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  Mar 2016 Danni
you have made it as a poet
- when the birds in the garden
ask for your autograph
Danni Mar 2016
I'm like a sponge:
the more water,
the more I grow;
the more you squeeze,
the more I shrink.

I can handle the water,
I take what I can and brush off the rest.
I absorb what's needed
and can use that to help others
and apply it to my life.

But squeeze me like a ***** sponge,
everything pours out of me.
I can only take so much
before everything starts to flood -
everything that I ever kept in pours out.

I'm like a sponge.
I can take in a lot,
hold it all in,
but once you squeeze me,
get ready for a ***** flood.
After I wrote this, I realized that it comes across as me crying, but I'm writing about anger.
Danni Jan 2016
Maybe you'll see these poems.
And if you do,
you'll probably get mad.
And if you do,
that is not my problem.
Because if you do,
it is not me who said you was you.
Danni Jan 2016
Don't say I stopped being there for you…

Because I'll have you recall the numerous times
I heard you crying
and offered to be there
and asked you what you needed…

and all you did
was push me away.
Danni Jan 2016
You said you'd be there whenever I needed you,
but when I needed you most,
you never came through.

I know it's hard to understand the grieving I'm going through,
but you never tried to understand.

Instead, you just looked at me with judgment,
as if wanting to tell me,
"It was just a baby…move on with your life."
  Jan 2016 Danni
its gonna make sense
if you can't feel love
you are only breathing*

not living

to live
to love
Danni Jan 2016
If you think I'm the only one in the wrong,
you got another thing coming for you.

You can take your judgmental attitude
towards everything I do

and let me live my life as I do.

And if that involves me doing art
that you don't understand,
then let me.

If it involves me wearing Pokémon shirts
while I play Pokémon,
even though you think it's dorky,
then let me.

If it involves me hanging out with my friends,
even though you don't like them,
then let me.

And if it even involves me hanging out with my boyfriend,
even though you hate him for no legitimate reason,
then ******* let me.

Because I'm not on this planet to be only your friend,
and it's time to grow up and realize that.
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