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It might be said:

The locks of her hair curled grey
As the clouds lurking along the overcast above.
Her legs stretched longer,
Tree trunks lengthening, but this time
With years to come.
She was aged, old, frail,
But yet young.
With the world to see,
To walk,
And live.
But it was one break, one fracture deep within,
Enough to render her disinterest
And detachment.
It might be said:

The stalemate between her maturity and
Self-convicted foolishness.
Her insides longed for some time
And her resistance was rather limited;
Exposed to the warmth she was transferred,
When it was seldom a
Tendency for her to let go
When they did not wait.
It might be said:

If truly you felt your memories just as slowly as you read them,
Attempting to grasp every meaning, synonymous to the momentary
Happiness you wish lasted a little longer.
But you cannot; they're stuck in a "past", a "before"...
For truly, time is passing.
Daa Rajab Jul 24
It might be said:

Stop it. Stop thinking about them.
Stop thinking of them,
Your mind, seamless in its extravagant thoughts,
The images you pictured in your mind
Of what seemed a more desirable situation.
Of them beside you
And you almost,
Almost felt the difference.
Daa Rajab Jul 19
It might be said:

Today, I woke up with a mind clearer than the sky on a frozen, cold evening;
It did much more for me than the absence of pain and a few murmurs of discomfort.
It promised me the hope for reaching out further, discovering something I never knew.
It promised me the eccentricity of walking alone, although isolated,
But clear, comforting, self-comforting.
So I hoped to maintain it for as long as it stayed.
Daa Rajab Jul 18
It might be said:

I was told to run away,
To run quicker than my eyes could follow.
Swallow your humility
Since vanity wasn't there.
Follow my own responsibility
Set by their own care,
A share superior to their sympathy.
They did not care as a matter of fact, but thought only a fool could swallow such an attempted persuasion.
Daa Rajab Jul 16
It might be said:

Think and think,
Allow the thoughts to run faster
Than the logic you found no time to link.
It wasn’t the logic itself,
But the ideas being clustered...
Closer, and closer than you really think.
Think outside the box...
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