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Dansy Thomas Sep 2014
It wasn’t that my dresses were too short,
Or my sentences too long.
It wasn’t that my hair was green,
And my mascara smudged,
It wasn’t that my laugh was too loud,
And my voice too quiet.
It was that I didn’t apologize
For the things you didn’t like.

I wore my skirts with pride,
And fired my sentences at warp speed,
I died my hair green again, then blue,
I let my mascara ghost my eyes
And I laughed, laughed, laughed,
And sometimes - I just stayed quiet.

What really bothered you
Weren’t the imperfections,
It was the confidence that let me love them,
It was the independence that let me embrace them,
It was the strength that let me be who I am.

You didn’t mind that my voice was quiet,
You minded that I didn’t stutter.
Dansy Thomas Sep 2014
I’ve always loved the rain. Maybe because I found comfort in the way it clouded up my fears and worries and made the world seem so much smaller. I felt more at home amidst the misty downpour than I ever did in blinding sunlight. Rainy days seemed to match my mood so much better than most things and the sky has always has been something I can rely on. It’s everchanging qualities remind me that change is possible and often even necessary
Dansy Thomas Jun 2014
My body is a home for trillions of cells
and if I think of them as sentient beings
I won’t hurt myself because
I will risk anything to protect others and
keep them safe.
If only I could do that
for my own sake
Dansy Thomas Jun 2014
I was so busy
folding you up
into my
favorite animals
that you yourself
became a
paper swan,
swept away
by a subtle wind
leaving me with
these paper cuts
across my heart.
Dansy Thomas Jun 2014
You keep laying yourself down
like a jacket over a puddle
because you don’t want to see
anyone with damp feet. Look
at all the footprints - you are
becoming more walkway than
person. Get up, get up, you
are developing more than just
damp feet - you are becoming
damp-souled and damp-hearted.
You are kind and loving and
you need to stand up now.
Dansy Thomas Apr 2014
I hope one day,
Your human body,
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it's a sunny,
2 pm garden with daises,
thriving because of ,
self love.
Dansy Thomas Apr 2014
After I lost you, It felt like I was loosing me,
I drowned myself in grief, and got crushed under the pressures of living.
But then I looked in the mirror and realized that I am a hell of a lot stronger than I thought I was.
I am still here.
I am radiant.

They say that after your heart get's torn apart, that you get terrorized to attach to any being with a pulse, I found out that I was the exact opposite... Latching onto any troubled boy that I could get my hands on.
Those boys were like leaches, they ****** the sparkle out of my eye,
They drained my soul.

I went and grabbed coffee with my soul last week, we worked things out, I like her. I like my soul.
She told me that in life I will do things that bring me immense amounts of happiness; she said that this kind of happiness is different, this kind of happiness is like planting seeds inside your chest and one of these days, lilacs will bloom though your rib cage.

I went on a walk last night, And in the slight windchill, I saw your face in the moon -
And for the first time in a while, my mind did not send the painful chills down my spine.
I smiled
Maybe I smiled because I had finally found myself again-
But no, oh no,
I smiled because I finally could.
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