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Daphne Ryan Jun 26
There isn’t enough room some people will say,
As they do not understand,
Or empathize,
With the life that people have left,

For safety,
For sanctuary,
for hope,
For a life,
Leaving behind death,
They were only destined for,

How can you not believe in the better good for humanity,
Have you lost all touch with humanity,
Have you plead your pledge to declare complete insanity,


I swear by everything I believe in,
That this is most definitely a sin,
Where is the god above?
Declaring this a sin,

Pro life?
Where does this fall into place?
With all of the goodness that should be the human race?

I do not understand,
How safe and sanitary conditions,
Are so hard to understand,

This will only lead to,
Lead to,
Mental illness,

Where is the wellness in this equation,

I seek hope,
I seek justice,
I seek safe and sanitary conditions,

A sanctuary,
For all,

My ancestors,
I didn’t know,
But what I do know,
Is that they came here freely,
To start a new life,

To fulfill their dreams,
Their destinies,
To live a life they only wished for,
Without being turned away,
They were able to stay,
It should always,
Be that way.
Daphne Ryan Jun 24
A master of this mad world,
For the flower bloomed on the saddest day,
To offer,
An ounce of desire,
For a happier and more content way,
Of living,
Without a burning fire of hate.
Daphne Ryan Jun 24
A cloud shifts,
The sun shatters,

And your volume hides away,

What would I be?
If you were never set free,
Among the daily rituals,
None possible,

If you were not captured in your prison,

I’d say you control your day,
Do not soar away,
This will not be taken lightly.
Daphne Ryan Jun 24
Grazing pastures,
Your color uncovers,
Life under my feet,

Bare it all,
To absorb your special touch,
You stay,
Beneath the open sky,

To create a place.
For creatures,
To roam,
Below the tallest tree,

The ground where you grow,
Sprout up,
Sprout out,
Grow green,

The bottom is not that bad.
Daphne Ryan Jun 23
It’s on you,

Not necessarily,

You are feeling,
You are feeling,

I’m dreaming,
Every dream,
I can dream,

To avoid,
Being scene,

I’m dreaming,
Daphne Ryan Jun 23
I do not want anyone peeking through my window,
Where I am seen in plain sight,
Do not come around here,
Wishing you were there,

I will thank you knowing,
I was here,
Fully aware,
Of the person you are,

But excuse me,  
As I ask you to step away from me,

As I’d protect myself fully,
From the nuisance you became for me,

Aware of my spatial surroundings,
I have more respect for myself,
Then you will ever see,

Excuse me,
While I enter my own ecstasy.
Daphne Ryan Jun 14
When I think of my dad,
I think of Afroman,
his love for all things music and records,
There was blondie,
Beach boys,
Among some of his favorites,

Cassette tapes,
The moments he captured,
Always behind the camera,

He valued life,
Because he got high,
Because he got high,
On bringing joy to others,

I miss him,
I wonder where he is now,
And if he is continuing to pull pranks on others,
And making silly voices,
And singing karaoke,
And being his goofball self,

He’s not here now,
But he is always with me,
I make others laugh,
For him,
I cherish each moment,
For him,

Until we meet again dad
I will always have you with me,
Cause I know your spirit continues to shine.
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