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Daniel Oct 2017
In the dead morning air,
you slip from his warmth
and stand in front of his window.
With the cold memories of last night
circulating around you,
you look at how vulnerable you've become.
Daniel Apr 2015
May 22
She brushes her fingers through your hair as she hugs you
As you are still unsure of the situation
You freeze
And let her bury her face in the warmth of your shoulder
Heart palpitations
Your pupils dilate and hair stands on the back of your neck

January 13
You feel like someone is watching you
Lunch starts to make you uncomfortable but you brush it off as nothing
You pick a table in the cafeteria to eat with your friends
And as you leave to go to the washroom
You body paralyzes
Remembering a cold and gloomy feeling
So recognizable as if it reserves a special place in your mind

February 14
After school, you locker opens to having something out of your possession fall right in front of you
You pick it up in stupid anticipation that it was from the girl three lockers away
Your feet rush to the place under the stairs
And in disgust
You back away slowly
Only to be disappointed that it wasn't her
You shudder, as if you had some kind of secret that she knew too
You run back
Leaving her in tears

February 26
You have classes with her
And as you catch her constantly staring at you
You act desperate and flirt with the girl next to you
Knowing that your stalker is simply driven by a socially acceptable form of insanity

March 8
She is following you
Stockholm syndrome has never had a clearer definition than the portrayal of how she obsesses over you
As you walk up the staircases in your apartment, you see her standing outside
She stares back at you through the window
As if openly admitting that she's waiting for you
You finish the staircase
Not sure what is the cause of making you breathless

May 22**
The moment the bell rings
She rushes behind you
Before you can escape she throws her arms around you
Revolted by the sudden impact
You try not to meet her gaze
The length of the embrace makes you recall your guilt
You remember how sweet she was when you first met her
Your heart rate increases and sweat forms on the top of you forehead
A sharp sting slashes through your heart
You are gasping for breath
Looking down at your chest
How the tip of a blade peers out of you body
Realizing that she murdered you but not like how you murdered her
Daniel Apr 2015
I stand in the kitchen 
With a mug tightly gripped in my hand
A knife placed oddly on the table
I pick it up and examine it
Turning it from side to side
Amazed at how the light reflects on it
I continuously trace my fingers over the glistening blade
Fascinated by the sharpness of its edges
The cold feeling of metal somehow seems so hauntingly beautiful
I wonder when is a good time to go upstairs
I quietly run up to my room 
Rushing past the scary event of murderous interaction in the hallway
How everything sounds like muffled voices translated into Morse code
Yet it becomes the most sound shattering feeling crackling through my ears
Constant shouts of confusion and anger lasting 4 or 5 minutes
Miscommunication that leads to tears and rage
Doors slamming only letting me imagine that it is my mother trying to find some peace
I realize that it was the first time that I ever heard her cry in years
My father locked out on the other side of the door
Somehow everything depletes to silence
The three of us in our separate rooms
Occupying ourselves with work
Unable to pretend that it didn't happen
And unable to confront the situation
How delightful it was just 7 minutes ago when we were talking about my brother
A person two cities away who couldn't comprehend how he is the cause of their conflict
And suddenly, He calls me, 
knowing that I couldn't visit him this morning with mom and dad
And asks, is everything okay?
Daniel Mar 2015
In my bed, the tears roll down my face and into my ears
Too immobile to wipe them away before they pool
Despite the burning sensation of my cheeks and my forehead
They are cold
I bring my fingers to my lips
Even in the pain and delusion of the heat
I smile at how you kissed me in the rain
Tears cold like the drops
I consume your sickness like it is a sin
And lay here, overwhelmed with heat
Realizing how I enjoyed the bitter experience of your love
Daniel Dec 2014
In a crowd of people
I see the back of your head
Running through them like a fool
I struggle to say hi
Before a single breath leaves my lips
I notice how she strides next to you
And I stop in silence, planting my feet so I won't fall from devastation
Freezing over like puddles in the winter
I burn with the passion to **** her
but I can't even melt my state of utter failure

Her hand presses into your back like molding clay
Leaving an imprint that marks how she won a trophy
A part of your sweater that must be tainted often
Her delicate hands remind me of roses
Sweet petals with a wonderful touch
I just wish that thorns would ***** her skin
Letting her bleed in front of you

I think about how I can only see the side of your face
How your eyes are directed at a girl with pretty features
You laugh in a way that I could never see
As if you keep yourself hidden because your expressions belong to someone else
Her perfect smile brings out yours
And your happiness should be engraved in me

I watch her eat in the cafeteria
Flooded with people, she could never notice the foul substance that she would consume
That someone drugged her drink and poisoned her food
Waiting in anticipation for her to eat
Waiting for her smile to turn out as the pitch black of night
Teeth charred with coal only to never smile at you again
But I realize how idiotic this was
You buy her lunch
And go out of your way to walk her to the coffee shop
I tell myself that I can't interpret your expressions
But I restrain myself from stabbing the ideas through my head

Saying hi to you is a daily challenge
The only thing I try to achieve
To her, your conversations are a daily routine
I feed off of how I can make silly jokes with you
But she lies in the comfort of being near you everyday
Like a little cat
How cute she must seem
But what a pest her type must be
I always watch the back of your head as you leave
You turn slightly to the right
Just the perfect amount so you can meet her eyes as you walk
But as you two part ways
She has someone watching the back of her head
Focusing on the loose curls in her hair

I compare our qualities
Details piling up into a never-ending T-chart
Words tallied up like points for games
An outcome that everyone saw coming was the one with the best odds
And the one with the futile effort
Left forgotten

It was an adult and a child
One using charm and the other using poison
But the one with the prettier hair and brighter eyes lasted
Me being too consumed in a vile hatred realized it too late
That their hearts were conjoined as if they shared the same blood vessels
That only sadness could sink into my skin
And I couldn't be mutated into something that had a heart
That the bitter poison that I tried to use could only consume me
And that you would never love me

But I knew all along how she was a woman
a mature one
and a pretty one
I often think that I'm too young for you
Because I consider how you can't fall for a child that plays games
You can only love a **woman
Daniel Sep 2014
Stuck like glue, we were inseparable
Our laughter reminded us of how we had someone who cared about us
That we had someone who was as close as a sibling
Someone who would laugh at my bad jokes
Someone who would make me feel like less of a dork
Your childhood is the base of everything and your teen years are the rawest moments of your emotions
So, how long do best friends last?
Different schools can not separate us and time will make us everlasting

But sometimes we'll fight.
It makes us build up our walls
And if we don't destroy the bricks before the cement is in place
... then the wall will be too high
We'll forget what's on the other side
And I'm afraid of that.

I'm afraid that you'll forget me
that you find another sibling
that you'll stop talking to me
that you'll hate me...

No matter what, we're like sisters
And I hope that you don't forget that on graduation day,
you told me that you'll be my best friend forever
Because I always thought that forever was nothing compared to how long we would laugh together.
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