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It might be said:

A new number I never quite felt,
Two digits which never seemed to fit me.
An integer which I assumed broke
The restrictions of childhood,
Allowed me to stretch the arms of
Perspective, and to reflect the
Faces of personality,
But this time, with confidence,
With an identity.
A new age,
A patched-up, bandaged approach to happiness
Is something I need.
To feel a smile tugging at my cheeks,
And wrinkles forming along the ducts
Of my tear-filled eyes.
True happiness I assume.
It might be said:

Please tell me why you are angry?
Your voice has tightened
And your cheeks are scarlet.
My head hangs lower than
My sinking heart can handle,
And the tears are not so easy to hold back;
You are angry, and you have no one else to blame,
But me.
It might be said:

That is why they do not like me;
I do not speak much,
And when I do, my voice protrudes
Beyond their desire.
I do not speak of myself,
But if I were to do so, they
Would assume I relish the epiphany of egotism.
Daa Rajab Sep 10
It might be said:

Today, I discovered something quite new,
Foreign to my senses,
Morals previously filtered and censored.
I unravelled the cruciality of selflessness,
Of nurturing nature,
Human nature.
But cowardice differs;
Encourages the deflation
Of your mental vocation,
Where selflessness masks the
Deprecation of oneself,
As the other withers in satisfaction.
I really did.
Daa Rajab Aug 23
It might be said:

As though it was a game
They removed me-
The opponent who never quite played.
I was too shy to fight back;
I relished their happiness,
Even if it destroyed me.
Daa Rajab Aug 19
It might be said:

I think about what it was
And what it has become.
It is not what it used to be,
Seeing the colour in my surroundings.
I now overlook the shades and
Notice the dullness they hide with them.
Leave or do not leave,
Or perhaps stay.
I have grown and so has my filter,
And in all this happiness
I still notice the sadness it conceals.
Daa Rajab Aug 15
It might be said:

I stared into the sky
Admiring the darkness which seemed to
Last only a moment.
The blazing pods of incandescence embedded deep
Within each star,
Each blazing bead of light.
One shone brighter, larger
And inched closer to me
Then my eyelids fluttered open.
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