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Daa Rajab Jul 15
It might be said:

Call me, announce the syllables
Which consume my only name.
I was named once, but twice.
After one, and again,
But this time, remembered none.
Names mean something.
Daa Rajab Jul 14
It might be said:

Lay, right there,
Everything is quite alright.
Do not think or speak;
Just lower your gaze and stare.
Eye contact is lost, after all,
And your insides are all ripped and torn.
They said: "Why don't you look me in the eyes?"

"Eye contact means more than giving one attention, and some people need to see that. Once they do, they should understand why I choose not to do so."
Daa Rajab Jul 5
My heart longs for the memories hanging behind,
It longs for the sights only my insides truly feel.
Far, far away, but truly at my fingertips;
The unity of names attributed to people
Living under the same roof.
Strangers still, at most,
But family at least
And at heart.
It was said that memories allow you to grasp at things that are long gone.
Daa Rajab Jul 2
It might be said:

You make it easy for me to cry,
The translucent drops of water rolling
Down as rain on a thunderous, lonesome night.
It cannot be the same as strolling
Down the path of memory lane.
The rain might flood my sight.
Memory lane is said to be more than a picturesque set of laughter and smiles.
Daa Rajab Jun 23
It might be said:

It really does wrench your insides
As the incandescent waters
Rushing down the narrow riverbank
Quicker than your trail of sight.
But it's just me again
And the dramatised plight
Paved into my heart.
I can definitely say that my emotions are dramatised at times.
Daa Rajab Jun 21
It might be said:

Maybe I was alright,
Perhaps the confusion
The mental intrusions
Made it a normal night.
Perhaps I was not alright either.
Many people often underestimate the emotional wellbeing of others.
Daa Rajab Jun 18
It might be said:

Sometimes I stare into emptiness,
Acknowledging my state of mind
When only a loss occurs
Except it is one of a kind
Of losses.
Finally I may realise
That I really do feel.
You just feel empty.
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