones.
Daphne Ryan Mar 2018
I see a soul that is waiting to be born,
I feel your pain,
I smell it reeking up every pour in your head,

I listen to it as the words come quickly pulsing through your veins,
I sense it every time I touch your flesh,
As I wear the same clothes as you,

I want to help mend those burns that scorn you deep within,
I'm trying...
I'm trying to...
to retrace every step to how I ended up here,

With a mere memory of your pain,
And if I could reverse anything it'd be for you to be at peace again,
Cause as much as I'm hurting all I want for you to end up with,
Is love.
Mar 2018 · 110
To be born again.
Daphne Ryan Mar 2018
Be true to yourself darling,
As you are the only one capable,
Of loving,
The one deep within,

Be kind,
Don't let the evil spirits that surround you,
Drown you,

As the only way you breathe when you are suffocating under water,
Is by going up,

Go where the air sets your spirit free and fly,
Do it for you,
And not for anyone else.
Mar 2018 · 117
Dusty bookshelf
Daphne Ryan Mar 2018
I am a closed book with the answers of my complex existence waiting to be found with the turn of every page.

Each chapter there awaits a new tale to be told.
Mar 2018 · 121
Daphne Ryan Mar 2018
I am not quite here,
Or there,
Or anywhere,

I wish to be nowhere,
Or taken somewhere,
Where I can feel again,
Without feeling pain,

Does that place exist?
If so,
I'll go there if you take me,
I'd imagine it'd be quite lovely,
Like when I look at the stars,
Never ending,
And hopeful.
Mar 2018 · 92
Daphne Ryan Mar 2018
I've come to realize that I struggle to articulate my thoughts and feelings into well thought out words,
conveying messages so eloquently from my mouth is my only dream,
To speak from my heart,
Where I have found a way to express myself with meaning so well put,
That I can make sense of emotion,
So strong,
For we all know how difficult that can be,
But I stumble,
Again and again,
To think of a way to put my words together without sounding as if my words are meaningless,
Cause they are not.
Feb 2018 · 63
Daphne Ryan Feb 2018
I sometimes would like to disappear,
Just float,
Without being tied down to this body,
Or this world,

To be free of worry,
To live in a way where I'm in harmony,
With the universe,
And all that is,

Is heavy,
I want to be light,
And lifted,

Of the doubts that creep through me suddenly,
Without proper warning,

So I wonder,
What it would be like,
To just be.
Feb 2018 · 303
Daphne Ryan Feb 2018
I am alone,

Breathing heavily,


Worn down,

Forgotten about,



I am strong,
Feb 2018 · 118
Daphne Ryan Feb 2018
You are a pretty sunflower,
That sprouts up so perfectly from the earth's surface,
So delicate,
And vibrant,
I appreciate your growth,
And how you are rooted beneath the dirt,
But somehow manage to always come above ground,
bringing your warmth to shine.
Feb 2018 · 92
You got me.
Daphne Ryan Feb 2018
One of the most beautiful moments of my life,
Was when I lifted my feet off the ground,
& looked up,

Above me there was the vast night sky,
& a shooting star,
In which I wished upon,

It gave me hope ever since,
So now even in my darkest hours,
I know where to go,
To ease my troubled mind.
Feb 2018 · 104
For now.
Daphne Ryan Feb 2018
I'm still having thoughts of death,
Like if there was a gun readily available,
I'd pull the trigger,

But I'm already dead,
Figuratively speaking,

so now what?
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